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Best Getaways - Chase Stories

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by -->MaNiK1<--, Oct 17, 2004.

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  1. DiStOrTiOn

    DiStOrTiOn Senior Member

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    so you think......
  2. K91

    K91 Member

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    me and my friend we were at one of those storage place in day light and i was the look out til my friend finished his but it didnt work out as planed. this van pulled up and i run down to get my friends attention and im trying to scream loud but silent as possible(dont know if that makes cence to u) (mean while the guy in the van is on his cell phone calling someone )i cant get his attention so i book it into these weeds right next to this place and im chillen there for like 15mins and i still dont know were hes at so i get up and look over this hill and hes know where to be found and i thought he f**king got caught its over but he walked over to our bags and ran into these woods and we found each other and we got the f**k out of there asap it got buffed the nxt day so we really never got to see wat it looked like and i never got to do mine but its all good cuz it makes a GREAT story!!! :) :)
  3. FALIN1

    FALIN1 Member

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    today me and my boy jest where hiting some trains and we where thare for a long ass time. when where walking back to my house this random ass dude it a 4x4 raced up on us so we ran into the woods. i ran sight into a big a thoren bush i fell on my ass and it riped me all up i was bleeding all over the place and i got up ran to find my freind we got to this place where all thes trees are blocking the trail ran through the hills got to a road and then had to walk 3 miles back to my house around a big ass junkyard. its gay i han to ditch all my gear because the cops where out and about and they whould stop us for having a backpack and we both had our cameras with pics of all our shit we just did. so now i have to go back to get my shit and hope a fucking bum didn't grab it.
  4. FALIN1

    FALIN1 Member

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    got my bag lastnight and hit some trains with my boy and his girl thats one lucky man his girl writes
  5. minor crimes

    minor crimes Elite Member

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    if i had to ditch my bag i would take the camera and my bag n jst empty out wat i didnt need. coz i only got one bag n a camera is something like taht cant be replaced if its a certain model thats not on the market or something if u get what i mean. in other words its worth more to my then paint
  6. FALIN1

    FALIN1 Member

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    thats what we did shit the cameras are new we diched the paint and all the shit we could get in deep shit with(paint markers resparater box of gloves shit like that)
  7. sectra

    sectra Member

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    ever heard of parkour? freerunning?

    trust me, from experiance, if its excecuted properly, doesn't hurt a bit/cause injury... doing all the flips...guess who????
  8. EGO31

    EGO31 Elite Member

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    i was looking for this thread sick found it!
  9. peng.2

    peng.2 Senior Member

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    fuck yeh, i live in S.A. and hellicopters are alway patrolling
    its a risky to do billboards or even walk around at late night
  10. ELITE

    ELITE Senior Member

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    Me n my mate (Search1) went to this gig at a school, took some cans and markers with us.
    First mare, we go to the toilet, lock ourselves inthe cubicle and go to town wil markers all over the walls.
    While we are in there three big people (belonging to the school) walk in. We wait quietly til one shouts 'oi hurry up in the toilet'.

    We count to three and then dash past em. They didnt say anything, probs assumed we were snorting coke or having gay sex lol.

    Then while we are walking around this teacher comes up to us with a security guy and asks us to leave, (we had also been messing around a bit etc n being quite loud).
    Ran back inside the hall.
    After about 10-15 mins we walk back out and go to some car park thing. Search gets out his can and starts doin a big tag on the wall. im keepin an eye out. Then some guy starts shouting 'omg theyre doin grafitti, hey everyone!'

    We dashed. There are some police hangin around outside the school, so we walk out all casual. The teacher who asked us to leave was there, but didnt see us walk out.

    Eventually we catch up with some people wh we were with earlier on in the night, who are being cautioned by the police at the time for underage drinking.

    While we are waiting with em, the woman writing up their details's radio goes 'Two boys have been causing a nuisance at st.albans boys school,we'llrequire a squad car'.

    Then we walked back to the station and went home, doin a few tags on the way.

    And that was how we spent out friday night, everything was more funny than it sounds as we were under the influence
  11. REMOoneSF

    REMOoneSF Senior Member

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    when i went racking the security undercover nigguh started running after me so he stopped and i guess he called the cops cause in like 2 minutes there were like 5 cop cars just circling the colma area and i hid in a bush HAHAH :D
  12. acidconceptone

    acidconceptone Senior Member

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    okay. so here it goes. so im tagging up the window of some mafia-run night club (which had ALOT of windows but i was hitting the door window) just with a black OTR nothign serious. so i see the owner FLYING towards me. i book it but he was already at the door! i was like "oh shit" and before i knew it the mother fucker tackled me! he was telling someone to get the cops here. i was squirming trying to over power the big fucker and eventually i found myself free. did i run? hell no i lost the lid to my otr! so im RUNNING IN TRAFFIC looking for it and some guy is talking to me and sees the cops and points them in my direction oh shit right? so i run behind this store and behind a van to find the alley is BOARDED UP. so i run PAST THE COP CAR and they grab me. i started being nice to them after that. this is more like the story of how i ripped my pants than anything.

