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Best Getaways - Chase Stories

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by -->MaNiK1<--, Oct 17, 2004.

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  1. Cesk

    Cesk Banned

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    Ive been chased by a cop-car. But I wasnt tagging, I was just putting stickers on street signs O_O yeah you can get shit for that. So basically we were walking putting stickers then all of a sudden a cop car passes by us and turns their siren on for like 2 secs and then off and tells us to stay where we are. Obviously we were gonna since they cant do shit. So we just ran down the nearest alley they that lead us to the highway entrance so obviously they werent gonna go there. So we just put our hoodies in my bag, and went to my house. Haha.
  2. ohgawdxcarcrash

    ohgawdxcarcrash Elite Member

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    the knife was under an inch?
  3. Vagrant

    Vagrant Elite Member

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    swiss army knife?
  4. ohgawdxcarcrash

    ohgawdxcarcrash Elite Member

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    swiss army knives have blades that are 2 1/2inches long.
  5. Vagrant

    Vagrant Elite Member

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    really small one might have a 2 inch blade.. but yeah under an inch would be ridiculous.
  6. Steezer

    Steezer Member

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    this isnt realy a chase story but a funy cop story .. so me n a buncha my boys were havin a snowboard sess and it hadnt snowed at all yet my boys got like ice shavings or sumthing from ice rink ... idk how they just showed up with there car trunks lined with garage bags full of snow and anyways we were at this spot where there was sweet hill on the side of a feild so lik the top part was a bigass feild accesible by a road and the bottom was just shit u get the point so its like 2am now and we were chillen with sum 40s and a cop drives up on the feild and circles the feild lights on spot light out lookin for us cause i guess he got a call or sumthin and we just stayed put up against the side of the hill not realy hiddin but not realy in the open anyway after about n hour of circlin the feild he decides to get his lazy ass outa the car and actualy look down the side of the hill.. so he found us big deal and he didnt realize the beers or nutin i guess he was just surprized cause we had snow so he asked us were he got it and we explained and he just let us be
  7. Vagrant

    Vagrant Elite Member

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    funny cop story, snowboarding, ice shavings, yadda yadda im bored.
    i think i got to the second or third line then quit
  8. Avi

    Avi New Member

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    This shit actually happened last night.

    Alright, I was hitting up this real estate place sign, when all of sudden like 2 cops pull up , get out and start chasin' me. I still had my fucking hoodie on so that's good. I run down the block and run into some backyards and I just run into a random door, the cop was too slow to catch up with me to see me running into the door. The door happened to be a chinese restaurunt back door . I ran all the way from the kitchen, hopped the main table out front took of my hoodie dropped it in the garbage and started ordering food, the cops just passed. That shit was so fun and scary at the same time. Same with the chinese chef trying to stop me, haha. I bombrushed that bitch.
  9. Worms

    Worms Guest

    ive got a good one two or three nights ago i went bombing and i saw this bomb ass roof thatt needed to be hit so i go up bomb it and as im finishing my fancy kinda forcefeild 5 0 peaks his head over the roof(musta climbed the ladder) so i was like fuck so i took a flic while he was staring at me jumped across two rooftops and shimmied down this loose ass pipe. about a floor from the ground the pipe supports snap and i fall flat on my back onto all my cans in my bag and winded myself. after a couple minutes i got up put my hoody in my bag and booked it to some 24 hour shopping place
  10. Flitch

    Flitch Member

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    Closest thing I've had to being caught is some drunk guy yellin at me when i'm all done taggin a wall "What the hell are ya doin!?". As I'm leavin i ride my bike right past him and he just yells some more gibberish
  11. RezOner..

    RezOner.. Banned

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    So? I got shot nineteen times. Last night. And stabbed, in the heart, while in a kfc.
  12. anti-anti-crime

    anti-anti-crime Elite Member

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    i was using it earlier in the day to get all the weed i break together on my desk to roll a joint. rolled it and i guess i put it in my pocket and just forgot bout it.
  13. shalf

    shalf Senior Member

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    I only gots one good chase story, anyway I was out painting and what not as you do and as I'm working I see theres security cams across the road from me staring me in the face. Now I know there linked to the piggy station, but I also know the only police station is in the middle of town and I'm about 2 miles out of town, so I finish up and walk off in the hopes off going home chilling for half an hour then going back out anyway on the way I see a fucking police van this is literaly 2 minutes after my piece at 5 in the morning needless to sa I'm shitting and booked into these gardens and acrosss a field then ducked down off the high street I see one cop chasing me and hes nearly there, but I know the area and I remember this alley and I always though its far too small for a cop to get through with all his equipment n shit and its about 15 minutes to walk round so i old my bag out in front of me and dip as luck would have this ones a bit chubby and most deffinitely can't get through, so he says summat in his radio and I come out and run the otehr way home through the park...all inall a good night
  14. Subconcious

    Subconcious Senior Member

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    I got cought on this one, but it's still an interesting story...

