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Art For Sale

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by Msfyt, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. labrodent

    labrodent Senior Member

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    I'm Also Selling Original Sketches From My Blackbooks Pm If Your Interested To A Particular One.
  2. RFI. SPit

    RFI. SPit Moderator

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    Oh man I want this... i need money
  3. FuLa

    FuLa Elite Member

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    Last edited: Sep 12, 2007
  4. 1947

    1947 Senior Member

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  5. sayonelast...

    sayonelast... Senior Member

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    yo gesus.. u have ne thing for sale? i really like ur stuff
  6. newbornsek

    newbornsek Elite Member

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    View attachment 296232
    Bought of smug quite a while ago, looking for a trade, the picture doesn't do it justice. Looking for a canvas trade pm me.
  7. ODonthesetrees

    ODonthesetrees Elite Member

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    yo newbornsek, ill buy that off you...i have one smug canvas already adn i love it, yours (no offense) isnt quite as nice, but i still am diggin it
  8. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    ,... you shouldnt trade other peoples work, sorry i just am too attached to my canvas's (from other people not my own)
  9. FuLa

    FuLa Elite Member

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    ^agreed...why trade someone else's canvas?... selling it maybe but trading it kida defeats the purpose.
  10. unfortunatelyLOST

    unfortunatelyLOST Senior Member

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    thats consider disrespectful to the artist man! you should wanna keep that its a dope painting.
  11. dcite

    dcite Elite Member

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    i dont think its disrespectful. maybe he got used to looking at it and wants something new. its not like hes throwing it away, another person will be able to appreciate it.
  12. bountyhunter113

    bountyhunter113 Elite Member

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    arg,nvm srry, remove this post plz
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2007
  13. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

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    definatly not insulting to exchange or sell a canvas
    a canvas should be a investment
    but actually when you resell a canvas you should give 10% of the profit to the artist
  14. Moderator

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    msfyt, how about you buy a canvas so i can get a crack at that crack... jokes we love you.
  15. Roolete

    Roolete Elite Member

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    ill buy the one on the right for...30?
  16. AIP

    AIP Senior Member

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    ill buy the one on the right for $40
  17. Mo152

    Mo152 Senior Member

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    DAMNIT! i want the one on the right but i dont have that kinda money to spend. its fucking dope tho! love it
  18. Moderator

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    is 40 it? going once.

    (lol sorry msfyt for doing this auction style)
  19. tha boy in da corner

    tha boy in da corner Elite Member

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  20. uhhh

    uhhh Elite Member

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    i know this is so not as good as most this other stuff,
    but i thought id put it up on the off chance someone wants it..
    View attachment 296587
    the background actually looks good in person,
    but i have a shady camera.
    if possible, ill get a better picture.

    $15 would be great,
    but make an offer.
    buyer pays shipping from ohio.
    my mommy has paypal for her buisness, so that can be used.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2007