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665+1 (thats 666 for all you fellow drop outs)

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by GeSuS_KRiST, Aug 17, 2006.

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  1. nemzone

    nemzone Elite Member

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    man thats rough :( RIP. duno what else to say.. :( it weird cuz i just read up on the like past page or two bout him quittin to dort his life out n shiz, and now this.... man im sorry to hear it.
  2. RFI. SPit

    RFI. SPit Moderator

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    Yea man, Waster was a big influence to everybody on these forums, he was an incredibly guy. RIP

    I'll miss the guy :( He didn't deserve to end his life so soon.
  3. ILL

    ILL Elite Member

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    holy shit, R.I.P Waster, thats so fucked up just randomly clicking on this thread and reading that
  4. Moderator

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    yeah man...r.i.p
  5. wreckone.

    wreckone. Elite Member

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    Aww man, R.I.P. Waster12. I'm very sorry to hear that. He was definitely one of my favorite writers to ever live. Rest in Peace :( .
  6. artcrime99

    artcrime99 Senior Member

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    R.I.P. Waster ,very sad to see such talent leave the world :(
  7. whynot?

    whynot? Senior Member

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    r.i.p damn thats a shame such talent gone
  8. G - Wahl

    G - Wahl Elite Member

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    Damn, RIP Waster, such amazing talent and style.
    The whole 666 crew should get together and do a huge peice in his rememberance.
  9. RFI. SPit

    RFI. SPit Moderator

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    I'm pretty hurt over this man, i lookd up to waste so much, fuck
  10. teef

    teef Senior Member

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    holy fuck. man, that's so fucked up. he was one of my favorites, such good talent.

    i seriously hope this is a sick fucking joke.

    god damn.

    my condolences to all you guys that knew him personally.

    i didnt know him or anything, but that seriously makes me fucking sad. fuck man, i dont know what else to say.

    RIP waster12
  11. -kosr-

    -kosr- Senior Member

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    "You only see what you got, when it's gone"
    RIP Waste.
  12. thesenor

    thesenor Senior Member

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    that is really sad, fuck man i was like just talking to this guy about his problems like a few days ago, i had no idea the guy was suicidal, i cant really say i knew the guy well as e-friendships can only go so far, he was a good dude from what i could see who just had some problems, indeed a very sad thing to hear im quite shocked

    RIP buddy
  13. T R E O

    T R E O Elite Member

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    yea wish this was a joke.fuck.

    RIP WASTER.youll never be forgotten.may you live on..look down on us yea?drop by BS once ina while to see how were all doing yea?mann waste i hope you get this..
  14. flips25

    flips25 Member

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    damn.. great talent.... RIP....
  15. FuLa

    FuLa Elite Member

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    yo waste...if you're reading this I really hope it's a fucked up joke.

    a lot of people on BS look up to you (including me) and it would be a shame to lose a person w/ such talent and smart as like you that we've all seen for so long.
  16. explosivo_420

    explosivo_420 Elite Member

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    can someone please come thru and post WASTER's graff write
  17. BeeOne234...

    BeeOne234... Elite Member

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    it's not a joke.
    i spoke with his sister...gesus called me questioning....i went home and checked my email and there was a letter from him and one from his sister....
    then she and i spoke.
    it's true. he didn't hang himself. it doesn't matter. he's gone.
    R.I.P Waster12
    Mister 12, my grandshun...I love you too.
    I'm sorry for all your loss.
    Remember him for the amazing artist he was.
    I'll post some ish up, i have grips....we traded bbooks for mad long.
    I just can't right now. peace in your hearts.
  18. Moderator

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    man...if he left a us man..
  19. Proper

    Proper Elite Member

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    That's personally stuff bro.
  20. explosivo_420

    explosivo_420 Elite Member

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