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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. Chalk

    Chalk Senior Member

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    Nem - your picture reminds me of the DNA strand in jurassic park.... DINO DNA!
  2. AyteYourCookies

    AyteYourCookies Senior Member

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  3. KASE2

    KASE2 Elite Member

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    wutchu think eray1? crits
  4. Bazer

    Bazer Moderator

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    1. loose the arrows
    2. make your letters the same thickness, not fat then skinny then fat again on the same bar.
  5. BombingSciences Bitch

    BombingSciences Bitch Senior Member

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    Well it's hard to add extensions when your letters are so close together but the obvious one i can see is the bottom left of the a going inwards or out, or even do it inwards on both and make the two bars further apart although some people will prolly say caer bite as i think he sometimes does that...??. And then maybe one on the top right of the e? gradually you will start to see them.

    And them simples are great anyway.
  6. mas$

    mas$ Elite Member

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    flip up the top end of the E? and the bottom first stem of the A
  7. speak1er

    speak1er Member

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    yeah commmmon homie biggie size that shit!
    god i need a life
    shit i missed a spot
  8. Scare2

    Scare2 Senior Member

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    dude we still cant see shit soof. im not sure i like wut i see might just be bbecause its so small.?

    speaker the phrase is dope. i dont like the style of the piece tho. i see an S at the beggining but the fill makes it really hard to see.
  9. bouncingsoul

    bouncingsoul Elite Member

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    So I just came back a couple hours ago from vacation. Boring as hell but I barely sketched... I regret not spending more time in my notebook. Ah well, school's starting soon anyway...

    View attachment 295777
    View attachment 295778
    ^Never finished that one hah
    View attachment 295779
    ^Ignore the mole-y thing, I have no idea what the hell that was supposed to be
    View attachment 295780
    ^They're like fruits, get it?
    View attachment 295781
    ^Shitty letters
    View attachment 295782
    ^Shittier letters
    View attachment 295783
    View attachment 295784
    ^I saw I'd ran out of space so I just started to do some random bullshit hah
    View attachment 295785
    View attachment 295786
    View attachment 295787
    View attachment 295788
    View attachment 295789

  10. SOOF

    SOOF Senior Member

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    crits ?
  11. daisyface

    daisyface Senior Member

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    bouncing-ah love ur style dude, characters remind me of the gorillaz for some reason haha but thats a good thing
    soof- 1st one not too shabby but try and make it all one size, 2nd piece get rid of that arrow thing in the first O
  12. 00-made-00

    00-made-00 Elite Member

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  13. sKeeLo

    sKeeLo Senior Member

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    good stuff there knews, looks like you added alil somethin somethin to your style but still there always seems to be 1 letter just not lookin right in every sketch, uve progressed a good bit in my opinion . .

    soof - start with the basics man, sorry to say it
  14. sema

    sema Senior Member

    • Messages: 248
    • Likes Received: 0 shit bouncingsoul
    made???- work on letters man aint got time to figure dem shts out
  15. ...AMOK...

    ...AMOK... Member

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    trying to keep it simple... crits much appreciated
  16. Captain

    Captain Senior Member

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    YES bouncing is back.

    sema and soof, cut down on extensions, soof, learn better structure, sema, just learn more flow.
  17. Gumdrop.Behemoth

    Gumdrop.Behemoth Senior Member

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    bouncing i wish one day i can be at your level

    but i need some crits on this wat cha think?
  18. SOOF

    SOOF Senior Member

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    Another wierd ass f, crits anyway
  19. Chalk

    Chalk Senior Member

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    please don't worry about coloring. please just work on your letters.
  20. Scare2

    Scare2 Senior Member

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    Gumdrop shrink ur shit! hella annoying.

    amok go to the new to graff thread.. seriously. learn about bars. ur putting in random bends and stuff makes it look bad. and keep ur bars the same thickness. do ur letters like ur keyboard at first.

    gumdrop i like ur W and ur S they work the other letters dont man the E is too busy and complicated compared to the rest. a lower case might flow better.. might not idk. ur R is pretty good but that wierd block thing at the bottom right makes it look wierd and ur T is way too wavy. i do like ur W and ur S tho. because they are simpler and look like this >>> W S

    Soof i agree with chalk go to the new to graff thread and learn about bars. ull think its the gayest thing uv ever heard at first (i did) and that it makes ur stuff look wack and kills ur style....

    it helps allot. bars.

    bouncing crazy work man

    heres some more of the simpler stuff iv been doing lately im happy with the way it came out tho. not done with the second im gonna finish coloring and put in some shading etc. both say Jenal.


    Last edited: Aug 13, 2007