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Advanced Sketch Battle Poll

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by koper, Jan 16, 2007.

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Who wins?

  1. runci

    0 vote(s)
  2. musashi

  3. morph

  4. tricksforkids

    0 vote(s)
  5. theKid

  1. Flash_One

    Flash_One Elite Member

    • Messages: 891
    • Likes Received: 8
  2. phat1505

    phat1505 Member

    • Messages: 26
    • Likes Received: 0
  3. faded210

    faded210 New Member

    • Messages: 4
    • Likes Received: 0
    morph is just plain out dope//
  4. MAERone

    MAERone Senior Member

    • Messages: 113
    • Likes Received: 0
    tough choice on this battle :blink:
  5. yoda

    yoda Senior Member

    • Messages: 146
    • Likes Received: 0
    that tricks for kids sucks ass

    but that those dudes runci and the kids pretty dope
  6. TalibKweli

    TalibKweli Elite Member

    • Messages: 1,150
    • Likes Received: 0
  7. Kayone707

    Kayone707 Moderator

    • Messages: 10,014
    • Likes Received: 31
    its either runci or musashi
    i couldnt pick. so i did a null vote
  8. Bazer

    Bazer Moderator

    • Messages: 5,141
    • Likes Received: 4
    ^^you shoulda done it the scientific way.

    ....inny minny mynee moe...
  9. MainEvent

    MainEvent Senior Member

    • Messages: 410
    • Likes Received: 0
    runci- not really feeling it, the letters and color scheme arent really visually appealing to me but better than what i can do.

    musashi- i dunno, shits pretty cool to me. i like the 3d and shadow alot, stay up.

    morph- dude got my vote. shit is really sick. clean as fuck, letters and fill are dope. the center circle adds a nice touch and the brackets on the sides are nice too. dope shit

    tricksforkids- real nice 3d, i just dont like the color schemes. the letters and the fill is cool.

    theKid- shits real nice. i would have voted for you but the colors held me back and morph's piece stood out to me more. that piece is dope though
  10. vman

    vman Elite Member

    • Messages: 527
    • Likes Received: 0
    it was close between runci and thekid but I went with runci.
  11. SpLiTbomber

    SpLiTbomber Elite Member

    • Messages: 1,982
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    runci im lovin that style, fresh as it ever was. morph was rite there too thou, kick ass ish man
  12. koper

    koper Banned

    • Messages: 2,262
    • Likes Received: 5
    i swear man, i used the same image link he gave me initially, it was just dead by the time the poll went up for some reason.

    I'm not going to postpone the entire poll because one entry's link has gone bad.

    And as soon as i saw Runci resubmitted his entry i modified the url in the poll so that everyone could see it.

    Again, sorry runci.

    i voted morph as always
  13. TricksForKids

    TricksForKids Elite Member

    • Messages: 1,716
    • Likes Received: 2
    moprh as always? isnt that a little biased? haha, good looks everyone, i was definitely the goat in this one...if thats even the bringing that fiyuh next time duck
  14. Albert Fish

    Albert Fish Elite Member

    • Messages: 892
    • Likes Received: 1
    runci, they were all quality entries for once though.
  15. naps

    naps Senior Member

    • Messages: 102
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    btw wut markers u rockin runci super clean ur 2nd choice good job to all they all where badass
  16. M3T-nine-T-4

    M3T-nine-T-4 Senior Member

    • Messages: 50
    • Likes Received: 0
    definetly Morph all tha way his letters r madd dope kool fill 2, then Musahi i like his fill and he always has that kool watercolor effect and then The Kid i like his fill 2 and tha lightning was a good touch, i actually had a good outline 4 this battle but then i forgot all bout it, which sucks cuz i did it 4 nuthin............o well ;)
  17. HARE2

    HARE2 Elite Member

    • Messages: 789
    • Likes Received: 0
    morph . no competition
  18. Naryan

    Naryan Member

    • Messages: 22
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    Oh man, you guys are gettin soooo good. keep it up. I love the experimenting.
  19. son131

    son131 Member

    • Messages: 17
    • Likes Received: 0
    niiice morph, i luv everything u do....!
  20. ironik_wa

    ironik_wa Member

    • Messages: 39
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    i voted 4 morph
    all the entries were aight
    but the 1s that stood out
    were morph and the kid