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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. Drakula

    Drakula Elite Member

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    Mek man I've been looking at your shit for ages but I've never given it any's really sick man.The arrows are killin it and your letters I love the way you bend them so perfectly.All I can say is get a better camera.

    Scare if you liked that last piece youre gonna like this:

    View attachment 292884

    Did this whilst watching style wars.Messing around with thick/thin extensions this time.

    And Emel how do you expect me to do something different every sketch?I think it's better to work at one style at a time.It's how I want to do it anyway.
  2. rayseone

    rayseone Senior Member

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    no beef but drak honestly, it doesnt look that good, your a doesnt flow at all, there is waayy to many extensions, and your letters arent at the point for them to look good yet, extensions dont make your letters any better than they are, id say go simpler, but do whatever yo want its your graffitti
  3. Mo152

    Mo152 Senior Member

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    drakula.. looks good cept for the K but you keep the letter the same size and proportion thats good

    F.R.A.T.. looks good cept for the extention off the K and the E. make the same extention off the K as you did the M. oh and instead of making the extension off the top of the K make the K just go straight up.

    sky.. don't do arrows at the end of you letters unless you know how to. make your letters all the same size and proportion. and you don't need to worry about making you letters look complex yet. so no need to trouble yourself with the arrows and what your doing the the bottom of your s and k

    amk.. def feeling yours. with some 3d shit would be dope!
  4. N.O.T.E

    N.O.T.E Senior Member

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  5. emel

    emel Senior Member

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    you dont understand because you just started
    you should be able to pop out pieces on paper anytime that should be your goal
    they dont have to be dope but you have to know simples, and you cant just do this style crazy because you havent shown any different letters

    you wont get anywhere working on the same piece for a month

  6. d_g

    d_g Elite Member

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  7. Nem

    Nem Elite Member

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    freakeenyc, the top one has an interesting style. but i think it needs a bit more developing. the letters look pretty odd still. specially the f and k, just mess around with the bars.

    tick, its good that your starting with bars, but everyone will appreciate your stuff more, even if it sucks, if its clean. so dont half ass it, clean up those lines. but work on your letters too. thats important. XD

    sky, (not the throwies) like tick, keep with the bars. fa sho. but the K and Y are pretty gross. keep working on them. and dont get carried away with the bends at first. like everyone says, keep it simple bra.

    amkah, your handstyles really developed. i like it a lot. love that kinda style.

    southpole, good letters. except the R. keep working on it.

    frat, i can see the potential in that sketch. i would try it again with different colors. keep the letters on the same horizontal line. and get rid of the arrow thing in the middle and the one on the right side.

    drak, note, you know that shits beautiful. heh.

    tryin to work my bars. gettin close?

    [Broken External Image]:

    other gross stuff.

    [Broken External Image]:
  8. Mo152

    Mo152 Senior Member

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    in order of creation (as we all know .. crits are ALWAYS Welcome :D



  9. amk

    amk Elite Member

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    thanks dude..
    incase you never saw mine..

    View attachment 292938

    hehe..isit okay if i use that in the VS battle ?:p

    sorry for double posting..
    but cool with you dont think im beefing with you or tyrna cause a grudge
    Drak im cool with you too man..
    but Emel..pllease stop moaning at Drak for this and that...
    let him do what HE WANTS TO DO..
    not what you want...its HIS graffiti...let him take his own path..
    it isnt asiff he isnt using bars or has NO knowladge what so ever...
    i aint beefin with you Emel im just trying to stop this thing you got going on with you too...

    just let him be Emel...he improved quicker than anyone in here in my eyes..

    " you wont get anywhere working on the same piece for a month "

    it worked for me..
    and doing simples is the same style..
    Emel...i think you need to go re-think some shit man..
    and just quit instigating beef.
    just quit it.
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  10. FIN one

    FIN one Senior Member

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  11. Bazer

    Bazer Moderator

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    loose the enxtensions dude and the way youve connected the letters together... also your e look like a mewts bite.. but i dont feel like digging for the picture so..... eh
  12. alive

    alive Banned

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  13. Drakula

    Drakula Elite Member

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  14. 00-made-00

    00-made-00 Elite Member

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    Hot shit, drak and alive.
    alive if you cleaned it up it would be soo dope, not that it already is...
    Drak lots os improveing your gnna hit the big time soon budddy...
  15. fish

    fish Member

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  16. amk

    amk Elite Member

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    Your clogging up this thread with a load of bullshit at how his peices all look the same..


    Its HIS graffiti...hell do what the hell he wants !!!!!
    graffiti is all about freedom
    doing what the fuck you want..
    and with you guys telling what not to do etc.
    your defeting the object
    it isnt asiff he doesnt have simples down or he doesnt use bars
    Hes doing what hes supposed to be doing..
    and hes progressing..
    i dont see anything up there the same..
    he always uses different addons , twilrs etc.

    so just give this thread a break and chill out on him.
    now i aint beefing with anyone.
    im just stating..

    peace and thanks.

    And HADE fucking WORD MAN...i did the same shit over and over im on my way to a somehwat half style.
  17. [breakout]-azer

    [breakout]-azer Senior Member

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  18. mind.or.matter

    mind.or.matter Senior Member

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    i agree with amk, stop worrying about drak and start worrying about yourselves.

    drak, youre D's are getting away from you, theyre starting to look more like Rs as you progress.....
    sec, youre 3d is wak, all points should be directed to a vanishing point
    breakout, go simpler!!!! a million people on this forum say it everyday to everyone, go simpler. stop trying to add in extensions and arrows and work on your letter structure.

    practising some different fills and 3d....
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2007
  19. alive

    alive Banned

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    draks D's are fine. on their own they could get lost, but right next to the real R its clear. u need to stop with the color. focus on the fucking letters. i dont even use fucking color. and are u using BARS? b/c half the point of bars is that theyre ALL the same width. ur R and V are twice as thick as ur E's

    and emel, and whoever else bitching abt draks style, work on ur own, cuz he burns u into the icu.
  20. fish

    fish Member

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    Youve got a mix of sharp edges and curves on the Es and they dont seems right to be honest.. Just do a straight curve for the bboottoom... Other than it seems aite for a simples..

    And what you mean my 3D is whack... everything isnt vanishing point... never heard of parallel 3D?? :confused: