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Best Getaways - Chase Stories

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by -->MaNiK1<--, Oct 17, 2004.

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  1. G - Wahl

    G - Wahl Elite Member

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    you're not a very good boyfriend if you leave your girlfriend sitting on the floor while your on a roof painting..


    The other night I went out bombing, I threw up a bomb, on a very heated street. Once I put up the outline, I stepd back and thought to myself " Should I do a fill? " But I decided not to becuase I didnt want to to waste my paint..So I threw my can in my back pack and starting walking, before walking 10 feet, a Cop drove by..If I would have done with fill, he would have easily seen me. Lady Luck was on my side that night..
  2. i aint buffin

    i aint buffin Senior Member

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    i got 2 cop live on both sides of me.

    ok this one day i was bombing a highway sound barrier and then a cop came and started to pointing his gun at me and my friend.and the cops like WTF ARE U DOING GET ON THE and my friend were like wtf is your problem man..``WERE DOING COMMUNITY SERVIS'' and i told him the cops name who lives next to me that hes my probation officer.. im so lucky the cop knew who the cop was that i told him..
    after we told hime he just walked off and went to duty and i think he belived us because we were putting a primer down to make our pieces there lol..i got realy fucken lucky
    and i finnished the piece lol
  3. anarchy

    anarchy Elite Member

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    OMG this one time, i ran from a cop.

  4. jm one

    jm one New Member

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    due thats so dumb if you jump off two stories yull brack a bone not keep on runing
  5. minor crimes

    minor crimes Elite Member

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    The first time me and Nelly Furtardo did a panel together listening to a remixed version of Promiscuous Girl by me called, Promiscuous Vandal....

    We didn’t even hear the guards coming, but Retardo busted out some whack shit and got the guards dancing. Then the lights of the trains starting flashing like one of those clubs and there was a bit of a wet t-shirt competition happening with the fat guard and Furtardo, the fat guard won…..

    Then like 5-0 pulled up so we all ran, and smoked cones for the rest of the night...

    True story, I also fucked Furtardo a few times, although I thought I was fucking a 12 year old for sometime there.

    Me and 50 were in the yard once trying to smoke a spliff and I had 3 bitches and he had 2 bitches and I was like, yo 50's bitches get on my dick... and they were like "Yo 50 yo dick short... We go chill with Sonny" and I be like "Yo 50 what up bitches don't like ya short dick" and he be startin on some G unit shit and telling me how he doesnt want this to go down like him and The Game.... So I'm like yo got ya 6's g'ed up I got my colt 45's g'ed up... Russian Mafia style dun fuck with it small times fitty bitch...
    He be like respect and shit I be like it's cool and then we paint a panel, that nigguah did some whack g unit shit anyway seccys coming down so I pull out my 45 and 50 with his 6's and the seccys bring us choc milkshakes and 50 be going off the hook like "Nigguah I havent had a choc milkshake since I was a kid.... This shit be banging"... Pretty Memorable night.......

    Me and Michael Jackson were chilling trackside and watchin the workers do there thing, so we like getting rocks and piffing it at their shit cause they told us to fuck off... So Jacko was like fuck that, I rip a Billie Jean on their asshole and his like throwing rocks and shit at the machinery and he hits em and I be like "Billi Jean Nigguah" and the Horns on the machinery be going off and I be like "Yo hard Michael YO HARD!"
    That night Michael was like, Yo sonny I wanna show these bitches whats up Brooklyn style, so he jumps into their van and starts putting shit in his tricycle boot and be like "we rich... we RICH..." I be like yo yo g g... He come back with driver bag and coats and vests and shit I be like "Use this in yo video clip...." He did or some shit I dunno....

    This other time I was with LL Cool J and LL be on the DL and I was on the UPL and then he be spittin on some whack UPS shit so I was like fuck that... So we start smashing the insides mad tight hard and ink be flying outta me mop all over me Wu-Tang Platnium bling bling G-Unit kicks and pants and shit and ink be going all over me Pharell Williams Billionaire Bitch fag clothes and I be poppin ma colar with ma Polo and shit be going mad ill... We get off and shit and tags be all on the insides and ya see it roll off and shit be mad ill....

    The first time I handed 50 an otr he was like "Yo sonny this a dildo or some shit" I be like, nah but we use the ink of yo mummma bitch, bit of her juice... Stain hard... He be like "stay off my mumma sonny..."
    I be like "Yo I'm yo dad bitch!" he be like " G UNIT!" 50 was straight up yo this marker be dodge like The Game, I be like I know.. I be telling em hit it with the temperas but they aint be listening.... I'm telling em don't be fillin up with blacktops that shit takes ages to dry yo don't want the buff getting to shit fast...... He be like "S UNIT" I be like yeah boi...
  6. minor crimes

    minor crimes Elite Member

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    Grave Dig...

    Here enjoy this...

    The other day me and 50 caught up with eazy e and fucking rolled in some tunnels pieces out chased some kids chilled got some shit to eat....

    So while we sitting there eating im like fuck this lets go do some run-ups....

    We catch the train down to the run up spot, go to the bridge where we hide in and wait for the train to pull in... Train pulls in, we are on other side (fuck) can't be fucked we notice some cunts have slashed 50's piece so we chuck up a few gerns and death threats and for em to chuck up real tags if they wanna beef..... We go onto other side and eazy gets on the top of the bridge watching out for anybody walking across/cops etc etc...

    Train pulls in and we start running beside it hahaha the drivers on the horn like a fucker, we remember its only a 3 car and we are going to have to run like a bitch if we want to hit it. I'm running and my mates like "Nah fuck that" and I'm like "fuck it we already been spotted" so we get onto it, his sitting there like a bitch for say 2-3 minutes we hit the fuck out of it destroy windows/top/bars... Im riding on it till it nearly gets out of the station and I jump onto the platform run back to the bridge we chill out...

    We wait for next train and catch it back to where we are going to go off, fucking we notice our trains still sitting there hahahha fuckers can't run a train that they cant see out of! So we walk over check it out and I whip the camera out and flick it.... Well does the mother fucking driver run like a bitch, he starts running towards us the guy gets on his phone fucking met guards on the other platform.

    So we fucking bolt, hitting all these Asians and shit and we run and run and run....

    Keep running, as we are running to the other station through all these back streets my mate lights up a ciggy and once we get there we get the train home.

    I thought I should post something that had a bit of action, it was memorable because in my life of doing run ups I have never had to run so hard from the station…
    Most of our run ups are really planned out, we will work out the number of carriages we can hit etc, but this wasn’t a spot I usually hit… It was good to see all the emos check out the crushed back hahaha they loved it and so did we.
  7. yung-wun

    yung-wun Member

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    these are by far the best :rolleyes: <_< even though 50 a bitch

    BAPKEB Senior Member

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    my only getta way story is when one night me and my friend went out tagging with markers it was like 12 am and we have a curfew in rancho cordova at 10pm so we were out past curfew we were walking towards the lightrail station and a cop starts into the parking lot we were walking in so my friend drops his marker and we run a block away and hide in some construction equipment we left 10min later
  9. LilTripEihtNine

    LilTripEihtNine Member

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    not really tag related but still a good story. i was wit my chicc in the hoopty and we parked cause we were gon go to a park n blaze. newayz, as soon as we stop a cop pulls up n my chicc panicd n started up the car like she was gon run, so now we just look even more suspicious. well the cop gets out and asks for our names n our b-days n we tell him the truth cause we aint done shit yet. well he tells me to get out the car so i do. n im scared cause i got my pacc of zigs, a blacc n mild, a lighter, an 8 of sum dodo, my knife, a pill case, n bout 200$ in my poccets. well he starts grabbin at my pants and grabs at my poccet n he could hear the bag the 8 was in. he says "whats that?" i go "its my money c look" n i pull out a 10. well he starts to reach for my poccet so bam im off runnin down the street n both my shoes fly off. (wasnt plannin on runnin so i dint have em laced up) cop comes chasin after me. well i go runnin to where theres a drop of like 2 feet onto some roccs, i jump off and land but its dark so he just runs off n im not bullshittin you, mutherfuccer just face plants that ho. so i book into the woods n start ditchin all my shit. well i stop in the woods but i can c my house so i call my sis on my cell n tell her im in shit. then woop woop here come 4 cop cars rollin up on my crib so im fucced n take off runnin hunched over hopin they dont c me n head bacc into the woods n bounce into the next neighborhood, go down the street, n dive under a van n start callin people to come get me n give me a ride out the area. well im there for bout 20 min when my cell goes off n its my sis n she says the cop fucced himself up fallin so im wanted for assault on an officer n that the cops were goin to get choppers n dogs. n sure nuff here come that chopper wit the spot lite lookin round but i feel safe under the van. well since im in someones driveway, wont u know my lucc, someone pulls up n shines their lites on me. i get out from under the van n put my hands up cause its nite n i dont want them to shoot me thinkin im sum intruder or something. but they go in reverse so i dash to the rite n start puttin shit n between me n them n dive under a picc up n they keep goin n turn the corner so i get up and dash in the opposite direction they went in. n im runnin n i can see the chopper over the hood next to me wit its spot lite n im prayin it dont turn n look at me. well i dive under an escalade n my homeboy calls sayin that since the cops knew who i was i had to turn myself in, so he picced up my mom n then took me to the substation. well they were coo wit me n just gave me "evading arrest" class b misdemeneor... yeah i gotta go to court for that in january
  10. gcrolla

