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Best Getaways - Chase Stories

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by -->MaNiK1<--, Oct 17, 2004.

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  1. Flash_One

    Flash_One Elite Member

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    It was the winter and me and bud were doing each a thow up on this vacant building and beside it was a car dealership my freind used to work washing cars at ,so we are half way into our fills and we realize the cops where there checkin the cars out to see if anyone was fuckin around with them. so they spotted us so we start running behind the building into this field through a shit load of snow and we ended up in a trailer park type thing and the cops were parked towards the highway and they spotted us again with flashlights so we kept running and as we were both running through this field of snow there were fuckin deer hopping in front of us lol. so we kept running and we ended up losing the pigs and i look in my backpack for my shit and my cameras gone.
  2. practiceourtactics

    practiceourtactics Senior Member

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    Me and one of my boys were gettin ready to hit freights upstate, the freight yard was mad chill every time we had scoped it out, no workers, no noise, nothing. so we just decided to go hit it in the daytime. We get to the station, run mad low to the ground up a lil hill and get right over this 10 ft rock ridge where you could look over the freights. so we're checkin it out from up top not thinkin that anyone below is looking, so I start poking out my head and see this yard worker on some elevated platform workin on some wires, next thing we know theres like 10 workers and work trucks all over the station. an this place is in the middle of fuckin nowhere, so we thought we'd just wait it out for and hour or so...about 15 mins into sitting in bushes i poke my head up and see this fat fuckin worker grillin me and headin straight for us, too bad the rock ridge we were up on was too big for his fat ass to climb. we decided that we should just take off since we werent gunna be able to hit anything and we look down at the station and a fuckin sheriff rolls up grillin the hill we're on...dude left and came back like 4 times, we had green towels in our bags to dry the freights in case they were wet so we threw em on our backs as camo and we crawled all the way down the hill and just waited at the station for a cab....fuckin cab fare ended up being 45 bucks...45 bucks to get chased, fuck that shit.

    Turns out that one day a fuckin electric wire snapped right next to the freights, thats what they were fixing shitty day.
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  3. mosezone

    mosezone Senior Member

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    a few months ago i was walkin downtown just catching tags and outlines, pretty fuckin drunk at like 2:30 AM. i walked behind this fence to do an outline on some old lookin moving truck, and started painting. after the second letter, i heard rustling and a dog barking inside of the truck. i started bailing, and this homeless dude jumps out of the truck and grabs me by the backpack, throwing me on the ground. i get up and try to bail again, but he pins me up against a tree and starts yelling at me and shit, saying he's gonna spray my eyes out with my paint or some shit. his 2 dogs are also running around barking super loud, making a big ass scene. then a cop rolls up, and the homeless dude lets go of me and we both try to just walk away. the cop makes both of us sit down, and says that somebody called the cops because they thought the homeless dude was robbing me. in the end, i just got to leave and i went back home, ha.
  4. pleasedontstayr

    pleasedontstayr Senior Member

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    this isnt a graff chase story but ill share it anyways, ive got a set of tracks that run behind my house so i usually go back there and bench/just chill and have a smoke. the one night my parents pissed me the fuck off so i go behind there and im sittin on the tracks having a smoke, and i see this dark figure walkin down the tracks from the road towards me, normally people take walks down there so i just thought id let them pass, next thing i know this hobo is walkin up to me, and pulls a knife on me and tells me to empty out my pockets n shit, i had my wallet and my itouch plus a 300 dollar watch on me, so i fuckin turn and book it down the tracks the other way, and he starts fuckin chasing me, after a few minutes of buddy running after me he trips and faceplants and i just kept bookin it down the tracks for a few mins, turned the corner and got back onto the road, i found out next day on the news there was a guy walking around mugging/shanking people in my burbs area. shit was fucked up.

    UNDERTHEICE Senior Member

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    last night i was painting and some cop who was with his kids was off duty and walked up on me asking where an ice cream place is or some shit so i blast him in the face in front of his kids.then they start screamin and shit so i stick my finger in my butt and made them smell it.grove street fo life family
  6. Sbal

    Sbal Elite Member

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  7. KAZonee

    KAZonee Senior Member

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    i dont really have a chase story i was just in a buildin and the alarm went of at the top floor it just scared the shit out of me and i hopd down two flights of stairs and left the buildin threw anotha staircase
  8. truflke

    truflke Member

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    i was doing a huge throwup like 11 feet tall and like 30 feet wide and my buddy wuz like YO SUM CRIPS ARE COMIN so i fukin climbed a pole like trane onto the roof a buildin and my buddy was like

    and BAM

    i took a shit as big as the buidling and he just climbed it and hid. to this day we call him shit climber

    UNDERTHEICE Senior Member

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    its funny i read this shit because the day after there were fresh freight trains that rolled into this spot and i wanted to try my new streaker marker i got from work.i do like 2 tags and i hear walking and look to my left and theres this guy in construction boots and jeans.mother fucker looked like some jersey shore guy and he says "yo what the fuck are yu doing to my trains" and he started walking at me so i awkwardly took a few steps away and ran speechless and he came running too and kept yelling shit at me but i never stopped and ran as fast as i could and he stopped after like 100 feet and i went and got a slurpee.and my friends went walking those tracks like 5 minutes later and said the guys were reading it and asking them what it meant and asking if they knew me.then i felt bad for the trains and went back and turned myself in and washed the trains and they all spanked me and called me susie while i did it
  10. Craig Ownings

