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Beef with people in your area.

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by (SoS)Viruz, Jun 5, 2008.

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  1. Lemz24

    Lemz24 Member

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    Edge forever bro,
    Never give in
  2. EgoZen

    EgoZen Elite Member

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    In my area a little fucker started beef with me...

    He writes: Rods...
    He takes pieces down from the net and paints those...
    Or does just geometrical forms wits shitty colours...

    Well the other thing is...
    He wrote Rods, now he does stencils that look like this:

    You can guess how many members are in, don˙t you?...

    Anyway, he was beefing with me over me 1st tag and then I had
    to change it(because an asshole told everyone that I write the certain tag)
    and he is beefing with my second tag..

    He did some trains, and did a tag over my throwie...
    So my crew has gone all over his shitty internet pieces and
    his tags...
    He quit writting and now he again started...
    He is going over me but I use better ink so mine bleeds again thru...
    I don˙t go over his shit even if it`s wack...
    I just wrote on a wall next to his shit tags and a throwie:"Get a life Rods!"

    and that is that...

    Just ignore them haters and they will stop but if not...
    If you want peace, prepare for war!
  3. Narotik

    Narotik Member

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    There will always be some kid with a can writing fuck you or Xing out your shit..Point is, if you get good enough and people know it, there gonna know he's a kid with a big ego and no sense and hit up over him out of respect...why start shit yourself...let people do it for you :)
  4. calculating infinity

    calculating infinity Elite Member

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    just rape them

    rape solves everything
  5. Narotik

    Narotik Member

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  6. Piggy

    Piggy Member

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    Not my beef but some 14 year old is going over the actual good shit writing "cope2" and "SFC" in shitty block letters with square edges, lines aren't straight, etc. He even writes his name downtown in shitty handwriting. First and last sometimes.
  7. Pesky_Human

    Pesky_Human Senior Member

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    his real first and last name? Brilliant! The jakes will be on him soon enough and u won't have to worry about him anymore. God - people never cease to amaze me with their utter stupidity. Stay up
  8. Wallace

    Wallace Elite Member

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    yeah some kid around me bites cope2 so hard too, like thats what he actually writes... i go over all of his shit though so its alright
  9. bowchicabowow

    bowchicabowow Senior Member

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    these gangster black kids in my area started a crew called BBS and they are the worst writers ive ever seen. They randomly started crossing out my friend and my tags on some doors at an old warehouse. We just went over the incoherent scribbles with a massive pink dot equipped can. Oh and one of them writes bomb the o is a cartoon bomb, i think that is the first sketch everyone does. They also dissed my throw and all my hands. Theyve got names like el bone, aim, bomb. Just when i thought they couldnt fail harder, abel goes over an old piece with a god awful throw. I happened to meet a big writer hbak there and he was pissed, as he was there when it was painted. So i left them a message telling them to have respect and stop beefing.
  10. King Skeem

    King Skeem Member

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    some kids were writin cope2 and just plain fuck

    i think i wasted a whole bottle getting rid of them

    i hate people who bit and start this beef
  11. Dying to live

    Dying to live Senior Member

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    got big guns that you never seen beforee lol

    umm not much beef round my area just little fags that write toy over your piece with a sharpie :()
  12. AztroCat

    AztroCat New Member

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    i live in a small town and there is this gay as mexican gang...not going to say the
    name..but i know i am a toy but i put up some decent pieces and these fags go
    paint there gay gang name on it...And i am like the only full time writer in my town...
    its gay..i dont care if someone covers me up...just make it better than mine.
  13. Klaz

    Klaz Elite Member

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    i quote Paul 107

    "discussion sucks you into the graffiti soap opera. a punch in the face puts everyone in line"
  14. bowchicabowow

    bowchicabowow Senior Member

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    I am really about to drop a boot in those BBS members mouths. Dissed my first piece, that actually didn't suck that bad, went over all the good old pieces in this tunnel and started actually calling my crew out. I am going kick these kids asses. I know I'll run into them eventually, they have throws a block from my house.
  15. Baron

    Baron Moderator

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  16. freshair

    freshair Senior Member

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    well.......HOUSTON GRAFFITI SCENE SUCKS....nothin but toys are gettin up...everyone else just doesnt bomb anymore....ive had beef with ppl before...but nothin major

    now recently we beefed with sum say 2 against their whole crew...didnt stand a chance.....then it was 5 of us....even worse for them...........1 of our dudes whooped on that ass and beef was squashed.
  17. numberonestunna

    numberonestunna Senior Member

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  18. lolumad?

    lolumad? Senior Member

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    Hahaha id love to beef with icp kids
  19. geritto

    geritto Senior Member

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    hahah so true
  20. bowchicabowow

    bowchicabowow Senior Member

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    Nope burbs. BP.