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Best Getaways - Chase Stories

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by -->MaNiK1<--, Oct 17, 2004.

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  1. Pharoah

    Pharoah Senior Member

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    hey why did my post get the :mad: i was just kidding
  2. fret07

    fret07 Member

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    this story shows that racist police do exist.....
    before i went out i blazed a couple spliffs then i started tagin in brick lane in east london and i done a quick tag on a shop front and i heard these two guys go "oit" so i ran round the corner as long as my lungs would let me then as soon as i stopped i saw another nice spot so i hit that aswell and then i felt my arms get twisted up my back. at first i didnt know what was happnin then i clockd it was fed. they were plane clothed. then they sed to me "if u run were gna kick u up and down the fuckin strret mate" so i sed iite i wont run. they let me go and showed me id. i took my hood off and they sed. "oh right?" we'll just take ur details and u can go but dont let us catch u doin this again and we will be taking ur cans off of u" so i agreed. then when they finished they sed to me "if u were black we would have kicked u up and down the street mate. but were descent cops so well allow u alright?" i was so shocked at this. so i went b and q racked some paint and done a hench ftp peice il get the pic and post it later.

    fret 07 aka nekel1

    !!!!!!HBS OSA FTP all day!!!!!!
  3. nero122

    nero122 Elite Member

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    where in london you at ??
  4. Spintalic

    Spintalic Member

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    This isn't as extreme as some other stories, but it did happen to me. Me and a couple friends [don't really got a crew, not enough dope writers around here] went out painting under this nice bridge at night. All lit up, no big roads, good sized walls. Seemed perfect. I was leaving some dope shit up, got about half-way done when pigs rolled up. We all ran into some woods, posted up in there for about an hour. Searchlights and shit, 2 squads over by our cars. [we were stupid as hell and left our cars like 50 feet from the walls we were doing] Eventually we moved [staying far away still], and saw the cops were gone. Huzzah, right? Wrong, me and homeboy both lost our car keys in the river nearby. We had to call up this girl who I have come to know as the greatest fucking woman alive. She swoops us up, we get our spare keys, etc... I get my car and make it home in time to see the sunrise.

    Never did finish that shit, though.
  5. fret07

    fret07 Member

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    east london hackney init were u @ then?

    fret 07 aka nekel1
  6. sactown916trainrat

    sactown916trainrat Member

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    me and my crew went to this cool spot right on the freeway(exit off ramp sing) we got up on it and did the out line(cars going by under us) and all we hear is hey!!!you freze!!look down and 2 chp cops were looking up at us. so we got off the sing and as soon as we hit ground we fucking ran to the car and jumped in, the cops chased us for fucking 5 miles til they lost us in trafic, that next night we went back and finshed that piece(its still up)
  7. Sick!

    Sick! Senior Member

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    yea me and my freinds went tagging this warehouse district in dallas and we were finish up sum bombs on the wall and this lady pulled up in her car with her window down and we saw her pull her cell fone out and dialing sum numbr. we ran and chilled at taco bell and had sum tacos.....we heard sirens go over there but they didnt do anything
  8. OriginalCin

    OriginalCin Member

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    shit...last nite was the closest i ever came to getting caught. there were some freights parked on the tracks, about 500 ft from a factory. me and a friend went up there and started to paint, then a semi drives by, (cuz there is a road that leads to teh factory) and he shines his brights on us. so we ducked down for a few minutes, then went back to painting. all of a sudden, some ass on a 4-wheeler come driving up shouting at us, lol. stupid ass me waited until he got off the 4-wheeler (my friend was GONE by then. lol) before i ran. it was cool tho, cuz i had a bandanna over my face. as soon as i get over the tracks, a cop pulled up. but he didnt know nothing about us painting, so i waved and kept walking. lol
  9. Ity

    Ity Senior Member

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    This is all a true story

    Well me and 2 other friends of mine find this train yard/ semi area. We start do our thing and i see this semi parked with no lights near it or anything. So i get the dumb idea of getting on the hood and tagging the windshield. as soon as i jump off a semi truck pulls into the lot and one of my friends just stands there in the trucks light. We start jumping over the train car connectors, then we hear a BOOM and a bright light (hes shooting flares at us). We ditch the yard and walk/jog to the truck and as soon as i shut my door a cop pulls the corner. If we were 1 minuet late we would have gotten busted.

    that my best getaway to date.
  10. ZOT

    ZOT Senior Member

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    So I was going with a friend to a big ass train yard. He bombed there before. So it was dark and shit so we walking next to the tracks, but the trains ride there day and night so when there was a trein we jumped in the bushes. So ok there was this train and we didn't noticed it because we were thinking it was the sound from the other train. This train stopped for a while
    we like wtf is going on. We run a litle back, go walk through some bushes, we see like 2 guys with flashlights.. After the train went on. We like ok lets get out of here.

    They stayed on their place cuz we were to far to see us..
  11. SnR

    SnR New Member

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    Ok i got a funny one.
    I was doing this piece on this mexican restraunt and i was rounding up my e, when this mexican dude comes out and starts yelling so im like "fuck it!" and finish.
    i start walking away when i hear stomping, so i look back and there he is running, and im like "oh shit" and start booking. so he chases me for a good block or two when all of the sudden i blackout.

    i wake up. most likly only a minute later and i feel my head and there a gash and a bump. so i get up and look down and theres this BIG fucking rock laying next to me.
    and i look back and there he is running

    i guess he thought he killed me or somthing
  12. sk8er6

    sk8er6 Senior Member

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    "hey, what the fuck do you think your doing?!"
    "your fucking wife"*finishes up last letter, rushing.
    "well im calling the cops"
    "well fuck you then"*hops over wall
  13. "Riot"

    "Riot" Elite Member

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    haha that shits class.
  14. .Lakai

    .Lakai Senior Member

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    ^yea sorry but thats pretty damn jokes. .. fuckin beaners
  15. PG_Miscreant

    PG_Miscreant Senior Member

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    shit i got yelled at by some metro faggotass ghetto guy while i was doing sum shit tonight, couple mins ago actually, he was yellin at me n i got my shit, ditched my cans n went home
    ima go back after curfew n finish what he interupted
    ill make sure to write "FUCK YOU METRO GUY!" altho he may have been sum vigilante guy
  16. .Lakai

    .Lakai Senior Member

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    ^might as well mention both then
  17. Set17

    Set17 Senior Member

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    haha mines pretty good I was running away from cops and i jumped a fence but my foot got caught and i fell over and sprained my ankle so i dragged myself under a porch and hid under there for like 3 hours..
  18. rave905

    rave905 Senior Member

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    i was doin a throw up on the highway n im like halfway thru the outline n some guy comes up n hes like "hey im callin the police" but i still finished it quick time then grabbed my bag n he like chased me for a bit but then i hopped a fence n he didnt
  19. Project Mayhem

    Project Mayhem New Member

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    Now tahts just freaking ridiculous man you're my new hero!
  20. ForOhWun

    ForOhWun Senior Member

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