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Best Getaways - Chase Stories

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by -->MaNiK1<--, Oct 17, 2004.

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  1. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    i know wat u mean
  2. SNOW-631-

    SNOW-631- Member

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    ok this happened maybe like 2 montghs ago but i just like remember and my friend climbed onto the roof of a skool near my house,it was like 2-3 in the morning and like there were no cars. so i start doing this handstyle on the roof and like i see this white care start circling the skool im like a shit a cop but it turns out it was skool security. so im like i gotta get outta here and i get down from the roof and hide behind a dumpster. my friend was still on the roof though when the car parked a security guard got out and he was like really fat so i just like bolted accross the parking lot and got accross the street and i start walking around the skool and then i see my friend and im like yo where were u and turns out he actually jumped off the roof, but w/e i hid my cans in a bag and put them behind a bush and got them the next day.. the thing is they wiprd my Half handstyle off within the next 2 days. so im like shit but it was a great adventure
  3. NiL

    NiL Elite Member

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    If he was drunk you definatly could ahve taken him...Just punch him strait in the nose and push him on the ground, his eyes would ahve watered and he woudlnt be abel to see, that or push him infront of a car...Now theres an idea.

    I bet you where thinking of all the things you could have done after you left. Its called the french staircase or something?

    Yup... [/b][/quote]
    Haha yeah I spose but even if he was sober like fuck that man you just don't do that to girls maybe a few yellling fights here and there but not fucking throw them out a door physical abuse in anyway. But than again if a girl did that to a man it's okay (Which is fucking bullshit). I bet you could be getting slapped by a girl and you defend your self in some way by pushing her off you or something and you will get arrested for abuse or sexual assault.
  4. esso-two

    esso-two Member

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    never been chased, if you dont run the police arent going to come up and handcuff you straight away, and writers arent proper criminals in the eyes of a lot of people (thanks to banksy in england tbh) if the piece is good, colourful and not offensive. If the policeman is an arsehole just say that you will repaint the wall to its original colour. then dont
  5. kila

    kila Senior Member

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    Ok. there was this huge ass long wall by the lake and me and my friend decided to tag any ways make a long story short you can see the wall perfectly when you come around this bend and we ddin't know. i saw white blue and red ligts flashing and i was like oh shit! and my friend and i took off and then we saw like 4 cops driving all around lloking for us while we hid out in some woods. then later that night we went back and i was looking around and i knew i smelled bacon somwhere and then i saw a pig by the bend and i was oh shit and we ran to the woods again. then the next day we went back to finish without any problems seeing the oink oiks.!(pigs=oinks)
  6. zamp

    zamp New Member

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    i was doing an outline during the day behind a local resturant. a old man comes out to take out the trash, looks at me says "hey! what do you think your doing?" i look at him and say "nothin'" hes like "oh ok, im sorry!"

    haha nowhere near close but i thought it rather funny
  7. Mr.Sars

    Mr.Sars Senior Member

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    Hanging about wae SheOne, aye?

  8. yung-wun

    yung-wun Member

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    the closest one i had was when a friend and i went to go do a piece on this wall that was on a hill over looking a main street.this spot was chill. well anyways we were doing our piece when i neighborhood dog started barking.the dog barked for a good 10 mins. so i told my friend."bro lets get out of here, i feel a lil uneasy wit that dog". then all of a sudden two cops speed by, thats when i almost shat myself cuz they turn on the street on the other side of that hill. so we take off in the other direction when we here the heart stopped cuz the bushes started to move. then out of no where a f**kin coyote comes out.i f**kn booked it. and then i found out the cops werent even near us.
    but what explains the cbs i heard?
  9. -waze1-

    -waze1- New Member

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    this happened about a month ago me and one of my boys went bombing at a skool we finishing up and walking away my boy yells out tht there someone coming by this time he was over the tall fence i hop it qwik as fuck but my shrit gets got on the tip and had to funken tear it after all tht he says he was bullshittin there was noone
  10. FALLIN1

    FALLIN1 Member

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    me and my boy where going to hit up the 5th floor of a parking garage when a pig pulls up. he saw us in the stair well and is trying to bust us. i say lets jump acrost to another roof (its like 5 feet but it like a 10 foot drop) and my boy is like fuck it just go dowm the stairs but i jump land(you got to roll) and tell him to get his ass down now. the pig calls for back up and they look for us for a long ass time and were just chillin on the roof. the hard part is getin back over we had to climb up about 20 feet and jump back to the other side it was fucking crazy man we got the fuck out of there and i havent gone back to tag it yet.
  11. DaGrub

