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Bags You Carry Your Gear In

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Wise One, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. CoronaOne

    CoronaOne Senior Member

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    ^^^to go bombing with those things?????I think not!!!!!
  2. OOPS!

    OOPS! Senior Member

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  3. DollarCans

    DollarCans Member

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    Word I dont use one of those gas mask things.
  4. OOPS!

    OOPS! Senior Member

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    I dont when I bomb.. just when I piece chill spots..
  5. my.favorite.addiction

    my.favorite.addiction Banned

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    If you plan on running(vs. trying to be sneaky/not get seen) resps arent actually too bad. they protect your lungs an with a hood or something,your identity :D
  6. OOPS!

    OOPS! Senior Member

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    Yeah but it looks sketchy as hell. haha
  7. ckei7829f

    ckei7829f Banned

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  8. west-dmk

    west-dmk Member

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    walmat target, whole foods, bed bath and beyond all have recycled shopping bags that cost 1-2 dollars each. the bed bath and beyond bag is the best, you can probly get 30 cans in ther (also good for racking ;)
  9. Patchy

    Patchy Senior Member

    • Messages: 142
    • Likes Received: 0 has a really good shoulder bag that i use i can fit 3 cans gloves and mask all in it with 3 extra zipper pockets for tape for stencils ect. try that
  10. PRIMEape

    PRIMEape Senior Member

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    haha ya clear a clear bag is mad genius. during the winter i dont even bother with bags just get a nice big winter coat about 50 slaps in one pocket markers in the other and on the inside usually has some nice stash pockets.u could easily store about 4 to 8 cans alone
  11. Noz

    Noz Senior Member

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    I usually juzt stuff 2 canz in ma pantz 4 a lil throwup or tagz, for bigger stuff juzt use those backpackz with the strings, nd dat wendys and mcdonald shit iz slick az hell, imma use it lol
  12. rone

    rone Senior Member

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    a safeway bag
  13. Th3t4

    Th3t4 Senior Member

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    cans in messenger bag. packed real tight, almost no rattle.
    markers and what not in pockets
  14. mawks

    mawks Senior Member

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    most reliable bag ever
  15. blackpeople

    blackpeople Senior Member

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    until the bag rips and your can falls down in front of a cop lol
  16. blackpeople

    blackpeople Senior Member

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  17. NoCanControl

    NoCanControl Elite Member

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  18. Stuck

    Stuck Elite Member

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    i know this shit sounds gay but if ur just tagging get a fanny pack man cops cant look in em and its as easy to access as a pocket. good for markers mops and shit :D
  19. PSYS

    PSYS Senior Member

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    This my everyday carry bag. Carries lot'sa paint, mops, refills, markers, etc, etc.

    View attachment 536095
  20. garbage down tha way

    garbage down tha way Elite Member

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    when i bomb i tuck my flannel into my pants and tighten my belt alot, then put on a coat over the flannel, only zip the coat to go over the top of the cans, and youve got yourself a mothafuckin kangaroo pouch niggga. 3 can max, or 4 if you wear baggy ass shit.