A writer has to know how to make all the letters in his name flow seamlessly. But when he can rock the whole alphabet with style, he’s on a whole next level. Alphabets in a writers style are some of the most intricate aspects of the game, since it proves that the writer is creative and stylistically on point. He hit up some big names in the scene right now and asked them to talk a bit about their style. Here it is:


The style for the colorful one was a celebration. I chose all the colors to be vibrant as a reflection of the color and light needed for Diva to battle her Cancer fight. I added all the bugs as they are all good luck in different cultures. lady Bugs, bees and monarchs. You can buy this print an another similar one on flammableprints and all the proceeds go to Lady Divas Go Fund Me account to battle her fight with cancer

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I would describe my style as clean, neat, colorful and diversified

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I’m interested in all types of lettering. With graffiti I’m a traditionalist; I just like strong wildstyle. I feel a lot of writers that do alphabets tone down the complexity due to the volume of letters –  but I don’t want to compromise. I want to paint every letter as if it were going into a piece – even the letters I don’t like.

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This alphabet was done on 228 Priority Mail stickers which are representative for the North American graff culture. I aimed to do each letter in a different style using many colors but keep the letter structure consistent so it would have a uniform look.  In a way, with this alphabet I explored the endless possibilities of using color to define the outline of different letters. 

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