Peep the fourth installment of Grog LifeStyle video featuring Nargue in the streets of Paris!

“Whether ultra-violent blockbusters, italics bordering abstraction or accurate, almost logotype letters, Paris has always been a step ahead in defining urban calligraphy trends. Like Philadelphia, Paris is known worldwide for a decade long street tagging tradition. It is no coincidence that the culture of punitions evolved here, made famous and developed by Azyle with his saturations on RATP carriages: the obsessive, patterned repetition of several layers of tags on train sides, end to end, top to bottom. After O’clock and PAL set the bar high for the graff scene it seemed like the name-on-the-street game had reached its peak, but then Nargue came and did his thing: dropping tags that blend performative power with the graphic complexity of a monogram, crafting an unprecedented approach to the Parisian one-line-tags tradition.”

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text: @pietro_rivasi
filmmaker: @elliot_duk
editing: @mokacreativeagency
soundtrack: @sen0rgomez
content creator: @simone19.87