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Best Way To Not Clog Up A Cap

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by ..:------>SIC<------:.., May 24, 2007.

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  1. ..:------>SIC<------:..

    ..:------>SIC<------:.. Member

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    whats up..... ey whats the best way to not get a tip clogged up with paint, like a good method to prevent it or postpone the clogging???
  2. toke_wdc

    toke_wdc Elite Member

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    When you're done using it, put in on an empty can and hold the can upside down and spray for around 10 seconds. The extra pressure in the can should clean it.
  3. sir.holland

    sir.holland Member

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    yeh that is what i always do and it seems to work just fine.
  4. 5AR5

    5AR5 Guest


    that or bring like a lil empty model paint jar wit thinner and some of your caps there for the mission ...good if your piecing
  5. spag

    spag Senior Member

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    i usually take the cap and put it on my mouth and blow the extra paint out after using. easier then using air pressure because a lil paint always comes out even if the can is upside down.
  6. Writenamehere

    Writenamehere Member

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    i racked paintremover aerosol can, when you put your cap to it and give few short presses and cap is clean
  7. fnt

    fnt Senior Member

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    yeah I use some spray goo gone, just spray the cap on it after using it, sometimes works right after the clog too, any spray graffiti remover, or paint thinner should work
  8. Kayone707

    Kayone707 Moderator

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    so... is there a MR.Spag? wanna come over to my house later on tonight?
  9. *Soap*

    *Soap* Guest

    the upside down method doesn`t work by some cans (Belton Molotow as example...still have to try the Monata Golds)
  10. percoset fun

    percoset fun Senior Member

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    well dont use full cans you moron
  11. *Soap*

    *Soap* Guest

    You moron... It doesn`t go with empty too... I`ve tried...
  12. def.

    def. Senior Member

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    the best way to avoid clogged caps is not to paint. it happens and it isn't a big deal.
  13. coffeemonster

    coffeemonster New Member

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    upsidedown method usually works for me...full can or not. But for fuck sake, i hate when people say, "just don't do graffiti...that solves every problem." Thats a load of shit. so shut it...
  14. ##sable##

    ##sable## Senior Member

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    wen they clog throw them out. buy more. thats what i do
  15. session-one

    session-one Senior Member

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    first off caps are super cheap
    just buy more
    but if u really wanna get the most of your money just hold the can upside down and spray until no more paint is comin out straight from the insrtuctions off the back of the mtn cans
  16. spit_in_your_face

    spit_in_your_face Member

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    is there any way to get all the paint out of the can with out getting all the air out? cause you could by one of those 99 cent canas at walmart. the really crappy paint and use that just to clean caps. i mean you could just spray all the paint out but im lookin for a way where you can keep more paint.
  17. glass

    glass Senior Member

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    you can use one of the compressed air cans for cleaning computer parts for the cap issue. they sell them all over.
  18. kuso

    kuso Member

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    to keep or unclog your cap
    dip it in paint thinner for about like a charm.
  19. Slaze

    Slaze Senior Member

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    thats what i do works well, also an easier way than holding cans upside down is to just bring an empty can put it on there and spray a few times. good luck
  20. tha boy in da corner

    tha boy in da corner Elite Member

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    that's THE BEST way