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Bi-Weekly Battles

Discussion in 'Battle Forum' started by bugs-one, Dec 20, 2015.

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  1. Kaps2

    Kaps2 Elite Member

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    Urban GMV thanks for the BT heart.
  2. Ray of Today

    Ray of Today Elite Member

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    I didn't rape anyone in here so let's not anyone try to act butt hurt. "...crits are accurate but." There is no but, if it's accurate it's accurate. Didn't hate on anyone.

    Could kind of care less, Really come on here to see graf pix and the site has gone to shit, stopped in here to play your game and give you guys an extra vote.

    I could be a used condom. But by comparison, some people here might be that unused condom that's sat in a pocket or wallet so long that the shape of the ring has worn away on the wrapper.

    Was not paying attention, the Pesk is cool in many ways but at the same time it's not half ass, only half lettered? Don't know if it was him or someone else I saw who does a lot of outlines that get cut off. How are you going to paint a wall like that? You have to use your space better. I don't understand everything going on around the F, IMO fucks up the flow. Is that a goat or bull? If it's a bull I would have made a more raging bull using some of your clouds/outer to express that as well. If a goat I would do same but Satan it up some. Overall I like it, kind of like Cycle meets Tyke. He does have the best presentation, you could paint that shit straight up as a B&W and it would still be tight. Guess he wins, eh?
  3. PeskDos

    PeskDos Elite Member

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    Thanks for the feedback, nothing wrong with overlapping letters besides the letters are VERY noticeable and it gives the piece a little depth imo and to be fair its a 5x8 book not a wall. Not a bull just the letter A .. anyways thanks for the idea with the outer I think that would be dope. If u really want to play join the battle. again thanks.
  4. zoup

    zoup Elite Member

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    im gonna be honest that too long for me, you sound entitled to claim everyone is disqualified, who are you, wheres you resume. If venom said it, Sanguine, bugs one id get it. You give good crits, but you still enjoy peeing against the wind though. join the battles, no hate. join us O.O
  5. ElbowMacK187

    ElbowMacK187 Elite Member

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    Peeing against yhe wind aint fun for no one lol . But I still didnt get a crit ray lol haha fuck is it that bad haha lol
  6. Gane33

    Gane33 Member

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    Re-done my entry ai.ibb.co_BsstMY2_IMG_20190111_160636.jpg
  7. zoup

    zoup Elite Member

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    Chafe Battle









    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019
  8. zoup

    zoup Elite Member

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    pesk gmv, im a fiend for interesting connections so you got my vote
  9. ElbowMacK187

    ElbowMacK187 Elite Member

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  10. Jainz13

    Jainz13 Senior Member

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    yo, im gonna coment everyone 'cause i hate when people ignore my entry -.-

    DBZ, i don't really love anything about it, the C is not bad, i think you should not connect the letters that much, they are all connected and it just looks a bit weird for me. I mean, im sure it can be done, but should be better done in my opinion. The color combination is my favorite thing about your sketch and you have good traces so you just have to keep practicing...also i dont like the stars but that's just a personal preference

    ELBOW, i like the flow of this piece. also, nice tag. the F is the worst letter but i guess someone had talked about that already, other than that, i really like your letters and its the thing i'm more jealous about because everything looks very effortless

    GANE, i like your color scheme, is very fun...the letters, i would say maybe simplify. i like how compact it is lol, but you still gotta work on the letters (like me)

    KAPS, same as Gane...also, the 3d, i know someone talked about it already, imagine its like a shadow, the lines must be all going in the same direction or to the same point, i dont know how to explain better, but just google how to do 3d and once you get it its the easier thing to do. But i would say your letters look cleaner than Gane's (less the C, it looks bad) because they are more simple and with the same thickness all the time

    PESK, is my favourite because it's crazy good. there is nothing i dont like about it, i would love to see it with color. awesome letters and i love how fun it is with the hand and the eyes and all the connections

    SKRIT, very simple, the letters are good, maybe the A is a little weird, maybe too big or rounded i dont know. the C also looks a little bit too small in comparison with the rest of the letters. but is a good sketch since it probably took you like 15 minutes to make

    THEILLFUN...nice effort, this is in my top 3, because it has a good flow. the letters are not my favorite though. there are some fat things, like in the lower E and above the A (in green) that i dont understand

    URBAN, probably the 2nd best for me, i always apreciate the sketch more than the digital, but i think is cool that you can do it like that and that we have diversity here. the letters are really good, just the F looks kind of like an S more. i also dont really like that heart with the arrow there haha, i know it probably was to hide that fat arrow you had in the A, its better haha but still looks a little forced. and i love the way you painted it, nice colors and effects

    uf, im tired. dont totally listen to me cause this is just my opinion and i also still have a lot to learn and of course,

    Pesk gmv
  11. URBAN1

    URBAN1 Banned

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    I'll judge for myself thanks...
  12. ElbowMacK187

    ElbowMacK187 Elite Member

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    Don't be jelly bro it will come keep it simple and after a while you will be able to do with no effort
    Your back ground is dope I like it alot . Your letters could be better but just keep keeping it simple and you'll be there .
  13. domestizo

    domestizo Senior Member

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    I slept on this. I got stalled on coloring! Here’s mine - unfinished. I just wanted to put it out there. I know I’m late.

  14. URBAN1

    URBAN1 Banned

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  15. domestizo

    domestizo Senior Member

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    I cut my arrow off! Doh!

  16. URBAN1

    URBAN1 Banned

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    Thanks though BT.
  17. Theillfunkfreaka

    Theillfunkfreaka Senior Member

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  18. aerosole1125

    aerosole1125 Senior Member

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  19. DBZultima

    DBZultima Senior Member

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    Jains , i really like all the colours
  20. Theillfunkfreaka

    Theillfunkfreaka Senior Member

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    I concur, shit is fire