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Being Paranoid?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by "Jedi", Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. Loz emlintio

    Loz emlintio Senior Member

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    Two Fridays ago, i was stoning with my two mates;
    One of them dresses chavy and the other one's like into Punk whatever...

    So anyway, we picked up from town, went in to try and buy some paint, but we managed to wrack some instead for tagging back home. So we went back to my Punk mate's house, had a few bifftas, then my chavy mate and i went out tagging "Anarchy" for the Punk dude, lol. SO we went bombing around every bus stop in our small town. And my goal was to complete 25 Anarchy tags. -managed to get 23 in the village and 3 in town before i went back.

    Around the 20th tag we did, going around in a circle back to where we started, my mate hit this open spot next to lidle and he got paranoid to fuck whilst I was watching him do it, aswell as keeping an eye out for pigs. He got the spooks straight away, he had to go over it twice and fucked it up. But there wasn't anyone or any cars anywhere, he came back and said, "I swear I just heard a car drive behind me", I said "gimme the paint and smoke another Doobie!"

    It was a sweet spot, shame his paranoia got the best of him.

    P.S. Managed to get this sweet spot in Tesco carpark. lol, i see it everytime i go there to help my mother with the shopping.

    Kaos x
  2. Aces One

    Aces One Senior Member

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    Listen to what Mekr4 is saying on the first page if you're having paranoia problems. I got shitloads of paranoia but not for just graffiti. im getting beter with the graffiti because ive been doing it late at like 1-2 in the AM while no one is around and you just get used to the feeling of spraying on a wall. i went out the other day to this bridge and just threw up a couple of funky lookin skulls with my friends. it was about noon and three chicks walked by us while doing it. (two of them walked by again later and said "i thought i smelled fresh paint" it was neat....?) and the other chick was like "thats so illegal" and i just said "your illegal" and kept painting. (i no, makes no sense but whatever, gets the chills off of you).
    it also helps get out of your paranoia if your with a friend or two.

    Also the other day, i was ridin back home from my friends house at about 1:30 am, and i had some paint markers, i was riding across this bridge and there was a perfect sign, but there was a pair of headlights about 200 feet away...i thought maybe i should just wait, i dunno why, i could do it, so what if someone sees me, but whatever. it ended up it was a fucking pig....what are the chances huh? im suprised he didnt pull over and talk to me about curfue, imagine if i was writing all over the sign...but this is what i was thinking of when mekr4 was saying stuff about your instincs on the first page...hes right
  3. eulo-partylenin

    eulo-partylenin Member

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    sorry lots of typos. be smart dont trip on every thing that you see
  4. newera

    newera Member

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    i think everyone who starts writing is very paranoid at the begining. i was too when i started then as the days went by i bombed infront of people walking by me. then i quit for 2 years and started again andf was scaered to even tag a lil sign with a marker. i soon got over it and thats that
  5. TAGurIT

    TAGurIT Senior Member

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    i dont bomb i tag but the first time i was parnoid as shit but ppl dont really give a shit. im more confident now that i started.
  6. skub

    skub Member

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    this thread is full of 13 year old kids that are more scared of there parents then the police, gonna get grounded from halo 2? hahaha.

    honestly if a bystander sees you, what the fuck is he gonna do, tell you to stop?

    the only thing i'm worried about when i go out is cops, but even if a cop sees you its to late, you can easily out run them if there in a car.

    you guys watch to much cops, the police dont always catch up to the bad guy.
  7. Rambo

    Rambo Member

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    Im very paranoid like when im walking on a bush track going to some walls im gonna hit, The balls rattle right while walking past someone.
  8. graffiti_is_crime

    graffiti_is_crime Banned

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    I did some shit that was not Legal, and o my fucking god
    i coudlnt sleep. (thats why i went to legal graff)
    Anyways i went all over Town to my tags and painted over em
    My way of facing the guilt.
    Laff if u will
  9. Chulo

    Chulo Senior Member

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    i dont c why u would do graff if its just gonna be all legal, the main reason for graffiti partialy was to spit in the face of "The Man". but in the end u gon do what eva u want.........^^^^^^(it's a cop)
  10. EsKoNeR!!

