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9-11 Conspiracy.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by -=AgA=-TrAnCe, Sep 1, 2006.

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  1. PureSole

    PureSole Elite Member

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    aye fula
    u kno what would be tight? if you designed buildings into to replicate your name

    "the fula towers" hahahah

    BRAINE Elite Member

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    fuck jon benet ramsey.
    venus and serena williams baby sister died in a gang shootout, but i never heard that shit on the news once.
    biggie's murder was an inside job too.
    shit is stupid. if you want to debate this and you know what youre talking about, maybe you should find a conspiracy theorists forum.
    this is bombingscience, not planecrashscience.
  3. FuLa

    FuLa Elite Member

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    hahahha that shit wouldn't be half as funny if you didn't mention the "mexican midget" good shit.
  4. Guerrilla876

    Guerrilla876 Senior Member

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    some facts always stay the same . . .

    people are unpredictable.
    some actions/scenarios in life weren't really meant to be understood.
    some people fear what their government hides
    some don't
    & those same actions people don't understand, well they never said they'd be good or bad.

    pointblank, america is screwed, i'm sure it's always been like that. mad conspiracies, unbelieveable rumors, etc.

    who knows. everything could just end someday and then the cycle could start all over. or we could very well be a world in which one exhisted before us. how would we know? those very same books you believe in could be fake. the bible, not an athiest or anything, but it is a book. books are written. so who knows what the past held or what the future holds. & if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off.

    and there's my fifty cents on that subject.
  5. FuLa

    FuLa Elite Member

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    the world is the shit...we decide to be happy or sad...there will always be whiners and emos and unhappy people around...i dont need to be rich or have a hot-ass bitch(i have one but that's not the point ;P)...i'm all about "live and let live"...there will always be fucking fools trying to manipulate and impose their beliefs on somebody else but fuck em'....that's why the US got what they deserved for imposing their points of view on religion and manipulating governments and imposing what they believe is to be happy and "free". I was 10000 times freer in Bolivia than in the US...I just make a lot of money in the US, and I'll be able to find a job in the future.
  6. morningglory

    morningglory Elite Member

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    Fula you need some serious comprehension skills.

    You just said in 3 posts: ie: you jumped but didnt succesfully jump. haha lol? Now it woulda made sense you said you jumped and didnt succesfully land... now thats one thing. But you.... haha.
  7. FuLa

    FuLa Elite Member

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    english's my second language...and i still speak better/have better grammar than a lot of native english speakers.
  8. lost_for_evex

    lost_for_evex Senior Member

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    you guys talk about this shit like no one died...i guess it only really bothers u if u lived near it...i use 2 see thr towers everyday of my life..and i live in north jersey...but seriously...watchin the people jump from the towers didnt bother anyone?...why would the goverment wana hurt people?...

    but then can i plane hit the pentagon...and only make a 16 foothole in it?....

    and how can a plane hit the ground..and no pieces of it be found?...i dont get that shit...stuff like that just dosnt float into space..

    no bodys? nothing? wtf happend? bodys shoulda been everywhere from the impact.

    how can both towers..perfectly fall stright down?...not only did one fall perfctly down..but both of them? not one toppled over. i can see if the top started 2 fall and toppled over..the structure looked strong enough for that to happen. but both fell down

    and building number 7...fell down perfect because of a fire?...i can understand a piece of the building fallin ..but a building that small has no reason to perectly fall down to the floor for no reason. just cuz of a fire..thats bull shit.

    fuck bush. he sat there and read a book 2 kids...found out what was going on..and still sat there and read for another 20 min until he decided it was time 2 leave...

    14 planes protectin the nation? 2 wer based 10 miles away? ur tellin me a fuckin plane that travels at super sonic speed...cant make it there to the towers when its only 10 miles away before a second plane hits?
  9. morningglory

    morningglory Elite Member

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    Lol Fula it so happens it's my second language as well and apart from some of second grade and third grade I never went to school in english. Hardly a reason.

    16 foot hole? Maybe you didnt see videos of the pentagon on tv?

    I remember footage of the plane wreck as well and there was pieces left and right.

    Buildings never topple over really (xcept under serious earthquake) and usually they break before managing that. It's simple... One or a few story lost the structural strenght and crunched, the impact of that level flattening brought about a chain reaction and it picked up momentum and speed very quickly. You can very well see that on the videos of the towers falling. Check videos of buildings being demolished, they use the same technique (only with explosives at the base).

    Houses that are 1 story high collasp because of fires all the time. Whats so odd about that?

    Yes Bush is an idiot. Alot too dumb to plan anything.

