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Am I considered a Toy?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by alonerz, Dec 16, 2016.

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  1. alonerz

    alonerz Member

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    My tag is ALONER or ALONERZ. I've been writing basic graffiti and bubble letters since I was 10. But I'm just not getting into it hard not that I'm out living on my own. Just give me your thoughts on if I'm a toy or not, and if I am, what needs to be improved. And yes, I am working on shadowing. Please no hate <3

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  2. Abesk

    Abesk Senior Member

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    That's terrible advice. Biting is never an option.

    Yes, you are a toy. Don't take it too hard, everyone starts that way.
    What you need to do is learn letter form. You're putting a bunch of elements in there that you think graffiti is supposed to be, thinking that it will make your shit real graffiti. That's not how it works. Graffiti is letters. I can't stress that enough. Understand the way letters work. Do basic keyboard letters over and over and over again until its second nature. Learn how handstyles work. Then you can go from there. Go basic. Write your alphabet. Chill with all the extra shit.
  3. PUTS

    PUTS Elite Member

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    Listen to Abesk bro, biting is probably the worst idea you can possibly do.
  4. echoV

    echoV Senior Member

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    yeah--- u don't ever want your style to be bitten off some1 else's work. being inspired by other writers is the way to go if you choose to, but don't be bogus about it and not give credit where its' due

    you'll see this advice given reaaaaaal often on here, and you can think of it like this: waaaaay back when you were a saggy-bottom toothless baby, any moment you had an unsupervised moment with a writing utensil, you wrote on the walls like you were playing with toys: you weren't drawing and you weren't writing anything- you didn't know WTF you were doing & this was a toy to you. mommy and daddy probably decided that giving you paper would be good advice.
    now that you're 'grown,' it seems like having rules like knowing letter structure is retarded, right? esp. if we're talking about something that's illegal to do. but among graffitti 'writers,' seeing someone simply putting colors on walls is like catching an unsupervised child playing with their toy-crayons, and the advice is still: use paper til you're writing and drawing. don't have to follow any advice, obviously, but then you can't be considered a 'writer' either-- its sort of a packaged-deal.
  5. Ahem

    Ahem Senior Member

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    OP, you are very much a Toy, but that's ok. As others mentioned start very simple, do keyboard letters and construct your letters from bars to understand structure. Style will come gradually.

    And roll your walls. You don't want layers of paint on your actual walls and fumes in your house, bad idea. If you feel the need to practice at home w/ paint, buy some chipboard or something.
  6. 4YOU2

    4YOU2 Member

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    Been doing graffiti for a year now, but as a side hobby. Never did drawings everyday, nor week, only drew sometimes when I really felt like it.

    From what I've learnt in that year is that at the start it does not matter if you bite as long as you don't go around claiming it is your own work. Bite to practice on paper. As someone mentioned you need to learn the bar structure of every single letter, then use that structure and once you get confident drawing letters without it, add curves, increase the length on one bar, bend it, whatever.

    Don't do wildstyle, throwies, or shit like that. You can, but I don't advise you to. Do simple pieces like literally just the basic fucking bars and focus on getting them sharp. Do that on paper, then with a can. You won't have much of a style but you'll have a basic neat letter structure which people can read rather than ALONER with retarded curves and sharp edges on the side of the bar.