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Black Book Covers

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by Apoc, Oct 14, 2005.

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  1. Apoc

    Apoc Elite Member

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    i know im new or whatever so i prolly shouldnt be making new threads

    i thought it was a cool idea to see what kind of crazed compilations people had on their blackbook covers.

    i searched and couldnt find anything... i know yall have some ill shit on the cover. so post them
  2. Krylon bomber

    Krylon bomber Elite Member

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    not the stupidess thread.
  3. Kronone

    Kronone Elite Member

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    i keep mine blank...too mutch heat if theres shit on the cover, especially when you take it to a heta place if yu have to.
  4. RMA

    RMA Elite Member

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    I have clay stains from leaving it on the floor during ceramics class.
  5. jape-the-nape

    jape-the-nape Elite Member

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    for kron^^if it wa sheat i wouldnt be taking my blackbook at all,fuck looking at a sketch if tis realy heat and i jsut have chrome throws on mine,the crome comes out well on the plastic
    [Broken External Image]:
  6. AOWER

    AOWER New Member

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    my blackbook has maple leaf stencils i did all over it and heartsssss
  7. -MAILO-

    -MAILO- Member

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  8. dripz

    dripz Elite Member

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    Mine has mostly RWK stickers on the cover, will take a flick later.
  9. pSYKAOz

    pSYKAOz Elite Member

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    i made a thread about this such a long time ago haha
  10. i nuk all night

    i nuk all night Senior Member

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    mine's blank. i thought about doing a chrome piece on it.. but then i decided against it.
  11. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

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    blacks the new red
  12. **MATEO**

    **MATEO** Elite Member

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    someone stole my book, now i have to use white lined paper <_<
  13. Myner

    Myner Elite Member

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    people can be so shysty these days..

    one of my smaller books
    i got bored one day
    ai18.photobucket.com_albums_b101_meanscribblz_blackcover1.jpg ai18.photobucket.com_albums_b101_meanscribblz_backblackie.jpg
  14. -=AgA=-TrAnCe

    -=AgA=-TrAnCe Elite Member

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    feelin the taggage on the right one ;)

    some1 stole your bbook xD :eek: :lol:
  15. Exploited

    Exploited Elite Member

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    talk about ghetto..damn thievery
  16. shifty 486

    shifty 486 Senior Member

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    that thing in your sig, take acid or die? wtf
  17. ACTION NEWS...

    ACTION NEWS... Elite Member

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    I just wrote "SCF POSSE" on the front upside down. My ccc stickers are for Putting up, not on my blackbook.
  18. Apoc

    Apoc Elite Member

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    fear and loathing in las vegas
    go cop it...
  19. ACTION NEWS...

    ACTION NEWS... Elite Member

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  20. Ravek

    Ravek Elite Member

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    waster i remeber ur thread