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Best paint you can buy at walmart

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by writingis4life, Jun 25, 2014.

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  1. writingis4life

    writingis4life Senior Member

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    I am a toy, I was wondering what paint is the best you can buy from walmart? Thanks
  2. fiza200

    fiza200 Member

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    What is the price of this paint at walmart?
  3. Lich

    Lich Senior Member

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    Walmart has Rusto. At least my Walmart.
  4. el_syclone_one

    el_syclone_one Member

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    I prefer rusto from walmart .. is the way to go
  5. Nucer

    Nucer Member

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  6. Artsupplies31

    Artsupplies31 Member

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    chalkboard rusto paint.

    SWGLIFER Member

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    rusto here too. the cheap ass walmart paint (color place I think) is crap, the white is terrible, the black is a bit better.
  8. Mr.Late

    Mr.Late Senior Member

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    Yearpppp, rusto all day errday, plus sect cap adapter of coarse! Krylon has a better color selection but for a buck er so more it isnt worth the drippy shittt they call paint that comes out of the can. Its like 3 bucks a can for rusto, no they have that dual shit which has primer so it covers better but that obviously will be a few bucks more as well, but decent paint for the price. And ya of coarse theres always true value dollars cans which are okayyyyy....... fillers that is but youll be at the damn wall all day.
  9. Jaset

    Jaset Senior Member

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  10. smashtastic

    smashtastic Member

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    tremclad paint isnt especially drippy but "get" painters touch
  11. DannyBoi

    DannyBoi Member

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    i always go with rusto and valspar
  12. oatmeal

    oatmeal Senior Member

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    valspar is trash. rusto rusto rusto rusto. if you didnt get that. RUSTOLEUM! nothing nothing but rusto and kilz. thats all you need to know.
  13. bill tricks

    bill tricks New Member

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    Rusto one hundred....and pink sekt cap....and kilz (reg)...also kilz upshot yellow cap adapter gets it done
  14. oatmeal

    oatmeal Senior Member

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    kilz upshot isnt worth the time. mind as well just get the normal cans with a real valve. kilz with boston fats. deff one of the best domestic brands for filling in. and rusto chrome still has the old valve system.
  15. PaulBrown

    PaulBrown New Member

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