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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. LAGE

    LAGE Member

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    BIGEL-lovin it especially the car.
    g-wahl-i like it looks good.
    throwie any suggestions would be nice.
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  2. BIGel

    BIGel Elite Member

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    the only advice i can give for throwies is that i think they look best when there's a common theme, take something that you can incorporate into all the letters...for me its usually the loop at the bottom of the letters..example below
  3. Fube

    Fube Elite Member

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    i see not much has changed sence i left. still got people skipin over others without giveing crits bumping there own shit. nice stuff bigel
  4. BIGel

    BIGel Elite Member

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  5. Noddles912300

    Noddles912300 Senior Member

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    roller make your letters balance out more.
    bigl nice throwie. your carac with the pistol page or so back was sweet.
  6. sank one

    sank one Senior Member

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    bigel - likin that karak.


    tryin out a new s and n, dont like the a tho.. w/e
  7. nase7

    nase7 Senior Member

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    Sank If youre klaz off of BB you are mega improvin im likin your simple style slot.

    Bigel- That is Bangin.
  8. hang yourself with the...

    hang yourself with the... Member

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  9. Xsjadox

    Xsjadox Senior Member

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    enorganik : start on uber simples
    roller4life68 : I`d say try make your letters less anorexic and tall
    hang yourself with the.. : Pictures a bit small and blurry can't see :S

  10. nero122

    nero122 Elite Member

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    no offence but the lil flowers kill it (on the outline) n the 3d a bit shaby in places but it good:)
  11. Xsjadox

    Xsjadox Senior Member

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    hah but it was St Patricks day ;p And I needed to do it!!! Not like I`d piece it like that...clovers aren't flowers :(
  12. trashhh

    trashhh Elite Member

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  13. Mr Tasty

    Mr Tasty Banned

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    that looks say seperate the I and the G tho...looks like a O
    it says bigel right?

    NICCSACC Banned

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    i can see where son is trying to make it work but theres NO I or G in there. sorry.
    its NOT THERE haha.
  15. trashhh

    trashhh Elite Member

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    Yea says bigel. the E is shite like lol

    and its fairly obvious a capital G and a capital I
  16. AimoOne

    AimoOne Banned

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    i rekon the G n E connection ruins the flooowww :( .. i ont like any of the connections really..sorry..i dont like the letters neither..the L looks lika W...not one of your best Trashie doodle.. :(
  17. trashhh

    trashhh Elite Member

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    yeh it really really does :unsure:
  18. neza

    neza Senior Member

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    try block letters man seriously it helps loads
  19. Fluffy Bunnies

    Fluffy Bunnies Elite Member

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    Liking that Trash Bigel... and Fube!!! you are awesome... you got awesome at throw ups real fast. I suck at them.

    WHO WANTS TO EXCHANGE?!?! I write Cynic
    Pm Me
  20. krazzie_ammo

    krazzie_ammo Senior Member

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