    DaGrub New Member

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  12. Malicious artist

    Malicious artist Senior Member

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    Long story short i was with my friend back when i first started, doing a throw on this store and he had just finished. It was winter we had bags on, it was madd cold, alot of cloths on to , not to mention my dad was away so we were blazing mad dro in my house so we were all ripped. So he tell me to chill so i finish up, and this guys on the phone in a bathrobe outside his house. sayign ehs calling the poolice. WE rannn sooo fast with all this shit on us running threw madd shit, hidding, etc. we saw like 6 cops some going fast soem going slow. In that area there was a graffiti problem lately so they were trying to catch people. Yah we ran for 45 minutes, go home, felt like shit.. it was mad fun though :ph34r: fuck the police (only bitch ones lol)
  13. PanDEMIC

    PanDEMIC Senior Member

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    one time me and the crew went to hit up this train yard (when we got there we realized that we couldnt reach most of the freights cuz there were ditches on both sides of them and they look way smaller from a distance). we eventually found a freight car that we could actually reach so we each did a piece and everything was going fine and we were totally chill untill we heard a car pull up on the other side of the train. we see mad bright headlights and we hear a cb. we shat ourselves. we had to weve through like five trains as fast as we could. i just ducked under them while my stupid ass friends climbed through the opening in between the cars and made a shit ton of noise. by the time we got all the way through the trains we saw a cop with a flashlight running toward us and yelling. we had to squeeze underneath a barbed wire fence to get away. by the time we got under the fence the cop was about 6 feet away from us on the other side of the fence and he was too fat to get under it so we just ran back to the car and took off. and that was it. luckily we all had ski masks and bandanas on so he didnt see our faces.
  14. Tagger101

    Tagger101 Senior Member

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    This was about three days ago: Me and Two of my freinds were out tagging and we just started a throw up on the side of a building and one of my freinds when to go see if there was any cash in this car. The doors were locked but the light came on. A guy came out of the building we were doing and said "Anything I can help you with" in a nice voice. Once he saw we were graffitiing his building and trying to steal shit outt of his car he said " ANYTHING I CAN HELP YOU WITH FAGETS" so we all booked it and one of my freinds went the other way with the guy chasing him. He ran for about three blocks and the guy called him a fucking little prick. (my friend gets pissed when people say shit like that) He turned around and and was almost face to face with him. He cracked the guy in the side of his face and the guy dropped (guy was about twenty two--my friend:fifteen) when he got back to my place (me and my other friend were there already) he was missing his shoes so we went to get him in our freinds car. we saw the guy talking to the smoking a cigarete and talking to the cops. We never got to finish our Throw up
  15. Special_K

    Special_K Senior Member

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    A few weeks ago i was just starting a fill in, in some alley and a 5/0 just happended to look right at me while he was passing by in a car. since he still had to cross 3 lanes an park the car to get at me i had enough time to grab my shit and run. After about 45 seconds i couldn't find a spot to hide so i jumped into a dumpster. i could hear the cop running by and i think he might even have check behind the dumpster i was in.
    That shit was pretty gross. I waited for about 5 minutes and got to my bike, pedaled my ass home and took a LOOOONNNGGGG shower.
  16. C-money fresh!

    C-money fresh! Elite Member

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    bull shit they have hellcopters chasing innocent crack fiends all the time on cops
  17. Flash_One

    Flash_One Elite Member

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    ive never been chased or caught.. :ph34r:
  18. Eh Mang  I Can't Feel My Face.

    Eh Mang I Can't Feel My Face. Senior Member

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    Then either your just starting, You don't bomb or a supergeniuss with gps on all the pig cars an you monitor them with a lil eye peice an you can see through walls with infrared an an invisibility cloak. One of those EVERY bomber i know has at least been chased a few times.
  19. Eh Mang  I Can't Feel My Face.

    Eh Mang I Can't Feel My Face. Senior Member

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  20. s0bar

    s0bar New Member

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    my getaway story.. well not really getaway but i was on my old elementry school roof doing a piece just finished with the fill when 2 cops flashed me with thier flashlights and there was no way to get away cant explain it but no way at fucking all plus my girlfriend was right below basicly beside the cop so i couldnt just leave her and run so anyways i come down they take me to the car ask me a couple questions blah blah blah turns out they didnt even see me doin anything they just thought i was goofin around on the roof, i just dont understand why atleast one of them didnt see the spray can in my hand plus me puttin the paint back in my bookbag it was pretty damn weird but either way they just let me go home it was pretty damn weird :blink: