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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. Edward"Sezer"Hands

    Edward"Sezer"Hands Elite Member

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    deff lose the arrow.
    for now though keep all your bars to form your letters the same size.
    lose the little nub things on the end of the letters.
    scooot your o in closer to the n and lean it more to the left.
    what I circled in the red lose.
    the green is an example of what i mean keep all your bars the same width.
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  2. Hoostein

    Hoostein Senior Member

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  3. Sou - Mvd

    Sou - Mvd Senior Member

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    aka I drew this but dont want to admit to my toyness. It's ok, go to the new to graff thread and drop the arrows.

    tez - the second one is hot, I like it's flow and that character is pretty cool too. Keep working with fun stuff like that slime, with basic pieces like that, it's what gives it some life and individuality.

    [Broken External Image]:
    some nonsense and a ridiculous A
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  4. repsSDN

    repsSDN Senior Member

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  5. inkbits

    inkbits Senior Member

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    Reps - whole thing starts off kinda chunkier and good but it looses a bit mid M and A by going too thin imo.

    Hoostein - he/she needs to ditch the arrows and get some structure down more before trying extensions too much. go with much simpler basic letters and work with getting thickness even etc. use bars.

    Asma - top buster on left looks allright. Last A on the handstyle looks good aswell. You loose the 3d in the bottom left one by trying to cross over sections and lines that are too thin.

    Sezer - the first one looks good but the E's could suit the other letters better imo. the E's in the the second one though are decent, you should tilt them more to the right and flow them out more. dodgy examp..
    [Broken External Image]:

    hoodrich - your handstyles rippen. The W on the sketch though should be wide to suit the style of the S rather then leaning over imo. Structured to match your W handstyle shape if that makes sense.

    sevewon - i'd try and work on letter thinkness/bars before trying to add too much style to them like you have on the S.

    canvas and not finished but I'm pic deficient..
    [Broken External Image]:
  6. Code

    Code Senior Member

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  7. MUSEone

    MUSEone Elite Member

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    Reps-overall nice work, but work on shading.
    inkbits-ill canvas bro, can't w8 to see the outcome
  8. *OsBaGoSh@

    *OsBaGoSh@ Member

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    inkbits-- that canvas lookin ill as hell.. you should add sometotem poles or something to add to that border if you know what i am talking a bout.

    SOu-- the bottom one that looks like metal supporters for buildings is pretty cool work with that.

    sezer-- the black and white ones with the green are cool .. i really like the character though.

    scare= thoose simples are way coool
  9. iris

    iris Member

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  10. c.n.k

    c.n.k Member

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  11. Bazer

    Bazer Moderator

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    who cares if theyre just sharpies?? i use sharpie most of the times... neuro your r an e look funny man.. iono... heres a sketch i did in a homies book yesterday...
    looks pretty gay..
  12. glass

    glass Senior Member

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    ill crit you guys later cause im in a hurry

    thanks in advance for crits
  13. bouncingsoul

    bouncingsoul Elite Member

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    Heeeey Baze, want to exchange sometime? Been digging your shit for a while

    View attachment 296376

    Unfinished, by far... My first canvas..
  14. Code

    Code Senior Member

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    Bump for critz please

    BouncingSoul: Dud i liked your old stuff better way to much going on in your piece, take it down a bit make the letters maybe a little thicker and less bouncy :p

    Glass: Sorry man not feelin it i guess its not to my liking i say scrap it and try again

    Fube: Love it dont like the top extension on the E
  15. Drakula

    Drakula Elite Member

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    Bouncingsoul-sick can't wait to see it finished!
    Bazer-lookin good.The only thing thats killing me is the extension on the top of the E.It's wobbly.
    Code-I'm feeling the R and the N and the last letter but I can't tell what it is.The O is a bit boring compared to the other letters.

    New throwie:

    View attachment 296412

    Does the D look a bit too much like a B?
  16. neukr

    neukr Member

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  17. alive

    alive Banned

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    shut the fuck up

    do you live in europe?

    drak get urs letters the same size.

    neukr, work on consistancy
  18. Code

    Code Senior Member

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    neuker i will give you a crit since your new, but next time crit the peoples work above you, like mine for instince :p

    neuker: Your letters have no flow they just have random chops you need to find when to use those bumps, also your letters just overall need work.
  19. sKeeLo

    sKeeLo Senior Member

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  20. alive

    alive Banned

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    sky5! last time i heard from u u were sitting in a 3rd world country crack whore house with maggots crawling on the screen or some crazy shit. howve u been?

    the piece is dope, but u kind of sank after the WE. always dope as fuck tho.