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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by liltaz78, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. TrandomnesstwO

    TrandomnesstwO Senior Member

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    Lil' of TrandomnesstwO's history,started in Europe with a really fucked up tag at age 12,came to Toronto two months later,improved in grade 7,lessened on my toy ups for a few months. Then got a wee bit more serious and started doing the shit that I got known in some parts of Etobicoke for,got bagged but was still up,shortened my name,respectable basic skills in grade 8,started the (what currently still is) a toy but somewhat strong scene in mostly southern Rexdale, I am in grade 9 alone at some random ass town in Muskoka.
  2. chiefy

    chiefy Senior Member

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    i expected you to be older for some reason.
  3. harmlessart

    harmlessart Banned

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    picked up an interest in graffiti when I was about 12, messed around in black books and such. Started actually going out when I was 16. I'm 17 nowadays.
  4. n8galicia

    n8galicia Senior Member

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    When I was 14. I guess I saw some sick pieces while driving through Richmond and I was like, shit man I wanna do that someday. :cool:
  5. rstu876

    rstu876 Banned

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  6. Chippey

    Chippey Senior Member

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    I had interest for quiet awhile through my childhood like always looking out for tags and that while going round, im 14, ive only been writing for a few months now, but ive been into stencilling for about a year i think.
  7. cawd218857

    cawd218857 Banned

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    was interested in graffiti from a young ass age. would see dope pieces when visiting family in montreal and in brasil.
    started drawing around 6-7? then stopped and started graff maybe 14 on and off. now just turned 15 a month ago
  9. Patchy

    Patchy Senior Member

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    i started when i was about 15 im 20 now
  10. massacreman

    massacreman Elite Member

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    my friend got me into it at 14, we got arrested one year later and he quit. i didnt. im 16 now
  11. Con-Artist

    Con-Artist Senior Member

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    Masssacreman- same story man, idk bout u but I got felonys out the ass!
  12. Armored Bulletz

    Armored Bulletz Senior Member

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    iv been interested in graffiti since i was in maybe 3rd grade.. always driving into the city with parents and i remember asking them how in the world do they do that.. 15 now
  13. Bink1

    Bink1 Elite Member

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    started in 17 now 18 , got busted 3 times,still painting.
  14. woonybomber

    woonybomber Banned

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    started in 5th grade waz mad toy then i whent to 6 grade got a lil better, met mi ***** stel and his brother sel learned alot then the next 3 years iv been slowy inproving and iv got banged 5 times and i still write and then i moved to the 603 now im 15 and im still toy but at least i try

    and why did neone even make this tread lmfao
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2010
  15. Self1

    Self1 Member

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    Started like 2 years ago, just doing some tags in my school because my friends were "writers", just destroying shit with my tag. But just months ago since I'm really into it, not for destroying, just for expressing myself and because i like it a lot ;D
  16. Dramamine Dream

    Dramamine Dream Member

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    i started when i was 10 and now im 35
  17. Dramamine Dream

    Dramamine Dream Member

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    sick nahh i started 2 years ago im 17
  18. smokeitup

    smokeitup Elite Member

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    i started when i was like 15, got interested in it from seeing pieces around and i knew a few people that wrote so i decided to.

    im 21 now.
  19. Bilnek

    Bilnek Senior Member

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    started around 14 nao
  20. DicesST92

    DicesST92 Member

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    Started when I was 15, about a week after starting I looked up info and realised I didn't know shit.
    I was slow at developing style for some reason, which resulted in me just recently coming up with my own, before that I bit other styles, mostly Cope2, Seen and Wiggles, just for learning.
    Finally have my own style so I can start posting pics of sketches too.
    Still got a long way to go and haven't got a bb yet, gonna buy one asap.
    17 years old now.