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Best Getaways - Chase Stories

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by -->MaNiK1<--, Oct 17, 2004.

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  1. Boutique12

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  2. Senttofelog

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    Last Page

    I love it at the stores in our area. Even if you are rightfully one of the first in line, everyone just glares at you like you shouldnt be there. I especially loved last year when I got a digital camera on sale at KMart. Got the last one, and everybody flipped. Then, the 2GB SD cards were on sale for like 12, I think. I had to make several attempts at getting over to their location because it was a popular spot for the elderly to hang out for some reason.
  3. SMK

    SMK Member

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    one time me and my friends were trying to do throw ups behind this abandonded building right on a busy road, we were behind it and in it so we thought it wouldnt be a problem... turns out they either partol it or someone saw us cuz a car stopped right on the road next to the building. we couldnt see what kind of car it was so we looked around the corner of the building and saw it was a marked bag of bacon bits on wheels (cops) we didnt know what to do and figured since the car was running (but empty) the fuzz was inside the building (btw its not a big place like 15x40 ft one floor) so we grabbed our nuts and booked it to this hill thing near a treeline. the coolest part about this night was that we had to run in front of the cop car that had its lights on to get to this hiding spot, and since we timed it luckily, they drove past in a couple seconds none the wiser
  4. sodi

    sodi Senior Member

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    Cool story bro.
  5. Destroy2012

    Destroy2012 Senior Member

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    The other day Me n some of my boys were in this alley way, and we managed to pull a dumpster in front of the alley way to block it off from traffic. neways when it got finished we walked back up to my friends crib and got a ride to this party-thing, and we drove by the alley, and there were already people lookin around moving the dumpster back, no cops but property owners :eek:
  6. HATER666

    HATER666 Member

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    thats not a chase story...
  7. HaLo_07

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    Wow...The excitment...I think you should take a seat Stephen Spielberg...You might make us die with excitement...

    The thread said CHASE story, not "My Dear Diary".
  8. gunone

    gunone Member

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    I was layin a throwup (FATCAP representin!!!) and a cop rolls by so i jump in a dumpster
    I get out hes gone so i go agin to fiil it in and hes runnin at me so i throw my can at him and i stalled him so i dove under a truck in a big wet puddle. I lost like 5 cans of paint that night and a cell phone. Good thing it was a trackfone or ill be screwed. lol
  9. -Dank-DK-

    -Dank-DK- Elite Member

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    ok so like a week ago i was in ashville throwin up a throwie and what not in a parkin garage. so out of no where i cop rolls up right behind me. o ya btw its a one floor garage so i was on the top floor. so he is blockin the way out so my dumb ass jumps off the side on to a fuckin car hood.fucked its shit all up lol

    but thew one good thing i got away hella fun
  10. Destroy2012

    Destroy2012 Senior Member

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    and now i realize this. shut up im dumb. always. why do i do graffiti then? the world may never know.
  11. WasteFour

    WasteFour Member

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    Never really ran,
    had to hide in spiky bushes once cus we were doing a piece in a train tunnel under a bridge while trains were still going, some wierd ass yellow wagon starts driving with mad lights all over, me and a homie ran as hell to a bush like... 15 meters away, and we fucking sat there for 10 minutes and the wagon had to drive further ( yeah it came for us lol, and trains were coming so it had to 'roll' XD ), btw the bridge was 150 meters from the train station.

    also did some tags once in the 3PM, and some fat guy started yelling at us, and ran after us, I ran like hell, and we were passing some kids they were like "OMG THEY HAVE SPRAY CANS !" XD
  12. kid_leser

    kid_leser Member

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    shit me nd muh brother were hittin sum nice rooftops at out local plaza...well we see a car pull up in tha back of the plaza so we duck tha fuck down after like 5 min we see lights flashin up towards tha roof and the pieces we juss we edge our way to the front and hop down nd start walkin to tha crib when we hit tha corner of the plaza tha fuckin cop starts bookin towards us....after a couple backyards we were soon at teh crib smokin a blunt...i love fat cops..
  13. NiL

    NiL Elite Member

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    lmfao 'graffiti kids' are fucking fucked the fuck up.
    word to ur mudaaa stay hip hop fags.
  14. HaLo_07

    HaLo_07 Senior Member

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    Lmao. ^^

    All in all...I told my friend TES, I'm down for what ever but as long as I ain't got some chase story to tell, I'mma have a good night and I'm all for having a good night dude...Ya...A story is cool at times...When your the one hearin about it.

    Other than that...No thanks...But good shiit bro.
  15. viseversa101

    viseversa101 Elite Member

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    wasnt actually painting but my train yard had sum crazy machine anyways....
    I was doin a whole car roller n completely fucked up a line cuz i was to busy talkin to a girl sittin ontop the train so i went to this machine to find sumthin to wipe the pain off....well the lookin progressed n i found a shit ton of snap on tools n stuff so i grabbed em finished up n went home...
    Now the next day i went back it was still there, so i took the powertools n stuff but i live in the getto n this machine u couldnt sit in the bay n see in the front, it was totally camera/tv view so my ass thinks okay il take it n sell it on the street for sum paint takin my time undid the camera now im in the bay takin the flat screen....its all unhooked n i have 1 screw left to take the screen off the mount, bag it up n go on my weay when i hear a car barreling down the tracks. i look over my shoulder to watch it n its a cop so WHAT DO I DO?
    I waved...thats it...muther fucker waved back n kept goin so when he was far enough away i jetted into the woods on my way home....about a mile down thru the woods i cut back up over the tracks n look down towards the yard n sure enough hes at that machone lookin around. Now i thought to myself wtf didnt he just bum rush me n all that but the only thing i can come up with is i was in orange dicky shorts n hat n stuff...he prolly thought i was a fuckin worker lmao
  16. GritKid

    GritKid New Member

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    This is a but of a cliche story, but my cousin was painting on some bridge in london, and out of coincidence the cops drove by (it was a friday night) And instead of running the opposite way the cops were driving (he was zoned out his skull) he jumped of the bridge and....into a river XD
  17. CrustOner

    CrustOner Elite Member

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    two and two...
  18. Stoked2PaintNY

    Stoked2PaintNY Senior Member

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    did a fill in on a truck to start the night off, drove about 40 min to hit these freights, got my cans nd caps all set, jumped outa my truck, walked 50 feet away wen a cop comes down the block, passes us, stops, the puts his shit in reverse (thought about talkin my way outa this one but what do i say about the 15+ cans in my back pack?) so me nd my boy booked it thru an ally, thru a hole in a fence, thru another ally, across the street behined some buildings, into this huge fucking hole filled with piles of rocks nd mud, my friend lost his shoe then found it, stayed there for about an 2 hours till the coast was clear, then james bond our fuckin way back to my truck nd got the fuck outa there......... all that for one fill in lol
  19. chakra

    chakra New Member

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    My buddy and me were at an abandoned psychiatric hospital(pilgrim state) checkin it out and throwin up tags everywhere. no heat for the 3 hours we there. We start headin towards the exit and a cops comin right down the road at us. We ran into the bushes and he shined the light on me for like 20 seconds. I was sure he saw me when he kept rollin and shinin his light. Dipped out of there quickly after that
  20. lije

    lije Member

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    my best chase story was when i tagged sum guy's truck and he came after me eith a machete =P i dove into the creek and hid in the sewers while he and his hilbilly friends circled the park. po-po showed up and it was MADNESS!!!!