Angel and Z Podcast follows AMUSE 126 as he paints Manhattan’s rooftops and streets. This video is the first of a series of videos they will be continuously uploading to their Patreon. AMUSE 126 is a graffiti writer native to the city of Chicago; a city that banned spray paint in 1992 and is known for its fierce buff. In 2010 he was caught painting trains and two months after that was busted for a drug charge. These two incidents helped AMUSE 126 see things from a clearer vision and since then he has been able to use his experiences of over 20 years in graffiti to his advantage, moving forward both physically and mentally in a way which has opened all of the doors for him and advanced his artistic practice. AMUSE 126 speaks deeply about the roots of Chicago graffiti history, his purpose for painting, racking, mental health, upbringing and more. Check out more on this site!