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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. Sick!

    Sick! Senior Member

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  2. SOOF

    SOOF Senior Member

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    "sick" is such a played out name, i can name like 3 people just in my hood that rite it, but yea jus pick a new name bro
  3. IwriteNASR

    IwriteNASR Senior Member

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    cher- not feelin the first one but the simpler ones pretty nice
    jers- all together pretty nice but the JER flows a lot better than with the s
    daws- i agree about some similarities, it looks good but im not getting into the whole calling a bite situation
    sick- i agree new name but for the letters dont worry about fills for now and use bars
    [Broken External Image]:
    pen freestyle my n is a lil bit bigger....CRITSSSS
  4. garbage down tha way

    garbage down tha way Elite Member

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    In health class, highly inspired by the word "sex".
    View attachment 300868
    Nasr-What your trying to do withthe extentions is cool, but don't do it yet. Get the letters down first, and once theyre good, you'll already have a dope way to add extentions. The N shouldn't have so many bars, just make it like an N.

    Sick...-Don't write that name. The letters are ok though. Keep dramatic fills out of blocks though. Thats stupid. The middle one is the one you should roll with. The bottom suck and the top has shitty proportions.
  5. scoot

    scoot Elite Member

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    View attachment 300874

    new shit ive been working on.. dont know how to finish it...

    sick - just work on the lettering man dont try and do fills.. its just a waste of markers keep it simple
    garbage - feelin all the letters but the k kinda throwin the rest of it off.. i think its the bottom right of it that looks kinda like it doesnt fit in
    nasr - the N and S need to be worked on a little bit they dont flow well with the way you have the rest of your letters.
  6. Blackeyed_Pea

    Blackeyed_Pea Senior Member

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    I really dont understand your letters i cant even remotley make them out theres no structure there your going for some real crackhead style lol.
  7. Mr Tasty

    Mr Tasty Banned

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    finnish it by throwing it in the bin...
    start doing block letters...LETTERS..no1 can read wtf ur writing..(and not in a good way)
  8. younopewho

    younopewho Member

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  9. SOOF

    SOOF Senior Member

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    ^^^ dont be really worrying bout 3d yet, but yea i wouldnt call it bad, but fix the e,
    it has potential
  10. Stim

    Stim Senior Member

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    Bastardo- crisp and funky as hell
    Roolete- The simple is dope, but the other one is iffy
    Jers- It's definetly good but i've seen you do alot better imo
    Sick- Less square, more true to realistic keyboard letters. practice drawing perfect circles for awhile, it helps with curves
    Nasr- Letter structure is getting there, maybe can the addons for now.
    Garbage- I see good control over the pen but maybe the letters don't flow quite correctly
    Nope- Work on drawing cleaner lines without stopping and going

    jumbly little sloppy sharpie/ pen thing. I know it's not great but just so I can throw up a pic

    [Broken External Image]:
  11. SOOF

    SOOF Senior Member

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    goin simple for once, crits ?
  12. fox on a trampoline

    fox on a trampoline Member

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  13. amk

    amk Elite Member

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    thats because he did that VS peice before the exchange...and he didnt know what euro was...and thats what he shud be doing....going into euro not knowing what it is...that way you get a dope original style..

    he said to me once on msn..

    " how do i get a style like cheu and bastardo "

    ahahah ...

    what happend to the no crit delete shit ?.
    foxonatrampoline...thats the koolst name have 3d down i thinkys...but cut it off somowhere...dont folow that shit all the way down to teh vanashing point....the letters are not good i must say straight those boys up then slap that 3d on..

    va lah...(sp)

    you have a great simple :p
  14. d_g

    d_g Elite Member

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    Come on msn you bitch we need to sort out this TDC shit.

    fox, drop the addons, add some curves, don't worry about colour yet.

    Soof, it has potential, I'd keep working on it.

    Stim, good simples, you kinda need to work on your flow though, mainly by fixing up your tilty-ness of your letters.

    Nope, take away the addons, the don't balance, just work on getting that simple down, it's not too bad.
  15. BIGel

    BIGel Elite Member

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    smartest thing ive heard come out of your mouth ras. euro is built on simple lettering therefore it can only go so far. i dont know how long ago it was but i remember seeing a piece you did on deviantart in a semi-wildstyle boxy type script that i wish you would have ran with, it had potential for days man. i think the whole concentrating on achieving a "euro" style is one of the biggest plagues on graffiti. yea im biased, i think its totally without skill and uses fills and color to distract from form and letters, but going at your art with the intention that you want it to look like a certain genre is absolute bullshit; its completely uncreative and restricts what your imagination can think up. (that goes for west coast styles too, just to show you im not completely one sided. ;))
  16. amk

    amk Elite Member

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    i love you man.
    you are the most good headed person on here.
    your wise as fuck and you no your shit.
    most people go straight into euro thinking CRAZY COLOURS BENDY LETTERS AND BUBBLE BACKGROUND.

    well its more than that.

    its like getting down a euro style is a trend thesedays..
    everyone wants it.
    and its stupid.

    and Kset man..
    There is no more MOE or TDC. that reso has fucked shit up.
    ill see about getin you in TSC and repping OE man
  17. Sou - Mvd

    Sou - Mvd Senior Member

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  18. amk

    amk Elite Member

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    god damn no critties.
    sorry Sou but if i was to crit you without you critting it wouldnt be fair.

    from now on im only cirrtin the guys who crit.

    stim...fuckin ill man....nice lettering....wearlly nice....keep doing sum more shiz like that man itll come.

    so back to my old letters....i forgot how good it was drawing this ima use the la type shite to fall back on...

    View attachment 301089

    CRITS ahahah
  19. alive

    alive Banned

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  20. whahappen?

    whahappen? Elite Member

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