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advice on getting better with tags??

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Hackett, Dec 23, 2014.

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  1. Hackett

    Hackett New Member

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    can someone give me good advice with getting better at tags?? like little tips?? anything would be cool thanks :D:D:D:D:D
  2. TKWTF

    TKWTF Member

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    You can get thousands of little tips, but the only thing that will actually improve your tags is practice.

    I know, I know, nobody wants to hear that. It's the same way with anything, but people are always looking for shortcuts. There are no shortcuts in art.

    I'll tell you what I did to develop my tag. I got a notebook and a pen. Just a regular ball-point pen. Then I proceeded to write my name. Not in any kind of style, just as if I were writing a letter. I wrote it over and over.

    And over.

    And over.

    Until I filled the entire notebook with nothing but my name wrote a thousand times. Near the end, you could start to see certain elements of style taking over. My hand got so used to writing it, that it starting flowing together.

    Flow is what you're after.

    Once you've filled up a notebook or five, try it with different markers. See what you like. Experiment.

    But most of all . . .

  3. oveous

    oveous Member

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    Practice makes perfect bro! I went through so many types of tags before finally finding my own style that works for me. You can't allow yourself to be down if you don't like your tag, just keep practicing and you'll notice it will come easy when you are more comfortable!
  4. Mildstyles

    Mildstyles Elite Member

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    eat discarded markers or discarded cans at spots to gain the artist's power of tags. After a stomach or two full you'll notice a big increase in tagger swagger
  5. EdnaRWatt

    EdnaRWatt New Member

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    Until I filled the entire notebook with nothing but my name wrote a thousand times. Near the end, you could start to see certain elements of style taking over. My hand got so used to writing it, that it starting flowing together.

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  6. oatmeal

    oatmeal Senior Member

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    go mad simple. lemme say that again go as simple as possible like literally look at the letters on your keyboard and start there. keep them all the same size height and what not. the cap height median and bottoms should all match.
  7. RuneFTS

    RuneFTS New Member

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    A great way to develop a flow for your tag is to try writing without lifting your hand from the paper. Keep withthe practice and you will definitely see changes with the consistency, speed, flow, and style.
  8. T0K3N

    T0K3N Member

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    try a font site and look through ways people express themselves with flow
  9. Suck_dog

    Suck_dog New Member

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    keep it simple...for now.
  10. TheMastermind

    TheMastermind Member

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    What I like to do is to use expo markers for practice. You can also rack those from school.

    Basically, you should start with simple letters and move your way up. Try your best to write perfectly straight and proportional letters, until you have mastered that. I guarantee you that writers will respect a perfectly clean and proportional basic tag (kinda like from comic books) more than a poor attempt at a handstyle. Eventually you'd start developing your own "style," much like how a person develops his own handwriting.

    It's also pretty important to look at other people's tags, especially around your city. That ways you can get inspiration, and so you know what graffiti looks like. You will notice some different ways of writing letters. For example, a common graffiti style is to add a hook to a upstroke curve, like at the top of an 'c' or 's.' It's kinda like how you can't do calligraphy if you don't know what calligraphy looks like.
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  11. Meela

    Meela New Member

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    Even though I'm a toy and know nothing, some advice I was given by a pro is write it fast.
  12. ASOHLE

    ASOHLE Member

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    Start as simple as you can. Not even graffiti style. Writeyour tag in as basic block handwriting as possible.

    Work on making all the letters the same size and placing them so they’re spaced evenly and consistently.

    Do it millions of times.

    Once you get a feel for it start stylising the letters. Notice what lines are parallel and adjust them the same way.

    These are just my tips. Essentially just tag over and over and over and over and... over.
  13. hungover

    hungover Elite Member

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    Set up a shrine to our lord and savior kanser bye and pray every night to be blessed with killer hands
  14. ajan9r

    ajan9r Member

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    look at the tag from further away and if its solid readable and stands out, also when it's stable, not onesided but look like a slogan shit then it might be a good tag. also it must look, at all cost, not made like from a child, no matter which style (even if the style is childish)...


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    Practice practice prctice...and whenever u are somewhere and u not writing practicing just prctice keeping your wrist loose and whipping your tag. It took me years to get a hand i was even comfortable putting on a wall. Im from philly u cant just throw any old bullshit on a wall. What u write?
  16. gdge44

    gdge44 New Member

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    This is looking good thank you