    Craig Ownings Senior Member

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    i have a similar one at this exact place... thats fucking nuts
  11. XCES

    XCES Member

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    manik, if you believe that shit, your an idiot
  12. ~PRONE~

    ~PRONE~ New Member

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    stupid cops

    me and a few friends were out taggin with just markers... it was like 3 a.m. and we saw a cop so we ran. i guess he saw us cuz the next block over there were 2 pigs. we started runnin through allys n shit. 2 of my friends ram one way and me and the other kid kept goin. we saw one and he turned on his spot light. he folowed us down an ally and at the end of the ally a fell in the raod and my shew came off..i got my show and ran like 2 blocks with only one shew on..i looked down an my arm and leg were bleeding but i was so pumped up i didnt know. lol we finly got back to my house.. within 5 blocks we had 6 cop cars on us at once...damn. we got away tho
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  13. SoZoner

    SoZoner Member

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    was bombing on this electric box thing, a undercover police car comes round the corner, we ran :rolleyes: and they caught us :( but i gave false info to them ;) :p
  14. scorn13

    scorn13 New Member

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    me and a bud were smoking bud in an alley in yk and a cop pulls in (my friends dad) i knew him he told us to quit and let us off with a warning
  15. Fury

    Fury Elite Member

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    ^ Damn bro, probably the best getaway story yet.
  16. massacreman

    massacreman Elite Member

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    wanted to do a burner together with a friend alongst the tracks
    some guy cycled by and yelled at us.
    we didnt care
    sometime later, a train comes up riding to us and suddently stops
    we run all the way alongst the tracks and the guy in the train chased us with his train
    then some other, smaller train comes and stops 2 security guys come out and start chasing us as well.
    my mate climbed a fence but i was too fat to get on it.
    i ran back, jumped of a smaller fence and ran trhough lots of bushes
    picked my mate up afterwards, did lose my ironlak's on the chase.
  17. GuyGuyer of Guyland

    GuyGuyer of Guyland Senior Member

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    the cops came, i ran. i made it home. smoked a joint. rubbed one out an went to sleep.
  18. bloodlandmoney

    bloodlandmoney Senior Member

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    ^hahahahaha everyday struggle
  19. NosE2

    NosE2 Elite Member

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    Ive only been in one real chase within the 3 years ive been paintin.

    sometime in 08 i think, me and my 2 dudes were doin hands on these bridges, and these bridges had a road inbetween 2 of em. well we saw a car coming so we dipped behind the wall and just sat waiting for the car to pass.. well , right after the car came into our view he stopped. he got out and id say we were about 20 or 30 yards away from him and he was like, " SO YOUR DOIN GRAFFITI HUH" type thing, so we dip, and these bridges has a bike trail then went down into 2 other bridges. well we ran on this trail, then we stopped, and we figured we werent bein chased, and walked up this little hill to the street. we were just sittin there for a second resting, then all the sudden my dudes like, BOYS!, and this fuckin cop swoops up on us with his spotlight on us. My one dude was like, " no dont run", but me and my dude just jumped down this steep hill with all these trees an shit. the cop said somethin over the megaphone like get your asses back here! dont run! My one friend decided to come with us... we all get to the bike path and kick off our shoes and start sprintin. now we got to this bridge we had painted earlier, and it actually has a staircase on one end leading to the street. so i was like, " dont run up those, cops are gonna be there! and theres a river right next to us on the bike path, but the current was strong so we didnt swim. right next to the staircase was this llong section of crouded woods. we jumed into em and had to run along the riverline... me and my dude hid in a sewage tunnel for 30 mins, and we saw a flashligh go inside the tunnel to. so we creeped outta there, and we were walkin through the woods farther, and i decided to go up towards the street and see whos out there. i get to the edge, and peek out, and theres 2 cop SUVS chillin on the side of the road. so i go back down, and it just me and my one friend, i didnt kno where the other one went. so we were like crawlin through the woods and all the sudden we heard, " ay! " so we froze, and turned out it was my other dude...he was just chillen, and was like we gotta get out of here... so we walk back up to the side of the street, no cops. we dip across the street to this parking lot and we just chill behind these dumpsters to catch our breath.. we call my friends brother and he comes swoops us up a couple blocks away. when we were leavin we had to duck down cause 3 cop cars were flossin towards the direction of the bridge. then the next day, cops showed up at my dudes school and was like you write blah blah . and he confessed and got popped, but didnt snitch on me or my boy...crazy shit.
  20. Moon

    Moon Senior Member

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    Yeah, I hate those people that actually stop and confront you. I once did a piece with my two friends, and I swear, at least 25 cars drove past us and saw us. But another time, literally 5 minutes after I started painting, the first car to go by stopped and started driving towards me. My friends jet, and right as I was about to go with them, they go "GET THE FUCKING PAINTS!". I run back to get the paints, and the car is like, 10ft away, and once I got them I just jumped into some bushes. The car drove right up to the bushes, and the driver rolled down the windows. It was this old guy, like 70 years old, and he was just like, "You better run" and "I'm calling the cops" and shit like that, and them drove away. My friends apparently were watching in the distance, and they ran up to me and we sprinted the fuck out of there. Later that day, there were a couple cop cars where we were, all because an old guy reported some toys fucking around behind an abandoned building.