Yo this is Grab, FDC Crew from Miami.

What keeps me going with graffiti is that I want to improve, I wanna keep getting better. I see my friends and peers doing some dope stuff and it gets me hyped, gets me wanting to push it to the next level. And also the experiences you know, travelling, painting new places, finding new spots, painting with new people and new surroundings makes it all new and fresh, keeps it interesting. I also wanna inspire the next generation the same way I was inspired.

I want my pieces to reflect my style, reflect the culture. Being a b boy, the style in b boying is similar to the style in graffiti, it makes you unique. So describing my style I guess you would say that beat boy from the future, going back in time to 1985 Miami Vice to warn people about the robot apocalypse to come and to invest in arrows and laser guns, you know cause to battle these robots and aliens you gotta be ready for it, you know what I’m sayin. It’s a real life video game!

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