I write GRACE AKA tough, I’m from the islands of Hawaii I’ve been painting for about 20 years! some of the people I’ve looked up to throughout the years are Katch one, Asalt. ALOY, Ewok msk, TRAV, Revok, Norm rest in peace, Flaks ska, Big tristan eaton, everyone in style wars !!!! Big Ket !!! Mast TGE there’s too many to name … for me style wise I just try not to be toy lol and just try to make things look half way decent and just try to have fun with every aspect of it weather it’s a piece, mural, or bombing I just try my best to keep the fun of it all involved even though life can get in the way and responsibilities can over take any free time to paint I always atleast try to get one or two in a week and try my best to travel when I can and paint with writers from all over and build new friendships and memories! graffiti saved my life real talk and has opened a lot of doors and friendships so for that I will forever be great full to have graffiti in my life big shout out to my crew AP and the monsters.. also a big shout out to the mighty MSK crew and to all the writers who are still pushing and appreciating the game cheers and mahalo nui loa !!

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