    They could of shot it down. If they had understood what the fuck was going on. Everyone thought it was a freak accident untill the second one hit. Then people started realizing, it was all in a frenzy and the USA is simply used to being the bully and has forgotten what its like to be the one attacked. Serves em right if you ask me.
  10. johndoe

    johndoe Senior Member

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    Some of you who think the thought of this is so absurd should read up on some foreign policy
    We've been after oil in the Middle East for decades. This is a war for oil and America needed a strong pretense for war. Enter 9-11
    Iran's next.
  11. narcism

    narcism Member

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  12. morningglory

    morningglory Elite Member

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    Yes but destroying their own infrastructure is not a viable solution to pursue oil. They destroy other countries not their own. They could have used many other reasons, just this one fell at a good time.
  13. Alchohlics_Anonymous

    Alchohlics_Anonymous Elite Member

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    Everybody hates the US, its not that hard to beleive. We didnt cause this to happen or ask anyone to do it to us intentionally, yes we probably knew about it but did nothing because our government sucks. Im tired of people hating on Bush, yes he is stupid but you gotta realize he doesnt make all the decisions, he just goes with what people tell him. Fuck terrorists that shit pisses me off so much.
  14. HICE DEM

    HICE DEM Senior Member

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    fuck i', glad that some people are warming up to the truth, im tired of people looking at me like a terrorist when i tell them that the cia was behind 9/ bush didnt plan it, he doesnt plan anything, hes the puppetwelcome to reality, your government will do what it has to to get what it needs...and i dont think its all about oil, its about DEVELOPMENT CONTRACTS!!!!! for companies owned by the likes of bush's dad and his supporters and rumsfeld, and their ivy league school chums
  15. HICE DEM

    HICE DEM Senior Member

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    theyre all ILLUMINATUS
  16. Torrent

    Torrent Senior Member

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  17. PureSole

    PureSole Elite Member

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    this is the truth
    fuck all you believers
    get a life [/b][/quote]
    Makes me wanna throw up
    Maddox is a biased idiot who uses his biased views mixed with quirky typing to sway peoples opinions. Who didnt debunk shit. he used childish anctics mixed with a more mature satire-ical humor to talk shit. Why doesnt he dirsprove EVERYTHING? Yes, there have been faults with loose change

    what about the ones no one can explain, like tower 7 as lost said

    fuck this
    and yes bush is dumb, but hes a PUPPET
    in 1990 his dad said "the new world order is now in place"
    gulf war soldiers who lived were given "new world order" engraved desert eagles ( i think desert eagles, dont remember, ill look for the pic)

    fact: theres more shit to prove then to disprove. all those who ask evidence are too lazy to research and the main problem is the ones who try to give evidence are then shot down by those who dont believe it. even if they get the evidence, they shoot it down without analyzing it

    and basically, its too much shit for ppl to type up in one day and too much shit that most ppl on this board wont read it
    9/11 isnt new
    go reseatch operaton northwoods

    us planned to bomb miami, blame cuba, invade cuba, destroy cuba because it was a commie nation

    its all about intrest

    dont tell me why would they bomb their own country these niggas dont care its about money
    over 100,000 iraqi civilians died, who would do it? answer that. they died because we went there. the bullets we use contain uranium that wont leave for a billion year

    explain it niggas?

    who profited off all this mess?
    answer that and you have your culprit

    compare bush to hitler and their actions
    watch v for vendetta and compare the events and speeches to bushs speeches and avian flu
  18. FuLa

    FuLa Elite Member

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    Yes but destroying their own infrastructure is not a viable solution to pursue oil. They destroy other countries not their own. They could have used many other reasons, just this one fell at a good time. [/b][/quote]
    I can see that in both ways...I think if the Government REALLY wanted to impact americans and at the same time have a really good excuse to invade other countries, a better target for an attack would have been an american football game...but again, the twin towers are a very important/meaningful symbol of the USA. and they only have to kill a couple of thousand people (instead of 5-20+ thousand) to create an equal impact, not only in the whole world(like it has happened cause everybody knows the twin towers), but mainly in America.

    its almost impossible to get your friend to keep a secret for you, imagine the hundreds(maybe thousands) of people involved in one way or another to pull out something like the attack on the twin towers...the fools from loose change make it appear that EVERY cop and EVERY firefighter, business owner, millionaire and EVERY person with some kind of authority is behind the attack...

    **the reply wasnt' really for morninglory or johndow but w/e= just some thouyghts...
  19. I_Love_SATAN_and_hate_you

    I_Love_SATAN_and_hate_you Senior Member

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    I'm a conspiracy ...

    Discuss me being mad niggerish ...
  20. Blix

    Blix Senior Member

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    yo bush aint shit man all he is is a puppet he isnt smart enough to be thinkin all this stuff out some else is behind all this they just needed someone stupid enough and that they could get elected