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Being Paranoid?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by "Jedi", Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. explosivo_420

    explosivo_420 Elite Member

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    yeah walk thru Overtown when your the ONLY white person, theres a broad daylight shooting with an AK47, cops raiding everywhere with help from Helicopters above. *****s running up to you for change or to cop whatever.

    i'm not going to have an old phone on me to just give away. no's the fucking answer, point blank. no you ain't hitting my black and mild, no theres no cigarette for you, no i don't want your powder, no change. "I hear it in your pocket!" yeah and can't do it for you buddy. Siya Nara

    If your paranoid about police or thugs then your not going to get your shit done, its about getting from point A to C, have to keep focused on the trip, worrying about frivolous shit will not get you there.
  2. PeeInTheShower

    PeeInTheShower Elite Member

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    i didn't know that so much drama goes down when you're bustin out meanstreak scribbles.
  3. boodah

    boodah Senior Member

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    Why's this thread still running 10 pages later? It like rolling a stop sign, are you paranoid then? How about jaywalking? Busting a U turn in a no Uturn intersection? Just keep an eye out while your tossing your shit up and keep six for your partners.
  4. aqsd8415d7

    aqsd8415d7 Guest

  5. smokeitup

    smokeitup Elite Member

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    its not being paranoid when *****s out to get you, its being smart. watch ya back stay strapped be alert.
  6. TANK

    TANK Member

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    the thing is that you gotta learn to live off the paranoia. i remember my very first "real" tag. at school in the bathroom, heart was pumpin and i was sooo psyched, i just whipped out my marker and made that wall my own... since then i knew graff was what i wanted to do. i loved it. kids were gettin called in and questioned and shit, when i just sat back knowing that it was me and i loved every fucking second of it. since then ive moved on to painting on the streets and its like 100x better. you just get that sense of accomplishment and adrenaline that makes you wanna do it aaalllll day.
  7. One Evil

    One Evil Elite Member

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    graff makes u paranoid no matter what ur doing.. same wit drugs.. so just do ur thing.. keep ur eyes and ears pealed for noises or ppl.. just keep walkin if a thug or a cop or a civilian is walkin near u.
  8. Get Rekt!

    Get Rekt! Senior Member

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    i always paint chill spots. lets me get away from people and just do whatever. get my mind straight and dont have to worry about gettin busted. under highway bridges is pretty sick. or junk yards. i never feel paranoid doing shit like that and it just feels good to be able to get away for awhile.
  9. MERTAone

    MERTAone Senior Member

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    i dont personally get up much..but one thing that helped me was just to do a bunch of fuck shit like throw firecrackers at school or do like snatch-n-grabs at the store or try meth or some crazy shit get your confidence up so you can just be like "no big deal its not as crazy/bad/dangerous as when i..."
  10. rolling fresh kush

    rolling fresh kush Banned

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  11. spher

    spher Senior Member

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    if u were walking up the road and saw a guy tagging what would u do ??
  12. Skadeem

    Skadeem Senior Member

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    If I smoke before I wanna get shit usually doesn't get done. I've got WAY more weed smoking experience than graff experience(4 years versus one year). Idk the combination just makes me paranoid for the most part....then I hot boxed my car went to bomb and got it's different day by day. I guess keep it in moderation? I just always end up smoking two blunts of headies with friends and I'm just too slow for that shit
  13. Mr. November

    Mr. November Senior Member

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    Hah yeah one time I bombed with my friend while he was high and drunk and he just took forever to do anything. I was more parnoid than he was hahahaha
  14. snazer

    snazer Member

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    My friend always paranoids ..-.-
  15. smokeitup

    smokeitup Elite Member

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    dont take a car to where your gonna bomb, take a bike or somethin that way u can get away from cops easier.
  16. smokeitup

    smokeitup Elite Member

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    + it causes suspicion and cops are more likely to harrass you if your the only one parked in a car park that late at night they sometimes do patrols as well.
  17. robbiepickton

    robbiepickton New Member

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    aight so im paranoid as hell right now n heres where im at... i got booked for theft and the cop searched me and found slaps in my coat with my throw n hand on em. I slipped when he asked if it was my shit n said yes.. so now hes got flicks of my stickers that he plans to send off to the local graff officer and said if theres any of it around the city im gettin charged. would they be able to make that association between the slaps and anything out on the streets? considering that they would be the exact style... i would need to be able to disassociate myself from the shit out on the streets...
  18. jack666

    jack666 Member

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    @robbie you should just have said its was not your shit ....
  19. B-36

    B-36 Senior Member

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    paranoia is what keeps you from getting busted
  20. aaesoo

    aaesoo Senior Member

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    take some benzos, you'll have balls of steel. liquor coke and meth work well too from what i understand.

    that or just get over it.

    and robbie you're fucked if you already told a pig it was your shit. especially if it's the same style. only thing you could do now is get rid of all the evidence you have, and when the cops find your shit around town say you were confused by the cops question. like say you thought he wanted to know if the sticker's belonged to you, not if they were made by you. if they ask you who made them then just shut the fuck up, like you shoulda done in the first place.