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Being Paranoid?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by "Jedi", Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. "Jedi"

    "Jedi" Member

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    Let me state that I just started writing about 7 months ago. I've been doing graffiti since about mid-05, but all I did were sketches (And oh how horrible they were), but that was it. I actually started doing real shit like handstyles and what not about Sept. of last year. Now I'm starting to take my shit to the streets, but I have a huge problem with being straight up paranoid. I live in the Baltimore suburbs, writers like CASPA, BAAL, DEAK and some others have been though where I live. Every time I go bomb, I just have get a horrible feeling of paranoia, like during the first seconds that I even pressure the tip of my can, somebody has already called the cops and are hot on the way. Same thing goes for writing on shit. About two weeks ago I got caught hitting up a sign by a cop. Like as soon as I got done, he rolled up on me. But Bacon-Boy made me wipe it off before he even got a chance to read it. This kinda upped my feelings.

    I'm not quitting or any stupid shit like that, I'm still gonna fucking write until the day I die. But I really wanna get over this shit. Sometimes I take my chances and I write in a barely-populated area, but most other times I just don't because I get paranoid.

    I know I'm gonna get grilled for this topic, and I'm willing to sit through that. Has anybody here ever felt like this? If so, how'd you overcome it?
  2. Mekr4

    Mekr4 Elite Member

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    yup, and sometimes i still do. i felt the same way last night when me and my crew got in this huge fight with these posers from downtown but thats a different story lol..

    point is, its the same feeling, like you know someones watching you or someone is on the way.. best way to get over it is to just go somewhere real chill, like under a bridge or somewhere industrial, and late at night when no one is around. once you get used to just being out and painting for a while its gonna come alot easier when youre somewhere more populated and more risky..

    also once you get over the paranioa its actually a pretty usefull once youre used to painting but you get the feeling again, something might actually be attention to your instincts, theyre there for a reason. you just gotta learn how to analyze that shit and know if its just the fact that youre not used to it or if its real..

    hope that helped
  3. Nem

    Nem Elite Member

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    and when you get paranoid. don't lose your head. just think about like, yeah, if the pigs rolled up i could book it that way. or i could go over to that place. and just be confident and all of that.

    you just gotta be rational no matter what. its all in the mind.
  4. Ekers.Two.Two

    Ekers.Two.Two Banned

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    jsut bomb alot, and youl get over it, it happend to me also

    NICCSACC Banned

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    plan plan plan.

    7 months? sheeeeet...
  6. -kraze-

    -kraze- Member

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    yeah this happend to me alot during my first days of tagging, i was hitten up a mirror struggling to even write the first letter, and your crew member is right there saying just do the flippen wall already!

    gosh i hate when that shit happens ya know...good thing i got over it. i got over it by just constantly doing tags over and over
  7. MFGrimm

    MFGrimm Senior Member

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    yeh man best advice i could give...pull up your fucking pants. makes me full so much more confident, so i know if i gotta book it, im not going to be going half pace cause my pants are so low.

    Nems right tho, before you do it if you feel paranoid just take a look around at where you could book it.

    or if your just throwing a tag, five oh prob not going to make it a big deal, they got other shit to deal with.
  8. bOxcaR

    bOxcaR Senior Member

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    yo...i live in baltimore...i've seen caspa and baal sigs around
    but the key is just do what basically nem said
    we've all had to book from cops sometime or another
    so its str8
  9. d_g

    d_g Elite Member

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    Better to be paranoid than over confident. Maybe have a beer or two, just enough to take the edge off but no where near enough to fuck up your instincts.
  10. Chriis

    Chriis Member

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    Hey man, Oi if your paranoid..

    Just think,
    1) Most people are alot more scared of us

    2) The chances are, someone won't hear you

    3) If they do and they call the cops and you don't know, A tag, for a 5 letter word takes...... 5 seconds? maybe more,

    You do say 15tags, thats 1.25minutes..... Unless cops are like super fast, you've got plenty of time....

    But the way i like to see it, There scared of us!
  11. Xsjadox

    Xsjadox Senior Member

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    Hah dude... I have lank bad paranoia,whether it be driving in a car,writing,or anything possible.I also have anxiety and shit,so it's pretty gay.But I know what you mean,I went writing at the train tracks some time last year and it was my first time writing (what a place to first start) and the tracks here have lots of security,there are so many things that if you slip up you're fucked..even the way the lights shine near the place,if the fumes from the cans can be seen lifting up through the light and the guards look out for that,so I was writing and half pissing myself.But I guess it's worth it,when you're done and got away you can just breath a sigh of relief
  12. levans

    levans Senior Member

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    since this is like a paranoia thread im gonna go sometime for my first time painting and i cant really get out much at night....? any ideas ...should i just do it in day time and sprint like a little bitch home?(this spot is decent people go there all the time cuz its right next to a girls school) its 2 streets from my house....
  13. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    no your not.... i hate when people say that....

    as for becoming not paranoid u just need to get out of bombing the burbs frist.... NEVER DO THAT

    second just paint, painting should be a time when u feel free not overly paranoid i been busted and cuffed 2 time when i was under 18 and once when i was over... its part of the game but u really need to get out and bomb if u cant even paint at night how do u even expect to daytime bomb?
  14. dinedgc

    dinedgc Elite Member

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    like everyone else is saying, just have an escape pan, it always makes me feel better

    the feeling of getting away with it is one of my favorite feeling, its such a relief, and you just fell good about it
  15. BRAINE

    BRAINE Elite Member

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    drink steel reserve.
    or get on that OE.
  16. faime

    faime Senior Member

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    its like rackin you got 2 be mad aware of your surroundings

    practise putting up stickers to get more confident
  17. JETc17

    JETc17 Elite Member

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  18. STAR01

    STAR01 Senior Member

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    maybe you should find some other writers in your neighbourhood, maybe a bit more experienced with writing so that they know what theyre doin nd you can trust em , also when your around friends everything looks less scared, just cause you know they r with you and it isn't so awfull silent..
  19. nero122

    nero122 Elite Member

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    ive never realy been paranoid so i just do whatever dont realy care much bt to stop bein paranoid take more risks n you just wont notice much
  20. settybomb

    settybomb Elite Member

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    Straight up zootie juice right there.

    But yo, Bombing and painting are two completely different things.

    To me painting is at a spot that isnt permission but you can take your time to shine there and shit.
    Bombing is chaotic, dirty, dangerous, hate filled, cocky, pretentious, rude, and down right fucked up for the most part. Its also what i consider to be real graffiti.
    And dont say that your gonna bomb for the rest of your life kid.
    I bomb every god damn day in one way or another and it might be me doing fills or me do insides or me just catching slams, but it is ALL about getting up no matter how your trying to spin it. it drives you crazy and ruins all of your clothes and your social skills for the most part.
    So just have fun and be wreckless dude, because frankly unless your 18 just get arrested all you want. It will all go away when you get older.