GROG is back with a brand new chapter in which ENRG shows his intricate signature, where signs like links of a chain becomes an attempt of one-line tags passing through an experimental phase. The writer triggers the audience dragging them into a challenging readability game, which is the result of a well thought gesture, where nothing is left to chance, as noticeable in the action. ⁠

Gradually more elements appear in the scenes, so now the experimental graphic sign leaves room to the most classical references from the graffiti universe like exclamation points, stars and circles becoming a whole thing with the handstyle, likely to be recognized as a tag even at most of outsiders’ eyes; to make them understand a bit more about that the still wet and shiny ink laid on the train’s door surface they have in front isn’t a message written with an alien alphabet, but the result of a tight and critical research from a new generation of writers, setting up their invasion!⁠