I write Gouch aka The Goucher.

I’m from Brooklyn New York.

I did a little something in the 90s and was recognized for dope handstyles and fresh straight letters. I did a lot more in the 2000s and was recognized for doing really big BLOCK BUSTERS, a lot of tags, throwies and fill-ins, in the streets of the 5 boroughs of NYC. From 2013-2018, I took piecing more seriously. From 2019 to present, I got hooked on hitting steel.

My handstyle comes from various influences of Brooklyn writers. I took bits and pieces from the 2 neighborhoods I grew up in (Park Slope & East Flatbush) and formulated my own style. But it’s considered a Flatbush style. My throwies switch from standard Brooklyn styles that I was schooled on – to wacky bugged out styles from my brain. My straight letters are simple but unique. My block busters are brolic and say hi to you from a block away. My pieces are clean and crispy but laced with a funky flow.

I draw, I paint, I create sculptures, I stay creatively active.


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