    EsKoNeR!! Elite Member

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    being paranoid is something that comes with starting to write graffiti. at the beginning, it can bug you because as you begin to paint a spot, your can control is shit, and as your painting, you see your piece start to look like shit, and you begin to get even more nervous because your trying to fix what is going wrong. (if that made no sense sorry)
    but as you write more and more, the paranoia begins to go away as you begin to paint faster and better. the butterflies you get help push you however to paint quicker, bigger, and better.
  11. -Sole-

    -Sole- Senior Member

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    For real...the only way to get over the "paranoid" feeling is to just go out and tag, bomb, whatever the hell you want to call it. Yeah its also good to keep your pants tight like somebody else said incase you gotta run and you dont trip all over yourself. and just be confident for real....cant let anybody stop you from doin what you need/want to do.
  12. m3ssagexinxbl00d3

    m3ssagexinxbl00d3 Member

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    Im only paranoid when im by myself. When im with other people im not paranoid at all. The thing that scares me is like ill hit a tag and then like a second later a cop will roll by. Usually after somthing like that happens i will be really paranoid.
  13. CanOx

    CanOx Member

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    I dunno..i went out defacing property with aerosol paint last night (im not gonna call it tagging, because it was a desecration) for my first time, ever. And I was by myself
    I wasnt really paranoid at all..yea i was lookin over my shoulder and stuff but really i was fine
    I remember stepping up to the first wall..and my heart start pumping a little faster, but it was just fun after that
    spraying walls, getting a rush and running away lol
    maybe its because i live in a nice area

    and for the be more afraid of junkies beating the shit out of me, than anything the cops could do
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2007
  14. meetermaid

    meetermaid Elite Member

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    me too, i'm scared witless to go out alone at night, not because of cops and getting caught, but because of random shitheads, although i live in a pretty nice area i'm still hella paranoid. i'm not too comfortable around people in the first place, but at night alone.. fahgettaboutit.
  15. sxiz

    sxiz Member

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    if you feel paranoid about bombing in a certain area try calling the cops from a nearby public phone if possible and say:
    there is a bunch of thugs with spray paint and they are spraying this wall "insert address here" and i think it may turn violent.... more bullshit and hang up if they ask for a name or give em a fake one. See how long it would take for the cops to get there then practise untill you are quick enough to bomb good before someone else calls the cops on you! simple and effective but only works near a public phone
  16. _Slur_

    _Slur_ Senior Member

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    I cover myself up so no one can see me, but I got some music that gets rid of my paranoia but then the rush kicks in. But I dont think theres anything wrong with being paranoid, you need to have that so you dont get caught, if ya feel ya shouldn't do it dont.

    Be smart.
  17. Hose

    Hose Senior Member

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    ^^^ music works but sometimes it could be bad cause you wont be able to hear somone creepin on you

    but really if somone sees you writing or bombing w/e your doing think about it logicaly they cant really do anything to you themselves, and its not like most people would have t balls to like grab you or something.. and if they do do something dip the fuck out and if they call the cops or say there going to your gunna be out of there by the time the cops come just tell them to fuck themselves and leave..

    and like many other people said dont be like too cocky and over confident... cause your luck will run out eventually..
  18. aefx-one

    aefx-one Member

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    Just hit up chill spots alot until you get better(Creeks etc) where nobody really goes, practice running and hoping fences
    you can listen too music but don't blast it cause if someone does come you can't hear...
    its good to be a little paranoid just don't overdue it
  19. ENES.ONE

    ENES.ONE Senior Member

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    just this friday we went bombing.. and we hadda run at elast 3 times.. the ppl i was bombing with were completley in a carefree attitude, but werrywhere we went there were pigs.. if we ran three times, dont u think we should just called it quits, and there was like a lil wine festival that night.. raising the activity of pigs.. it was tha hottest night that night.. but wut do u think, running three times and keep painting or run three times and just head home for the night??
  20. littlejohni

    littlejohni Senior Member

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    I woulda just went to another area to paint. i dont know where your from but in detroit theres a fuck load of places to paint outside of the city. We have this river festival thing going on the next few weekends downtown, therefore we stay away from the city, and most major junctions/on-off ramps of the highway and be alrite... common sense i geuss.