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Beef with people in your area.

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by (SoS)Viruz, Jun 5, 2008.

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  1. Dreg one

    Dreg one Member

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    Me and my buddy who i sometimes paint with have been getting shit from some mad toys lately, on the beef just for the fun, i don't consider them real writers when all they do is beef bomb pieces. Horrible toy throws in a gallery i visit, old school (15 year old) full colour crazy SKRON pieces done with old school krylon, TRIK ONE piece got dissed too, everything I have done around that town has an ex through it, but that's ok, We don't sleep at night... those little bitches do.

    Also, I am planning to get an extinguisher or possible just a 20 foot roller extender to take care of that spot for good... if you people could see it, you would shed a tear.
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  2. Urbanosity Ltd.

    Urbanosity Ltd. Member

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    There's these douche kids in vegas who don't give a shit about art.. NTA (night time artists, wtf?) they go over really great burners, some with krylon colors like jungle green, with stupid, jack ass style art. theyre not even good, they just write nta and think that they're writers. If someone sees this, pm me, i wanna have a "talk"
  3. PulseWithLife

    PulseWithLife Elite Member

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    I love how this subject is in the toy thread. Word up ! Unless ya got a personal biff with cunts beef is dumb shit. About that NTA goin over burners there are crews like that in every city. People think having beef is gonna get them fame when it just gets them knocked to the ground and kicked in the face
  4. Urbanosity Ltd.

    Urbanosity Ltd. Member

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    pulse, i know the kids, they're little fag skaters who found their parents spray paint, they're shit and i've told them to fuck off before
  5. ribcage

    ribcage Banned

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    people telling them to fuck off probably only boosts their ego's, its not till they actually get a beat down that they will stop. Next time you see one of em or all of em get violent or else they wont get the message. Cause these days even homies tell homies to fuck off and it aint no thang just words then its back to normal, you hit your homie in the face a few times yall probably aint gone be homies after that
  6. Urbanosity Ltd.

    Urbanosity Ltd. Member

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  7. MARVL

    MARVL Member

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    Some kid named Slak going around my city going over some crazy burners with freaking tags. Also slaps stickers on top of other peoples'. Not sure if the idiot realizes he's messing with a couple crews as well. Went to a storm drain deposit where all the great writers around here go, and he had gone over literally every single piece. Dude doesn't even have any style.
  8. homemovies

    homemovies Member

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    My boy whos really talented (got me into writing) caught random beef with this rich kid, it got really fucking personal. Long story short the little G waled to the guys school (his old alternative school) called the guy out, caught him when he tried to run, and punched him in the face, many, many times. Love that crazy bastard, i feel bad for the first guy that tries to roll him for paint.
  9. SiteGraff

    SiteGraff Senior Member

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    never been in a beef, guess thats a good thing


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    so wat exactly is beef?
  11. kwu

    kwu Senior Member

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    beef is when you need two gats to go to sleep
  12. dmgraff

    dmgraff Senior Member

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    beef is when to writers get in a fight and go over each others shit
  13. Z3BRA

    Z3BRA Elite Member

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    DTA "Dont Trust Anyone" slaps over my shit
  14. nugg life 951

    nugg life 951 New Member

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    Some dudes that go by bets,kezr,and cap went over the first throwie I did like 1year ago.its cool tho causue they get up alot and I respect them.beefs wack we all are writers
  15. nine514

    nine514 Member

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    bEEf is when I see you, guaranteed to leave you in the ICU.

    I went over some loser kid, Zonk or some shit, in my town, but not on purpose.. it was late and dark, and the idiot used silver paint on a white wall did some gross outline of a throwie and i went over it with a small tag by mistake.. recently went back to that spot.. the dumb ass kid wrote "TOY" all over my other throwies in that area with a fuckin MARKER!!!! so now, everytime i see a zonk tag im all over that shit.
  16. Coleo

    Coleo Elite Member

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    i cap some toy who writes KIZO beacause he got in my face and i beat the shit out of him...
  17. vaer

    vaer New Member

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    im from downtown l.a. and there was this obey poster slapped on a building it had been there since as long as i remember (wen i was 5) there was something about it that poster that called to me and i started to look at writing in another day.... i recently started tagging and figuered id take a picture of it so i go and i see the poster that had been there for 15+ years got written over with some horrible chicken scratch excuse for a tag....i have beef with anyone that does this ...its not cool but if ur going to do it make sure ur shit can justify it
  18. 8=======D

    8=======D Banned

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    Int beef a reit laff

    ive been havin some reit laffs just think in about beef in me miiiiind
  19. H1P30N3R

    H1P30N3R Elite Member

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    beef its whats for dinner
  20. cooldawg

    cooldawg Senior Member

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    you know your kingin' em when they dont leave a name