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Best Way To Clean Caps

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by INCO, Aug 2, 2004.

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  1. INCO

    INCO Member

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    i have tryed lots of diffrent ways to clean caps and i just havent found a really good way yet so if you know of one plz tell
  2. Scaf.

    Scaf. Senior Member

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    A thread of alike has already been done.

    ...If your poor blow in them.
  3. shyone

    shyone Elite Member

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    i don't like being the bearer of bad news, uuuummmm..... THERE IS ALLREADY A THREAD EXACTLY THE SAME AS THIS!!!!!
  4. inker

    inker Elite Member

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    so wath
    y dont you just buy tips i live by groove riders and i get 20 german fat caps for 8 dollars and any type of rusto or new york tips for 10
  5. SLY

    SLY Elite Member

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    y r u ppl so cheap just buy new caps, u all talk about how u rack everything u shud have enough money for come caps... n just turn ur can upside down and spray... use empty cans to do this i dont care if i use an empty can or not but if u want to keep pressure use empty cans
  6. nectar

    nectar Senior Member

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    use laquer thinner.....or go out and buy some new caps
  7. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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    what an idea. are caps really that expensive?
  8. odd_laws_broke

    odd_laws_broke Elite Member

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  9. jurass finish first

    jurass finish first Elite Member

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    keep your empties yo clean your caps so you dont waste pressure in cans with paint. if i have clogged caps i put them in thinner for a while and then just clean them out with an empty

    theres already a bunch of threads on this
  10. dez1

    dez1 Senior Member

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    y do u ppl worry about cleaning caps.

    there cheap for ppl how bye them, but RACK ur stuff is that not part of the whole thing! <_<
  11. BullshitTantrum

    BullshitTantrum Elite Member

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    Put em in paint thinner for a day, take a saftey pin and clean em out and it that dosen't work then use the extra pressure left in from empty cans.
  12. drop

    drop Senior Member

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    paint thinner
  13. neurosis

    neurosis Senior Member

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    i just save a few empties
    and that "graffiti removal" stuff works. just put the cap you want cleaned on it
  14. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

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    no one is poor enough not to be able to afford caps
    i am hoping that made sense

    buy more
  15. kildaillest

    kildaillest Senior Member

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    but some people (inco) arent capable of ordering some apparently....ask other people for some extra's or use paint thinner..
  16. kildaillest

    kildaillest Senior Member

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  17. CONS_145

    CONS_145 New Member

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    arer u guys fuckin stupid all u do is put them in paint thinner for a bout ten minutes then take them out blow on them and then dry with paper towel dont waste money and buy more u fuckin dumb asses

    cons 145 the one and only mother fucker
  18. dusto

    dusto Member

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    new yorkers get clogged easily. what i usually do is take the nozzle of and blow in it after ive been painting for about 10 minutes, then put back on. or when i'm done, hold the can upside down and spray out a quick spray. just some personal status. peace.
  19. Slob

    Slob Elite Member

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    The easiest thing to do is once your finished painting with your tips is invert your can so its upside down and spray till no paint is comming out just aerosol. this will spray out any wet paint keeping the tip clean and this ensures that you wont have tips clogging up, or sprayin out puny ammounts of paint.
  20. mr. she77

    mr. she77 Elite Member

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    it alsogives out pressure in your can.