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best ink for outdoor

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by natural, Aug 31, 2009.

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  1. natural

    natural Banned

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    what's the best ink for outdoor purposes? i've been looking at inks but most are for indoor & will fade outside
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  2. Bombing With Insurance

    Bombing With Insurance Senior Member

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    - OTR INKS(Flowpen,h2b etc.):Nice colors.Weather proof.Basically the only good things about them.No stains whatsoever.

    - Do 'Em Dirty: Stains nicely.Two types

    - DOD INSIDE JOB:Good for Porous surfaces(Usually unglossy)Stains very nice.Opaque and nice colors.Good for insides(buses,trains,anything transit)

    - DOD OUTDOORSMEN:Good for street shots.VERYVERY opaque black.Stains but not as hard as inside job.Leaves a glossy finish after drying.Long lasting no fading.

    - ACEES WITCHES BREW : very thick very black and very hard to get off

    - Garvey: Comes in violet.There is also black and green,but those are straight from the company only.Garvey is a price marking ink.It is very opaque.Stains very hard.Adding brake fluid will make it stain very much harder.It fades very fast though.Very good for insides.

    - Grog:A deep rich black or silver. Sinks into porous surfaces.Stains well on certain plastics but is known to "bleed" on other surfaces.

    - Corio: ???


    - Nero: ???

    - Pilot:Stains but only hard solvents will remove,nice color.Fades fast(certain colors)Black or blue are the best colors to choose from.

    - Marsh:Like pilot ink but a little bit better.There are colors to choose from.Black is very nice and dark.Somewhat flat black(Unglossy).You can add it to other inks to make them thicker or change the color/shade.

    - Leather dye(Lincoln,.Fiebings,griffin,etc.):Very nice ink.Cheap(If you buy).Comes in nice brilliant c colors.Stains lightweight but it is enough.Add dot3 to make it stain even harder(recommended)It is slightly thin so I suggest to add other inks into it to make it thicker.

    - Rasco:???

    - Mr.Black/silver/gold:

    - Bombersbest:???

    - 0ink Ink: It is extrememly hard to paint over. But if buffs fairly easily on most transit systems with a very slight stain that is no stronger than a regular pen ink stain. It fades on outdoor surfaces fairly fast (couple weeks does some serious damage in direct sunlight) - JET

    - Junobo Paint: good, drips well.. gives buffers a hard time. not that permanent but has some dope colors if you like to spend money.-enmity

    - India ink: Water based. black opaque ..Comes off with water and soap.

    - Sumi Ink: water based black opaque.. comes off with water and soap
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  3. Aesir

    Aesir Senior Member

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    Can you add anything to India ink to make it better? Or is it not worth racking?
  4. hazetheone

    hazetheone Elite Member

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    not worth it *****
    decos go harder than anything with indian ink
  5. Vagrant

    Vagrant Elite Member

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    Ink Discussion Thread II?
  6. TFSA

    TFSA Senior Member

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    the dick blick brand india ink is pretty fade resistant and if you mix it with alcahol it seems to be fairly peminent!
  7. Bombing With Insurance

    Bombing With Insurance Senior Member

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    its water based....
    But its used to make ur ink darker..
    I dunno sometimes i think its worth it cause matter what ur tagg is going to get buffed + the stuff is super cheap
    But its not permanent and will not stain
  8. Werse

    Werse Elite Member

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    Boil india ink down into sludge and add it to pen ink, the only good use ive found for it.
  9. Peter Reveen

    Peter Reveen Senior Member

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    best outdoor, rust paint and paintthinnner most creeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam.
  10. Karma

    Karma Senior Member

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    I disagree about the O!ink, shit stains crazy hard and is certainly my favorite alcohol based ink.
    Favorite paint ink, has to be Smash. Color are great, dries hella fast due to the xylene, and when it drips it pours :)
  11. H3TT1NG3R

    H3TT1NG3R Elite Member

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    you guysz dotn know shitt!!!
  12. MARTYRaz

    MARTYRaz Banned

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    ^^^no shit man...these fucks dnt kno ink from shit in a bag..yall need to stop this nonsence..if u dont kno dont post..
  13. Culture_Shock

    Culture_Shock Senior Member

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    outdoor ink? first thing I read was "flowpen ink is weatherproof", which is a lie so this thread fails.
    gk and junobo are going to be the best bet for outdoors. one small can black rusto, plus one small can minwax ebony stain is the best gk ive ever fucking made... dont mistake the stain as a staining element, I find that it works well as a thinner, that happens to be black.
  14. Queezy

    Queezy Elite Member

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    India ink is good for outdoors if you don't think it will get buffed, cuz it won't fade. Anything weather resistant. This thread is stupid as fuck.
  15. fnt

    fnt Senior Member

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    you could look try searching or looking through the ink discussion thread...
  16. SAID

    SAID Moderator

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    Fuck flowpens if your shit gets plenty of sun.
    ****, and krink alcohol based too.
    The fucking sun is gonna buff it for you..
  17. Bombing With Insurance

    Bombing With Insurance Senior Member

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    Agreed BTW
    My post in this thread was from this thread not an original so dont give me shit.
  18. Backalley Abortion Doctor

    Backalley Abortion Doctor Elite Member

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    There's already a thread to discuss ink. It's even a sticky. You didn't need to make a new thread to ask.
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