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10 Graff Commandments !

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The_NaMEz_BaNKz, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. CandyRain88

    CandyRain88 Senior Member

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    9 is supposed to be "stay the fuck from police" not "say fuck the police"
  2. R3bel1995

    R3bel1995 Senior Member

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  3. sk8paint

    sk8paint Member

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    ***** plz i shit on ur commandments and said fuck the police!
  4. 0nly10fmikind

    0nly10fmikind Senior Member

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    COOL a whole thread about talking shit, NEATO!!! yeea you sure are a dope BaNKz!
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2012
  5. earf

    earf Senior Member

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    all this is true^^^
  6. Lag

    Lag Member

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    If you see a crew member thats about to fuck up stop them add dont get into beef you dont want.
  7. A_Former

    A_Former Member

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    I don't completely agree with 1 and 3. I think they seem overly paranoid.

    My version: 1 Be careful who you tell you write. Obviously don't just tell anyone.
    3 Be careful who you trust. If someone seems dishonest or scheming, they probably are.
  8. Faymos

    Faymos Senior Member

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    never fucking trust people. i was an asshole and told my friend, and i stuck a sticker on his binder and shit- people asked him who did it, they told them who. fucking assshole

    People dont realize that i could go to jail for this.
  9. Free Bacon Yo!

    Free Bacon Yo! Member

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    SEAK_CAPSS Member

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    ..words from god him self that shits in the bible
  11. NūK

    NūK Member

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    dont know if this has been said but also dont start beef for no reason... unless you know for a fact youll win the battle
  12. biblebeltbangerz

    biblebeltbangerz Elite Member

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    thats soft as hail.