    how the fuck did i not get charged? im a g! straight goods!
  13. Hyphy

    Hyphy Senior Member

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    i dont have any getaway stories cause im that slick :p
  14. m3ssagexinxbl00d3

    m3ssagexinxbl00d3 Member

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    well me and my friend were doing throws on this wall under this bridge on the train tracks and then we see these two dudes so we ran up this hill and on to the street . then we went down the same hill but on the other side of the bridge and run past the train station. we ran through some streets and then we saw the guys again by this school but people were around. we thought they werent going to do anything so we walk towards the school next to it and chill like at this play ground and then they popped out of the woods and robbed us.
  15. EGO31

    EGO31 Elite Member

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    thats not a chase story......
  16. EazL 113

    EazL 113 Member

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    okay..this happened a few weeks ago..there's this old dog-food factory/warehouse/whatever with no security cams or anything so my friend and i went back there and i put up a piece and some throwies and he put up some random we go back the next day after school to look at it..all his shit's buffed and mine was left up so i'm like "i guess they just don't give a shit" two days later that thursday me and like four other friends met up there but i was a lil late so they parked in front of a warehouse beside friend and i pulled up around 9 and looked at a building with a light shining from inside it so we freak out momentarily..then we were like fuck them and parked there we ran to the gate that let into the parking lot of the warehouse and i pieced again right beside the other piece i did i got finished and tagged every building on the way back to my truck when we see a police car pull up slowly so we ducked into a ditch and then looked by the cars...some fucker called the cops on us..there were two cop cars sitting right by my car so i chunked my paint into the ditch after takin my caps off and stuck my hands into my pockets (my dumbass self forgot gloves) and they cops were looking into my truck and my friends car..then walked up to us and said "Is there a reason you guys are back there so late at night??" and my friend said "Well my friends and i were looking for my dog.."
    "Well it takes five of ya'll to look for a dog?..why didn't you come after school?"
    "Cuz they all work after school and i do homework..."
    "well what does the dog look like?"
    "it's a black lab..someone said they saw one around here"
    the cop looked at us funny and said "well i saw one at the church"
    "where is it at?"
    "go down that road and take a left and it's all the way to the end of the road"
    so me and my friends thanked them after the security guard told us to let them know next time..then we pulled out and went the OPPOSITE direction he told us to we split up and my friend calls us freakin out cuz the cops were following him we told him to pull into his neighborhood and they'll leave him alone..which they i look at my back seat...damned spraycans littered all over it and i'm like "damn cops are stupid"..i go home thinking i'm in the clear and go to bed..when my moms wakes me up "now explain to me what you and the cops had to talk about at the old factory?" and i'm like "shit"..turns out one of her friends told her so i got bitched at and now she won't let me get so much as a damn sharpie..
  17. dirtbiXe

    dirtbiXe Member

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    how bout someone hits up the white house?
  18. reka one

    reka one Senior Member

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    yeah how bout bombin mount rushmore too
  19. Wilt

    Wilt Senior Member

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    just last nite got chased by the garda. I was filling in on a shutter of a bookies and then I caught the car with the corner of my eye. I started running away and one of them got out of the car and the other drove after me. I ran down an alley and through a fence onto the motorway and legged it across to the shitty river and had to cross it. today I was walking up to the shopping center and saw them painting over the shutter. Bastards.
  20. Genocide

    Genocide Member

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    Mine aint that interesting and seein how I only gone out a couple times im surprized I got away. But me and my buddy went out for one of our first times and we were walkin to our spot when a cop rolled up on us and asked what we were doing. We were like we just goin to a friends house. Its like 2 in the AM so hes like bullshit and got out. We were like dude. Seriously. We called up a friend up the road and got him to convince him. I damn near shit my self. We get to the spot and bullshit light a lil fire. (We were in a tunnel) And start doin our thing. We hear yellin drop our paint grab our shit and startrunnin twoards the yellin. I catch a glimpse of the dude. SAME FUCKIN COP! So me and my boy are like your house 1 hour. He runs off to bum fucked egypt and I take a left and weave in and out of trees. Now im a fat ass like 270. I swear I ran a lmile in like 8 mins. I tak a head dive into this bush and hide. I aint here nothin so I haul ass back to my boys house. He gets there and we end up laughin our asses off. Fun night.