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8 Bit and Chip lovers

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nem, Oct 29, 2008.

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  1. Nem

    Nem Elite Member

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    Ive been a fan of chip and lo-bit music for quite a while now, and it seems like its getting more and more popular. maybe rising out of the underground pretty soon.
    some artists to check out...

    bit shifter
    fighter X
    kids get hit by buses

    and there are TONS of netlabels with free music if you wanna get into 8bit. (my favorite)

    If you want to MAKE 8 bit music. you should look for an LSDJ or nanoloop cartridge and bust out your old gameboy.

    or you could download an emulator. and run a ROM image...or track with a program like Renoise or somethin...

    (atari 800)

    Trackers: editor)


  2. TASR

    TASR Banned

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    what is this 8-Bit music? is it like the old mario music like tudududududu, tudududududu tu du dudududu dududududuPING PING PING teedee tee dee dee dee dee etc etc...
  3. BigBlueViolence

    BigBlueViolence Elite Member

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  4. Slushi

    Slushi Banned

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    yeah, I love mario paint.
  5. BigBlueViolence

    BigBlueViolence Elite Member

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  6. Nem

    Nem Elite Member

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  7. Ascendant

    Ascendant Senior Member

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    That's the first good music I have heard in quite some time.
    What all would you need to start making it? I found a different snes emulator cause I have a mac, but what actual program lets you make music?
  8. SALVO

    SALVO Elite Member

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  9. wafflecakee

    wafflecakee Elite Member

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    8 bit weapon is by far my favorite.
  10. mourn

    mourn New Member

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    8 BIT brings me back to playing Zelda on NES. The tunes make the game especially if you pick up the old school nintendo system now compared to games we have played on Wii, 360, PS3, etc.
  11. miteone

    miteone Senior Member

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    not to be a hater...but im not a fan...and thats all
  12. mourn

    mourn New Member

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    I guess I should have said 8 BIT isn't something I listen to on a daily basis, :D. I was just referring to the reminiscence of NES games and their mutual attachment to 8 BIT music.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2008
  13. FOEone

    FOEone Elite Member

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    I have an electro/nanoloop solo music project going on right now. I would post the link, but that would compromise my real-world anonymity. I think Gesus is the only person on these forums (well, aside from Geez) who knows my true secret identity.

    But I will name-drop a few buddies of mine who are into nanoloop and 8-but projects:
    Peanut Wilson - Salisbury, NC/Philly, PA
    The Emotron - Atlanta, GA/Philly, PA
    Sonic Death Rabbit - LA, CA/Charlotte, NC
    Thelonious Drunk - Salisbury, NC/Baltimore, MD
    Mose Giganticus - Philly, PA
  14. C H E N Z O

    C H E N Z O Elite Member

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    YES. Fuckin love this gear.

    sabrepulse ... immence choons. PLUS the cunts from scotland. went to see him live a while ago, was a buzz.

    purple haze(saskrotch remix) is meeeaaattttyyyy.

    then of course weev got the classics dot matrix hero and famicon connection, and finally sit back and chill out to braver or please fix this.

    supreme choonage n al b checkin oot those other cunts posted. cheers son
  15. ion-i

    ion-i Elite Member

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    dope thread.

    ive always wanted to adapt some classic snes/sega/nes samples in a beat, but making them would be iller.

    this thread reminded me of this video

    Last edited: Oct 31, 2008
  16. tiny tim

    tiny tim Senior Member

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  17. Vagrant

    Vagrant Elite Member

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    oh. my. god.

    this shit is awesome.
    You've introduced me to a whole new world!

    i definitely want to look into making my own 8-bit music.
    do you have any tuts?
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2008
  18. Nem

    Nem Elite Member

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    thats the thing is now EVERYBODY wants to get into 8bit. im not saying you shouldn't because its an awesome movement and the music just satisfies the soul. for me at least. but i feel its gonna become overcrowded soon. they stopped making LSDJ cartridges for one.. and old grey gameboys are selling on ebay for higher and higher.

    I would prefer not to supply a tutorial on how to create 8bit music. But i will supply the tools (first post). But you should do your own research, and get into the local chip scene.

    kinda like graff, you cant really be told HOW to do it. you check it out and get into it.

    i suggest the program Renoise and an 8bit synth emulator for starters. If you can find a cartridge for creating music on the gameboy itself (i.e Little Sound DJ, Nanoloop etc.), you just pop that shit in, amplifly and go crazy.

    bringin back the lo-fi. its all recycling.
  19. ion-i

    ion-i Elite Member

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    good lookin out thanks man

    i understand on hella people getting into it, but thats also cause music can be spread so easily on the net now. people will get into it and eventually get out for the fad, but true music heads just keep listening and expanding styles and tastes.

    plus i like when music influences another different style of music hence hiphop x 8bit haha
  20. Vagrant

    Vagrant Elite Member

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    just because someone says they're going to get into it and start composing doesn't mean they will, not if its to daunting. they'll just give up and only listen to the music.