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Bi-Weekly Battles

Discussion in 'Battle Forum' started by bugs-one, Dec 20, 2015.

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  1. zoup

    zoup Elite Member

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    "LINT" Battle

    Andy B.jpg
    Andy B




    Ewin Costa Rica.jpg
    Ewin Costa Rica


    Matt Wrigh.jpg
    Matt Wrigh


    Slushi 6989.jpg
    Slushi 6989



  2. EBA

    EBA Elite Member

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  3. SUG

    SUG Elite Member

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    Theres a shit ton of great entries!...EBA gmv I like the lint roller swipe
  4. ElbowMacK187

    ElbowMacK187 Elite Member

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    That roller swipe is so sick but pesks letters and 3d are fucking sick
    Pesk gmv
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2020
  5. zoup

    zoup Elite Member

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    Funk that T is hella dope, sycophant, i think your second piece in black book actually looks better. slushi, i like the little detail you did like inside the upper n and how the the bottom back bar digs in that extra. pesk i dont know how you come up with those letter shapes theyre sick and deathcore'ish. Matt solid clean fill man. gum those letters are just fucking dope wish you shaded the backdrop, still great.ewin i like the consistency man and the dust balls. Elbow that backwords N is funky af and the top of the t looks dope af, could be a dope x. Eba goddamn i thought my computer had a glare, it didnt lol. damn dude fill level +9000. dekster ill be real, my eye took a while to digest, once i did, it taste gewd. how do you cordinate a fill like that holy shit. Andy nice simple letters man.
    Dekster gmv
  6. Matt Wrigh

    Matt Wrigh Senior Member

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  7. gumOnShoe

    gumOnShoe Elite Member

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    This was a cool battle. Ended up coloring the piece, but I forgot to post it before zoup polled the battle. I'll post it later on for fun. Thought it came out ok y'know? I'm more concerned with line art instead of colors. Rarely use more than 3 colors, and I keep smearing these fucking paint marker lines with my left hand fuck lol.

    Pesk gmv, elbow 2nd place 3rd place zoup.

    This nigga zoup probably thinks I'm kissing ass but nah, that dirty style you have idk if its intentional but I really like stuff like that. Clean stuff is cool too but dirty stuff has that playfulness that I love.

    Elbo that NT combo is sooo hard man.

    I like both versions of the lint piece pesk did, this one is way harder though. Like zoup said yeah those bars are structuralized chaos, like some metal band album cover font. that's mad dope, always wanted to try bars out like that.
  8. Andy B

    Andy B Senior Member

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    I'm going with EBA. But everyone put in dope work. Love seeing people getting up. Stay safe.
  9. Slushi 6989

    Slushi 6989 Senior Member

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    For a "dead" forum there sure are alot of entries... funk gmv
  10. Theillfunkfreaka

    Theillfunkfreaka Senior Member

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    Daggum good stuff this time around. Dekstar killed it, the level I think most of us wish to achieve. Eba had the illest concept for sure, props for that one. Loving the simples and plain outlines, cant forget that black books are only the blueprints sometimes. Pesk your 3d is flawless, your piece painted would bang super hard on a wall.

    Pesk gmv this round
  11. Dekster

    Dekster Member

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    Danke danke für das coole Feedback und für eure votes und likes

    Matt Wrigh geiles teil fillin und effekte top finde ich mega.

    Theillfunkfreaka Geiler Stil, Topbuchstaben nice flow

    Aber EBA hat für mich alles zerrissen Buchstaben Top Fillin Killer und Konzept Idee und Ausführung Mega Mega

    EBA gmv.
  12. Dekster

    Dekster Member

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    [QUOTE = "zoup, post: 1943613, member: 66823"] Funk, dass T hella dope ist, sycophant, ich denke, dein zweites Stück im schwarzen Buch sieht tatsächlich besser aus. slushi, ich mag das kleine Detail, das dir im oberen n gefallen hat und wie sich die untere hintere Leiste in diesem Extra gräbt. Pesk, ich weiß nicht, wie du auf diese Buchstabenformen kommst, die krank und todeskrank sind. Matt fester, sauberer Füllmann. Kaugummi, diese Buchstaben sind nur verdammte Trottel. Ich wünschte, du hättest den Hintergrund beschattet, immer noch großartig. Ich mag den Konsistenz-Mann und die Staubkugeln. Ellbogen, der Backwords N ist funky af und die Oberseite des t sieht dope af aus, könnte ein Dope x sein. Eba verdammt, ich dachte mein Computer hätte eine Blendung, es hat nicht lol. Verdammter Kerl Füllstand +9000. dekster krank sein real, mein Auge brauchte eine Weile, um zu verdauen, sobald ich es tat, schmeckte es gewd. Wie koordiniert man eine Füllung wie diese heilige Scheiße?
    Dekster gmv [/ QUOTE]

    Haha danke dude.. Nicht koordinieren einfach gelassen lassen sich natürlich sehen was von den Farben her zusammen passen könnte
  13. EBA

    EBA Elite Member

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    Pretty sure Deckstar won this one. Regardless, I propose that we extend the deadline for making the next word until Tuesday morning. Deckstar is in Germany so the time difference makes it hard to comply.
  14. drapes1125

    drapes1125 Senior Member

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    Seager oner still killed this in my mind or pesk
  15. Ewin Costa Rica

    Ewin Costa Rica Member

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    Im too late but pesk gmv heavy Stile
  16. zoup

    zoup Elite Member

    • Messages: 915
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    my bad @Dekster is the winner of the "LINT" battle. deadline to pick word is wednesday. or Pesk,EBA,Funk picks the word
  17. Dekster

    Dekster Member

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    Yeaaahhh woouhoouu cool thanks for the good and big feedback I like the feedback to any writer very cool community. Yes I'm in hospital now, so the new word is hospital. Have fun
  18. secta

    secta Member

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    I hope your ok man nothing too serious?
  19. zoup

    zoup Elite Member

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    word is "HOSPITAL" deadline, friday sep 11.
  20. Andy B

    Andy B Senior Member

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    Get better homey. I want to see your next burners up here.