    gcrolla Elite Member

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    sounds like alot of bullshit. how would the cops know where your house is so quickly and show up there and already talk to your friends and have choppers and dogs and then end up not getting charged for what they said you did.
  11. LilTripEihtNine

    LilTripEihtNine Member

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    i gave em my name when he asked cause i dint know he was gon tell me to get out the car n i only live right down the street. n i had only been 17 for bout a week, which is an adult in texas, so they dint count my juvenile stuff so it was like a first offense. i almost got the assault on an officer cause his dumbass fell but they dropped that
  12. EGO31

    EGO31 Elite Member

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    be stealthy like me never looked at never bothered
  13. minor crimes

    minor crimes Elite Member

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    this one time this rabbit chased me because it saw me doing a tag on a bus stop n it kept chasing me n i was like omg this rabbit is chasin me. it was like the scaryest thing ever <_<
  14. NosE2

    NosE2 Elite Member

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    minor crimes you got the best stories haha
  15. snap_pxc

    snap_pxc Senior Member

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    haha yeah, and eazy's dead..........
  16. snap_pxc

    snap_pxc Senior Member

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    paintin a couple throwies at a hockey rink by my house, u know where the players sit when they are waitin to go on wut ever.
    right before i finish my last outline some guy comes running out onto the ice yelling at me - "HEY HEY WTF R U DOING", he slips and falls on his ass and i jst dip thru a little gap between the fence and the boards, ran like hell
    got to a building about 30 yards away haha, painted another throwie and i was on my way
  17. slick dick willy

    slick dick willy Senior Member

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    :lol: ....was hittin a dumpster in the daylight , when i was done i didn't
    notice this dude in a truck just a couple feet way, when i noticed him i ran
    by his truck that was peeping my tag, I ran down the street lookin for a alley.
    when i look back this dude is on me and trys to block my path with his car, i
    quickly dodged that, and ran around the corner to this lot full of RVs, trying to
    lose him with all the RVs in there.I didn't feel like climbing fences cause i was
    out of breath, but I ran back to the sidewalk when i was doing that i saw him
    on his cell phone lookin for me, yeah ran outta there while holdin my Fuzz One
    book on me
  18. T_R_O_N

    T_R_O_N Senior Member

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    one time i was chilling with cope and JA then the cops chased us and i woke up making this fradulant account of me hanging out with some NYC kings....yeah son mad chase story.
  19. Natural Mystic

    Natural Mystic Member

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    i was at this building on the roof where its usually deserted with a wall blocking so no one can see kinda like a balcony, just did a freehand 2 add to the other 50 that were there, some lady comes up on a latter just as i finished and says "umm i woudnt od that the owner is right behind me" extra loud so he could hear it, i walked down calmly back into the building 2 tell my friends we needed to get the fcuk out of there and the owner is asking the lady about the graff, he got on the phone with the cops or was about to he grabbed me un expectantly and i waited about 5 sec calmly then booked it down this alley of stairs and he came flying down with me cept on his ass haha sucks for that dude
  20. dxtreme

    dxtreme Senior Member

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    Well not really a getaway but one time I used to live in a projects community and they had garages that were rented out to people. Behind the garages was a huge forest and there were the backwalls of the garages. I was starting graff at this time, this was like 2 years ago. Well anyway all my friends had to act like dicks and they all wanted to see me bomb. The place was deserted totally. It was sunday and a mexican worker came by like 30 mins later and he said you writing? He said what your write? Then he showed me his Black book no kidding! Then he let us go. All he said was do not go writing on peoples houses or offices in the projects. The graffiti writing janitor/community cleaner. :D