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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. tare

    tare Member

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    their all wack but this one takes the cake

  2. bourbon

    bourbon Member

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  3. cord

    cord Elite Member

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    daaaaaaaaaaaaamn those throwups look like pure SEEN bite :lol:
  4. Zire

    Zire Senior Member

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  5. MF Feed Letter

    MF Feed Letter Senior Member

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    :huh: You coloured that whole page in black. Black paper is like 99c.

    Ion-I that shit is dope keep it up [/b][/quote]
    um how am i supposed to draw on black paper mang??
  6. nerdx

    nerdx Elite Member

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    bump for crits please.

    i love the new improved yaser keep it up! [/b][/quote]
    pace, that is perfect. you did everything correctly.
    im loving the old school feel i get from it.
    great job and keep it up!
  7. lost_for_evex

    lost_for_evex Senior Member

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    i dont like it..that fill looks like puke after u eat gummi warms..
  8. Fosale!

    Fosale! Elite Member

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    perfect description, no better way to say it^
    nice one evex
  9. _ghost_

    _ghost_ Member

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    ye i am a toy i know this for sure because ive only been writing for a few weeks on and off but n e ways rrecently my friend got this dvd called the future of graffiti. I told him not to waste his money on it but o well. It is actually helpfull for tips on painting. There is a section on how to improve ur basic and advanced etter style, one of the tips he says is draw the word or leter on the top of the page and then draw all the leters in plain block letters, then he says bit by bit space the proportions of the lines and bend them, he basicly says dont let the look of the origionl letter limit you to what u think it can look like. lol then my friend tried to draw and he gave up about a week later because he was upset that he couldnt get it as good as his so he gave me the video lol

    SEROKID Senior Member

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  11. _Pure

    _Pure Member

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  12. gift

    gift Senior Member

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    what do you think before i fill this in for the toy battle? any crits?

    i know the photo sucks. but you get the idea.

    View attachment 216726
  13. Bowser

    Bowser Senior Member

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    i think its got mad potential. The letters are all proportioned good imo

    maybe make the hole in the O a little bit bigger so the thickness stays the sam as the other letters?
  14. obseen

    obseen Elite Member

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    gift i think it looks quite good, i like the letters
  15. myl

    myl Elite Member

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  16. Bowser

    Bowser Senior Member

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  17. RepUrSet

    RepUrSet Senior Member

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  18. myl

    myl Elite Member

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    crits on the STYLE NOT THE NAME, dont worry i changed the name alredy, but still want crits on the style [/b][/quote]
    that says sane?

    if so, i dont like the E at all...doesnt really match the rest of the style, id try a lowercase E instead...everything else looks tight tho

    yo and bowser try to keep your letters of similar width, especially with the legs of the R. the whole style looks like it was forced and not flowed, just let the pen flow with your arm and youll develop your own style and shit
  19. bouncingsoul

    bouncingsoul Elite Member

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    Yeah, definitely looks forced. Just practice simples and you'll start to get ideas of different bar shapes and stuff, which eventually leads to style... But not the first idea that comes in your head. It takes time to eventually find a good idea in your head that you have no problem busting out on paper and eventually (and hopefully) walls. What people have to learn is, style comes from ideas, not biting... When people say Zephyr's style influenced his or whoever else, they don't mean they bit the letters and shapes, they rather stole the ideas they saw in their work and changed it little by little into something their own... Like what I learned from seeing Reso and Dare's sketches was so make different addons and parts sorta fill in the empty spaces your letters make... I didn't bite Reso's or Dare's pointy curvy things, but rather used the idea in my own style, in my own sketches... Just felt like typing a shitload. Hope that helped!
  20. sky 5

    sky 5 Elite Member

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    pure - i dont have any specific crits for your pics but spend time with a pencil just practicing bending letters, keeping everything proportional for now . . . it looks like you have a certain style in your head, can visualize how you want it to come out but when you put pen to paper it dont come out how you see it in your head . . . practice bending curvin letters all day every day . . . . work on 1 letter at a time and bend it every which way . . see what works see what dont .

    gift - maybe with the top right of the Es add a lil tab shooting down kind of cutting/slanting back into the middle of the E . . . . might take away from the style you got going thoo . . .