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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. roller4life68

    roller4life68 Senior Member

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  2. noam12

    noam12 Senior Member

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    sumoe-lol i reallly dont liek how low the top of the s is on this one and u missed some 3d of the u but whatevr
  3. ras

    ras Banned

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    PM ME !!

    MUSASHI Elite Member

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    bouncing soul...don't youthink you should be paying moreattention in class?lol

    roller4life...Ilike how you colored it perfectly,next time try and not draw your pencil line in so heavily ,it shows through very badly

    View attachment 250995
  5. NewbyTJ

    NewbyTJ Senior Member

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    Sume I like ya shit the little bubbles in the corners pretty cool some of the arrows alright but u missed a little bit of 3d on the arrow comming off the S other than that hope to see some pics of u bombing some time soon man lol aight ...Stay up
    Crits on my latest shit? im trying to get the SP to flow with the rest of my letters but no matter how i do it they seem spaced from one another its all the fuckin P any tips or crits how i can fix that?
  6. BohemianBastard

    BohemianBastard Senior Member

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    the a is noice i would have done it kinda differently but hey
    im only fucking around with cursive shizzle
    that r is mad wack boyo
    (directed at musashi)
  7. uhhh

    uhhh Elite Member

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    not much i liked in the past few pages.
    trash, not my favorite style but still nice.
    sume, super fucking tight.
    i lovethe bubbles in the corner.
    my parents are supposedly buying me prismas soon, so maybe, just maybe.
    when i get them ill get super duper awesome like sume and post sexy sketchs like that. :wub:

    speaking of sume, heres your exchangeizzle.
    [Broken External Image]: know, the s is super duper wack. before i outlined it it looked quite nice.

    photobucket isnt working anymore.
    so yours is done, and ill get it up as soon as i can. ;) .
  8. Sumoe

    Sumoe Elite Member

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    yea man, I like everything but the "S",you fucked up the "S" and I fucked up your "O" haha, I love your "M"s though dope as hell...

    it's funny you guys like the bubbles in the corner, I did it cause there was a couple ink smudges on the page and I wanted to cover them up :p.

    thanks for the crits everyone.
  9. uhhh

    uhhh Elite Member

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    the s has a major cock loving problem.

    i do stuff like that too.
    ive tried bubles before,.
    adn am trying it right now.
    but i only have pen to color with,
    i cant wait til i have got me some prismas.
  10. neza

    neza Senior Member

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    sumoe i frickin love your style!!!

    hot stuff man the e is fine the middle needs to be long to balence the extension on the S thats why it would look weird without it

    nice colours aswell
  11. rottenhc

    rottenhc Member

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    Alright Sumoe, Your style is insane. I really like the fill. I just finished one for my girl for V-day. I hope it looks better than the last one I did. Damn. haha. Tell me what you think. I really need a lot of advice.[Broken External Image]:
  12. Jroc1993

    Jroc1993 Elite Member

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    wats her name i cant make it out lol
  13. rottenhc

    rottenhc Member

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    I wrote CKM... Its her initals.
  14. rottenhc

    rottenhc Member

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    Oh and that little loop thing at the end is actually a heart at an angle. Its not just some random shit. haha.
  15. Mr. Lefty

    Mr. Lefty Senior Member

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    That has got to be, by far the sickest thing i've ever seen.. mad props
  16. kicklip9634

    kicklip9634 Senior Member

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    boucinsouls:damn that blue pen... good stuff
    rolerskater:jus keep practicing that throwie
    musashi:you sholve had the N connect into the S
    uhhh: you have a really unique style you should add some 3d on it and see what it looks like
    sumoe: im lovin those letters and extencions
    rottenhc: youre gonna here this a million time DO STRAIT LETTERS they help a lot and if you dont relly wanna do those then use bars and dont try to go wild yet... for the tag dont try to do arrows and quotes jus work on the tag
    damn that was long
  17. rottenhc

    rottenhc Member

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    thanks for the advice, I'm going back and doing it over. I'll post it when I'm done just let me know if its better. thanks.
  18. dibz

    dibz Senior Member

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    rottenhc- its cool u did something for your girl but keep it simple. the structure is super week. really hard to read withouth me knowing what it was,

    sume- but like always ridiculous amount of steez, i dont think theres much u could change to make that any iller

    trying to evolve my simples to a step above,
    [Broken External Image]:
    it may be too soon though let me know what u think
  19. NewbyTJ

    NewbyTJ Senior Member

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    Truthfully i kinda like it its simple but cool Rant im thinking stay up.......Can anyone answer my question to the picture i did on the last page please thank u
  20. whahappen?

    whahappen? Elite Member

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