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El Namoso del Famouso con queso
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Mar 30, 2006
Feb 9, 2006
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El Namoso del Famouso con queso

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Mar 30, 2006
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    killen cans.


    </div><table border=\'0\' align=\'center\' width=\'95%\' cellpadding=\'3\' cellspacing=\'1\'><tr><td>QUOTE (Fula @ Feb 26 2006, 09:42 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id=\'QUOTE\'> 
    I speak spanish better than I do english. And I speak better english than you.
    I probably don't have as many ups as you do because I live in a small town...but I'm pretty well known here..other than stereotypical graffiti guidelines that probably cope2 or seen have set for you, I'm better than you.

    I'm not a person who's life &quot;revolves&quot; around graffiti .but people like me are the people that invent things like graffiti, you're a follower. don't believe me? I can make a list of things I'm better than most people in, even the people that do it themselves..

    I speak better english than most americans....I speak better spanish than most spanish speakers...I play better soccer, basketball and pool than a lot of players....I am better in graffiti than a lot of writers whove been writing for longer than me(you're an example)...Computer graphics, weight lifting, politics, world knowledge....

    the list goes on stupid cuntface.

    ** and to the kid that posted above me, ive been in gangs too...Ive been mugged...Ive been chased with machetes...that shits totally different...I'm better than you too.  </td></tr></table><div class=\'signature\'>