Someone has said graffiti is not so much about the resulting artwork as it is about the experience. If it is so, Suckybat is going to give us some attitude lessons. Writing since the mid 90s, from characters to block buster rollers, from metro stations to sidewalks and roofs, he devours the coolest spots in the city with a range of different things, each able to stand out properly, challenging the citizens of the graffiti world to step their game a little further.

Well known by the New York and LA scene for his famous naughty bats, as the result of fast physical movements and dripping Street Killer Ink lines. Always moving alone, Bat is well focused on his business when he’s out there, becoming his own lookout while in action. A duality that is also reflected in this new episode of GROG Ink Heads where SuckyBat is the protagonist of a split screen series of videos, soaked in his unique overwhelming attitude, highlighted by two different perspectives and point of views at a time.