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Banksy and how i met him

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Username112, Mar 15, 2019.

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    Before I start , I must say, Banksy is arguably the most controversial and possible the most famous graffiti artist in the entire world, and yes I agree, he's focused his time and effort into getting the mainstream medias attention, with 'street art' but in the graffiti world he has just become a toy... disrespecting famous London writers etc... but this wasn't the old Banksy, when I knew him he was just a young writer trying to make his way in the world, cause' trust me, I would have long abandoned him if he remotely did anything as shite as what he did with robbo (rip btw)! - Just a quick disclaimer because I know that if I did not write that someone in the comments would have mentioned how this guy has turned into a toy and how he fucked up robbo.

    Now... a bit of history on the guy and how I begun to meet him.

    I believe he got into tagging through a Bristol hip-hop group (well that is what he told me anyway)... after a couple pieces on derelict buildings he wanted to get his tag "up with the legends" so he moved to London. This is were I come in... after a couple of train tags & the odd piece under a tunnel, he went to a motorway bridge, coincidentally that night I went to the same bridge... a match made in heaven I would say... being a tagger that was brought up in 'the city' I knew the ins-and-outs of London and Banksy being a fucking crafty bastard... well that summer we hit up most of the city. You name it our shit was there (except trains, I don't know why we just avoided trains like the plague). In some cases we got into spots so out of the way, nobody could get there without meticulous planning, not even security... we felt like the kings... but something just didn't add up, I remember, that night in the boozer, we was questioning ourselves, no more spots left, shit pieces (for the most part), what do we do? Banksy said it... stencils.

    Banks was right! Fucking stencils... the next day he was hard at work. I was out doing some shit on a roof, whilst he was making stencils; I don't know why, stencils were cool, he brought a new term to graffiti art through these meticulous cut out pieces of card, he was the first in London, but I just didn't follow, fuck it, I loved the simple throw up to much, it didn't mean... I didn't help him with this new median though... Monday to Tuesday I was out with this guy, tape in hand, spray in the other, completing these political stencils...

    What happened then, you will be asking. Simple answer I just dispersed off the graffiti scene.. I was run out...a tag on every building in London, too late to be known for my work like robbo, Banksy doing his shit etc... Im still in contact with banks and say well done to the guy, he succeeded... yes the shit with robbo was un-needed but he made a living off the hobby we did together...

    Thats it, how I met Banksy and had the best time of my life... any questions welcome in the comments...

    - btw I'm not telling you his real name
    - and my name wasn't "username112" back then... thats why you didn't see my current username on any buildings

    thank you for reading!