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Being Paranoid?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by "Jedi", Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. JasK

    JasK Senior Member

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    ^I always have a lookout too. Where I practice there's a lot of people usually.
  2. ..romero..

    ..romero.. Elite Member

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    fuck solo and learn to run fast.thats my life haha.but now that i hit trains i dont get chased to much.just helicopters an shit.thats about it.

    im maaaad paranoid about helicopters.nothing else tho.i had to hide under one of the tboxes last night becuase of one of those damn things.whack shit.
  3. kermet_1

    kermet_1 Banned

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    im glad we dont have helicopters here
  4. Cure Sure Lure

    Cure Sure Lure Senior Member

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    Helicopters, sounds FBI style man.
    Police seriously has nothing better to do.
  5. slipyslipyslipymegeee

    slipyslipyslipymegeee Senior Member

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    i have depresion so when i paint i reallly dont give a fuck if a cop comes ill run
  6. TheMurderousMisterMero_

    TheMurderousMisterMero_ Banned

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    • Likes Received: 0 sucks not being able to finish something without having to hide every 10minutes.
  7. dreaken1993

    dreaken1993 Senior Member

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    fuck them ghetto birds man you get chased by them bitches you better hope you in an industrial area glad my citys cops are just fat lazy fucks
  8. ReKoNe~!

    ReKoNe~! Banned

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    i carry a RPG for the choppers
  9. Spraycan Stories

    Spraycan Stories Senior Member

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    Im usually solo.
    Im a huge pussy too, doesnt help.
  10. TECKN

    TECKN Senior Member

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    mostly solo now
    but im just chill
    just gotta look around every couple seconds but your straight
  11. DirtyDozen520

    DirtyDozen520 Senior Member

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    only time i get paranoid is when i hear sirens after finishing throwie
  12. overkoshuss

    overkoshuss Member

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    when i got caught tagging a brown guy pulled up behind me on the busy street and was talking on his phone. because he was a minority i thought he was just obeying the law and pulling over while he talked. fuck was i wrong. jst goes to show ya, if u see a minority... run
  13. ATL

    ATL New Member

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    I used to tweek out alot thinking everyone is watching but got over it pretty quick/. Im a lil more carefull then before since cops are looking out more in my area (Portland ME)
  14. proNYNJA

    proNYNJA Senior Member

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    man im starting to get paranoid again cuz every time i go out i be hearing helicopters in the distance and im fack i hope thier not coming for me, and this weekend they really fucked me over. like i was going to go bombing on Saturday night and i was heading to the wash, and a fucking helicopter was hovering over the wash so i called it off. then just now i was heading to the fucking trax and a helicopter was hovering over the fcking tracks so i was like aint this a bitch and went back home.
  15. trowel

    trowel Senior Member

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    Finally a real cat on the site lmao...

    I wouldn't necessarily call myself a pussy but i am paranoid as fuuuuck.

    I do run for at least an hour a day to build up my escape ability...I been caught once before...that shit won't EVER happen again. (*knocks on wood*)
  16. TheMurderousMisterMero_

    TheMurderousMisterMero_ Banned

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    lololol.i got caught in a thunderstorm last night..just thought id share when your like 2 miles away from your house and its pissin buckets and hailin outside.
  17. Darko

    Darko Senior Member

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    i feel tha same exact way homie, the only thing is that im 14, so i feel like when all the big time taggers come around who are like 17-21 then i feel like they hate me even if i dont buff them out, course i always carry around my pair of knuckle dusters but still...and to get over the paranoya, i just roll hella deep when i go out, i feel a lot more confident if theres more people, like as if people are scared of us snd that i have to impress my homies
  18. -Empty-Can-

    -Empty-Can- Elite Member

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    The only thing im scared about is havin a can on me. ill bomb but i just dont wanna be seen with a can. But ive figured out ways to keep them hidden
  19. salty302

    salty302 Guest

    im only get shook when im extra visable like i hit hands in front of people but not like 40people u feel me
  20. Zarb

    Zarb Senior Member

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    A couple weeks ago me and my friend were out painting and got seen by the cops, we ran, started walking back home and then got spotted again and had to dip again running in peoples backyards and shit. Anyways yeah Ive never been paranoid until after that, havent gone out to paint yet since. For some reason it just shook me alittle, Im thinking I just gota say fuck it and force myself out again I know once I go I wont be scared anymore