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Best Time for writing?

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by ent, Feb 21, 2011.

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  1. ent

    ent Member

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    2-3am is usually pretty solid. Lately I've been going around 4:30/5 and it's completely fucking dead.
  2. massacreman

    massacreman Elite Member

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  3. Tempo718

    Tempo718 Elite Member

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  4. gritz.n.gravy

    gritz.n.gravy Member

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    stupid thread, best time is when no1's out. late at night early morning weekdays. thursday in bar areas tend to get busy. weekends make like a ninja.
  5. Subconcious

    Subconcious Senior Member

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  6. ROBOsapien

    ROBOsapien New Member

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    Latley i've been hitting spot during the day, like 330-5pm. its great hitting sides of highways or highplaces and just staying out of veiw of traffic. usually chill spots i guess, but for covert stuff i still stick to 3-4am
  7. SmokiN

    SmokiN New Member

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    Most of the time around 5 AM. So you can see what yu are doin. (if it is a spot without light) and else 1 to 7 AM, and i take a flashlight with me.
  8. pay_for_your_sins

    pay_for_your_sins Member

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    flashlights stupid. once your outside walkin around for 10 mins your eyes have adjusted. flashlights just gonna blow your cover.
  9. Slushi

    Slushi Banned

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    If the cops see you out at four in the morning, and you're not drunk; they know you're a criminal. Keep that in mind.

    CANADIANA Senior Member

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    You can pretty much catch tags anytime during the day.
    bombing on weekends and wednesdays around 2-230am cuz all the cops are busy breaking up fights after the bars get out

    I try to get everything done half early, walking around at 4 and 5am just looks sketchy and someone might think you are doing real crimes like B&E's and report you as a suspicious person which leads to unwanted confrontations with cops (has happened to me before).

    I personally like it when theres at least a few people around, you blend it a bit more easier if you have to run and i just get creeped out when the streets are completely deserted. doing tags in front of crowds of drunk people can yield some hilarious results
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2011
  11. proNYNJA

    proNYNJA Senior Member

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    lol about drunk people....
    also infront of druggies and hobos gets some funny result too.
    and also when catching tags at night, if your walking down the street and ur the only one walking (how it is in my town) your gunna stick out like a fukkin fatman at a vegan convention and people are gunna look at you, so best thing you can do is alwaysssss look for head lights before you catch anything and i try to walk against the flow of traffic so i can see the headlight comming at me, and when a cop does spot you chances are hes gunna pass you by then turn around further down the street, and if they do turn around, as soon as you see them start to turn around, start running like Usain Bolt.
  12. Juelz Santana

    Juelz Santana Senior Member

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  13. FRKBMB

    FRKBMB Member

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    4-5am there is no one out and cops are turning over shift. Perfect, it's so dead.


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    What about in Miami? Streets r heated on the daily! I tend to do it whenever there's mad ppl around idgaf . That's y god gave us legs and fence jumping abilities!
  15. FU7UR3

    FU7UR3 Member

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    i think the best time to go out is 2:30 in the morning....
  16. mista_dza

    mista_dza Senior Member

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    i went out at around 10-11pm tonight when i got off work just when on a bike ride with my newly fixed up bmx bike, and caught alot of tags, just pretend to be fixing my bike if people started to look at what i was doin hhaah, but i rode by this bus stop twice and there was this hispanic man just standing lookin at his phone and what not so on my way back i take a look and and finally just caught to tags on the side of the bus stop , pretty funny stuff he looked at me and afteri rode away he was just lookin at it like uhh what?!
  17. ampt

    ampt Member

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    i was with a homie walking down the main street with only 1 can but it was hidden and some stickers and at least 4 times cops drove past, but they didnt do shit. i dont think they can do anything
  18. PS187

    PS187 Banned

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    best time for me is like 9pm to about 12pm if your hittin places in down town areas cause you do it when no ones around (just gotta be quick) and then blend in with the rest of the people walking on the streets. i usually just carry like 2 cans when im doin this but for peicin ill go around 2ish.
  19. Lemur

    Lemur Member

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    I either go 11-12 at noon cause I just blend in do my stuff and leave or at 10-12 at night for throwies now cause I realized the ONLY people out at 2AM in my town are cops and its like they are playing hide and go seek with each other since they got nothing else to do lol (jokes)
  20. YIGOLO

    YIGOLO New Member

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    Thats a no!, but if so you must not be getting up in places where your most likely not to get busted, but if you are at least try like a small led light it cant be seen from far away..