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Amazing Feats

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AKalien, Oct 13, 2005.

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  1. AKalien

    AKalien Senior Member

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    ? ? ?
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  2. Pumas

    Pumas Member

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    your a penis head!
  3. shineONE

    shineONE Elite Member

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    how do u get a can to explode...........obviously away from u so u dont get hurt
  4. Silvar

    Silvar Elite Member

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    u screw up some paper, tape it to the can and set it on fire. then shoot at the can, its like a mini rocket.

    uh, well wen i was like 12 i stole a crate of beer for the local posh golf club and got chased by the fuzz. i probably would have gotten off lighter if i didnt throw the bottles at them. :rolleyes:

    oh and i accidentally burnt down part of a forest. my bad! :lol:
  5. vegimite on toast

    vegimite on toast Elite Member

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    I beliesve you.
  6. Gizmo

    Gizmo Senior Member

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    CSC Celtic casuals
  7. H0N3

    H0N3 Senior Member

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    Ahh the word fuzz i love that word, reminds me of some way back in the day copper shit, ya coppers'll never get me see! Fuzz, damn i remember that shit from grand theft auto 3, great word man, brought me back to some funny memories.
  8. Live4TheWall

    Live4TheWall Elite Member

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    Me and some friends went behind a Home Depot and stole 4 cases of Rustoleum, one case one black, one white, one red, and sadly 1 case of clear enamel. So we had the bright idea to blow up the case of clear enamel..... We did it under an overpass, That was by far, the loudest fucking boom I have ever heard in my life... When we went closer to check it out there were pieces of shrapnel inbedded in the concrete.
  9. pSYKAOz

    pSYKAOz Elite Member

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    haha imagine you hadent went out of the way?

    hum.. amazing feats... nothing comes to mind at the moment
  10. Zee!

    Zee! Senior Member

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    Easy, drop a cheap can from a high hieght... I learned the hard way... (scaffolding, lol).
  11. -=J=-

    -=J=- Elite Member

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    hmmm evey day is a feat to get up and go to school,

    but probable was building up the courage to jump of a 15 foot wall for fun!

    na that 1 is shit il think of another
  12. southgate

    southgate Senior Member

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    This is an amazing feat that I conquered... I was in the old Motown Records building in Detroit and my plan was to go into the building and gain entry to the fire escape. From here I would do a tag facing 75 North. You had to go through a hole in the wall so I did and I walked up the first flight of stairs. One of the steps gave out and my foot fell through but I continued on... I did the tag at 11 PM and no one even called the police or nothing and there was a cab company facing directly where I was.
  13. Havoc411

    Havoc411 Elite Member

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    yesterday i shat out a boa constrictor

    that was pretty cool
  14. ! PrOPeRr ! .aOk.cRu.

    ! PrOPeRr ! .aOk.cRu. Elite Member

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    i always get caught for shit.... <_<

    but one that comes to mind was, me and couple friends jump the fence to a pumpkin sellin place and got the lil pumpkin and threw dem at cars.funny shit. but someone called the cops and we got caught in the mist of it...luckily all we had to do was apologize.
  15. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    I beliesve you. [/b][/quote]
    lol your posta use a quater sick of dinomite tapped to the can
  16. Havoc411

    Havoc411 Elite Member

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    nobody cares that i took a massive shit yesterday?
  17. pSYKAOz

    pSYKAOz Elite Member

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    i do..

    was it still moving?
  18. Havoc411

    Havoc411 Elite Member

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  19. LaXMAsA

    LaXMAsA Senior Member

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    the best one yet.. its my friends birthday and we decide to get back at this asshole jock who punked us around and we all hated. to make it worse he was the captain of our lacrosse team. Hes got this pimped out slk mercedes, we decide to do somthing to it like paint it or lay a shit on his hood. we get to his house but hes not there. my dumb ass fat friend starts tossing small rocks over his shoulder. it hit the bed of a pickup truck and makes a like noise. SOme massive drunk hick dude come out of the shadows and starts screamen at us and threatins to kick our asses if we dont tell him what happened. my other friend trys to calm him down and signels for us to sneak away. we lead to safety. The drunk dude starts threatining my friend and says if you run il catch u... MY FRIEND IS FAST AS SHIT NO ONE HAS EVER COUGHT HIM. my friend gets pissed and takes an egg out of his pocket and hits the drunk mutherfucker in the face, my friend runs up spits on the dudes jacket and runs off. that drunk muther fuckers starts driving around the narborhood at like 2 in the moring searchin for us. one of the funnist nights of my life.
  20. LaXMAsA

    LaXMAsA Senior Member

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    no one likes my feat? that shit is ill
    sad face hahaha