    I live by this canal that goes throught he middle of my town. Theres this little state-owned building and parkinglot that the state keeps all of their canal-fixing equip./vehicles. Anyway, I climb the fence to go tag the wall behind the building. As I hop down, I see this old lady walking her dog on the other side of the canal-about 50ft. away- just staring at me. I'm like "Whatever, just a lil old lady, right?" Well before i even got the cans out, I see a piggymobile cross the bridge that led to the place I was in, so I booked it to the east end of the building where there's a tree that's easy to climb. i climb it and wait a few minutes, and since I didn't see any more pork I figured it was just a coincidence. I jump down off the tree branch and at the same exact moment, I see another cop car pull around the east corner. He was on the other side of the fernce and the south edge is the canal, so I book it to the west end of the parking lot and as soon as I get into the open, I see 4 cars and a cop booking it to meet me at the corner of the fence. I get there first and start running down the canal when I see two more cops coming up the trail to cut me off. I give up-there's no way to get out of it now- and the first cop grabs me and throws me to the ground. They take me to where they parked and no fuckiong joke... 7 FUCKING COP CARS. The old lady was there and pointing at me while talking to one of the cops. They search me and find my knife, which was legal, and my bag. They put me in the car and start asdking me about my friend that was with me... Except that i didn't have a friend with me o_O the old fucking hag said that there was two of us so the pigs are all like "Where's your friend? Oh, you were alone, huh? Is that the story you're sticking with?" I tried to tell them and one cop said "I don't beleive you." I look at him and say "that's OK. :)" and the look on his face was priceless... like he didn't think I would say anything to him... Anyway, I never got into trouble cuz' I didn't actually get anything painted and they dropped me off at my mom's work... FUCKING OLD LADIES AND PIGS!
  15. +Hoodwigga

    +Hoodwigga Senior Member

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    im telling ya old ladies and 5-0 go hand and hand
  16. Dirty SC

    Dirty SC New Member

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    theres an abandoned hospital near my hang out that i paint on alot. the security had been heightened that day on it, they put up more metal sheets blocking windows and such. my friend and i wanted to see if we could find a way back in, cause you needed to go inside to get to the roof, where we were going to do pieces later that night. we hopped over the fence, and climbed up a gutter to the top of a one story roof. we heard a brief siren, but we thought it was for someone else. we looked around for a while for a way in, and couldnt find one. we hopped down the other side of the building, and i walked across an abandoned parking lot that was visible from some apartments. two seconds after i got behind cover, i hear police radio chatter, and see the blue led light. i knew the only way out was back across the gap that i had just gotten out of. i walked back to the building we had just jumped down. he saw me, clearly. i had so much adrenaline pumping, that i jumped up the building (15 feet ish), grabbed my backpack, and jumped off the other side as he rounds the corner. we ran back to the fence, over the train tracks, and jumped down to the street. we took off our hoodies and backpacks, and took my hair out of the pony-tail. we got a snack, and came back for our stuff. it turns out there are motion sensors on the back of that hospital, so if your ever in chicago, dont go behind the abandoned hospital.

    i half assed do parkour, and take jujitsu. if some concerned citizen chased me and i couldnt get away, i'd go jujitsu on his ass.

    CANADIANA Senior Member

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    this one happened a year or two ago..
    me and another guy from a different city were hitting up warehouses in this industrial district going from one to the next...when all of a sudden this rentacop makes a hard left into the parking lot of the building we were at we were both mid fill-in so we literally dropped our cans and just started tearin it through this field and we got to a tree line and kept running...but there was this huge cliff on the other side that we didnt see and we both ran right off of was kind of funny..we were rolling down this huge muddy hill and hit the bottom and just started running again..we were laughing our asses off and tryin to run at the same time but eventually made it far enough to get away.
  18. Queezy

    Queezy Elite Member

    • Messages: 834
    • Likes Received: 2 would take him/her to the ground and submit him by doing a kimura, rear naked, guillotine, oma plata, or other submission moves?
    Just wondering
  19. anti-anti-crime

    anti-anti-crime Elite Member

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    id give em a good hard kick to the calf. punch, kick again. keep kicking until he can barely walk
    and then take em to the ground, putting him into an ankle lock and eventually putting enough pressure onto his foot to break his toes and ankle. and then give him a swift toe kick in the calf and lower ribs for good measure.

    SIKFUCK Senior Member

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    Alryyyte on sum realll ***** shiit reall lucky shiit realll dumbasss cops true story..Me n my boy were drivin down tha highway to go krozz sum fuks that went over us, we hop ouh tha car n my boy drives away so me n him walk over ta tha fence hop that shiit n start bombin this walll...Me n him are halfway thru when my boy with tha car calls n says COPs COPs COPS apparently they saw us jumpin over tah fence so me and my boy ran jumped over sum random wall hid in tha bushes fer 3 hours while we had dogs helicopters n like tha whole police dapratment 15 ft away lookin fer us.....