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Aug 11, 2007
Nov 14, 2005
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Aug 11, 2007
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    </div><table border=\'0\' align=\'center\' width=\'95%\' cellpadding=\'3\' cellspacing=\'1\'><tr><td>QUOTE </td></tr><tr><td id=\'QUOTE\'>Look up Grace Commission Report on google. They discovered that not one nickle collected in income taxes goes to fund &quot;ANY&quot; government services. &quot;ALL&quot; income tax collected goes to pay interest on the debt &quot;ONLY&quot;. So &quot;WHY&quot; do we need an income tax????? All government services, are already paid for by excise taxes, Alcohol, tobacco, firearms, oil and gas, tires, etc. THEY DON'T NEED OUR TAX MONEY!!!!! They only need our money as a way to control us. Another thing, &quot;Why&quot; should we be paying interest to the Federal Reserve Bank when they are the ones printing our money, &quot;OUR MONEY&quot;, I think we should &quot;Cancel&quot; the Federal Reserve Act and print our own money, interest free, just as our founding fathers setup in the first place. John F. Kennedy tried to re-establish that principal with Exective Order 11110, a few months later he was dead. The United States dollars that he had printed were all recalled and destroyed by &quot;LBJ&quot;. They don't need our money, they only want &quot;CONTROL&quot;. If you won't submit to there control, they send there friends from the IRS to harrass you back in line. If that doesn't work they file bogus charges against you and with the help of immoral judges and stacked and uninformed juries they will put you in jail, even when there is no law that you have broken. &quot;SHOW ME THE LAW&quot;, they won't, as Aaron has pointed out in his film, &quot;THERE IS NO LAW TO PAY AN INCOME TAX ON YOUR WAGES&quot;. &quot;THERE IS NO NEED FOR AN INCOME TAX ON OUR WAGES&quot;. &quot;THERE IS NO NEED FOR US TO BE PAYING INTEREST TO THE FEDERAL RESERVE, ON OUR OWN MONEY&quot;. I think I've said enough, I hope you understand the fraud that has taken place, &quot;UNBELIEVABLE&quot;.</td></tr></table><div class=\'signature\'> -Jim K

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